HP Community Pick: Sun Spots by Bijou

HP Community Pick: Sun Spots by Bijou

HP Community Pick is a semi-regular blog series where community members have the chance to highlight a show they’re stoked about. This pick is brought to you by Bijou Bell (singer-guitarist of Bug Bath, vibraphone goddess, Girls Rock Reno instructor, and just an all-around pal) on the band Sun Spots scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2024 kicking off their tour with Bug Bath.

Reno hit the jackpot with an upcoming visit from Seattle’s, Sunspots. They bring a stunning balance of catchy melodies, dialed-in tones that evoke the 90s, and a tough yet angelic voice from Kailey that floats over the fun and energetic rhythmic ideas they bring.

The first time I saw Sun Spots, I was blown away. I’d always heard great things about their music, and how warm they were as people – but can now confirm all these rumors to be true. As soon as the first note was played live, I was a big fan.

Kailey’s vocals made me feel like I already knew them. The emotion she sang with and the topics she touched upon instantly struck a chord with me. The guitar riffs stuck, and the band was so rhythmically tight. The guitar harmonization and the bass tone also complemented each other so well.
Every space in the melody was also used very cleverly. It was inspiring and impressive. Their music videos are also another element to behold. They are unique and give a homey nostalgic feel. They show how wholesome and hilariously clever they are as people. For example, the “Loosey” house show party vibe feels like something out of personal memory, and the hilarious “Gutterball” video is my favorite: bringing a blend of Big Lebowski and 90s computer game graphics.

I am completely stoked to go on tour with them and looking forward to sharing the stage this upcoming Saturday – reciting all the lyrics at the front of the crowd. I hope to see you lip-syncing with me.

Love, Bijou