Safer Space Policy & Support Committee


This includes and is not limited to: offensive verbal comments or actions related to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, ethnicity or religion, deliberate intimidation, inappropriate/unwanted physical contact, or any hateful, violent, lewd or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

We want to be aware and as helpful as we can to create a space that is safe, respectful, comfortable for all, and as good as it can be.

If you ever feel UNSAFE OR UNCOMFORTABLE at a show, exhibition, or event, PLEASE ANY STAFF/VOLUNTEERS. The staff and key members/volunteers will assist you as best they can, including helping you file any incident reports, and provide you a safe space if needed.

Please review Holland’s general Venue Policy and Booking Policy and note we do not support bands, artists, or performers who engage in or exhibit any sexist, racist, ableist, homophophic/transphobic, or otherwise hateful/disrespectful content or beliefs, or predatory behavior. We ask everyone – on stage or off, or participating in any capacity – to act with respect and common sense.


Our goal is to have a respectful, healthy community space that serves all, and is safe for all.


As Holland grows, so does the effort to truly end the cycle of abuse in communities big and small. In the past couple years, we have tried very hard to stand by survivors, to listen with open ears and hearts, and to take action in ways we are able. We have attended workshops, trainings, and sought advice, and given both time and resources to learning, growing, and acting – striving to be solid supporters and advocates. We have learned a lot, taken some good steps, taken some missteps, and 100% recognize the need to keep learning, and to keep getting better.

In that vein, we have built a committee to focus on how we can best address issues and allegations of inappropriate behavior within our community. The committee features 7 volunteer members – a Holland Board member, a Gallery Committee member, a Programming Committee member, a staff representative, two professional community advocates (both affiliated with Crisis Call Center’s Sexual Assault Support Services – SASS, as well as a community advocate/social worker with a focus in mental health), and a community representative/survivor. Our goal with this committee is to have these matters heard and attended to by people with direct knowledge, expertise, and experience in navigating issues of abuse and assault, along with other behaviors that violate Holland’s policies. It is of utmost importance to us that these sensitive matters are handled in ways that do no further harm, have restorative justice in mind, and are attended to both with professionalism and heart.

The committee will focus on the application of Holland’s Safer Space, booking, and venue policies as they relate to allegations involving musicians, performers, visual artists, volunteers, staff or audience members.

The Support Committee will:

– meet with you to hear any allegations of abuse, assault, or harassment involving members of our community

– support mediation efforts around these issues

– provide information and guidance on reporting, counseling, and other resources

– identify an advocate from Crisis Call Center Sexual Assault Support Services that can serve as additional support to victims/survivors and assist with any medical, reporting, judicial, counseling, and safety/protection needs

– help you understand the reporting process – what it looks like, why it’s important, who can help you through it

– clarify what Holland, as an organization, can do to stand by survivors/victims and enforce our Safer Space policies, and what our limitations are (legally and ethically, to ensure the safety of survivors/victims, and to make sure all issues are handled professionally and appropriately)

– alert Holland staff and/or Board if individual artists, bands, performers, staff, or volunteers are in non-compliance with Holland’s Safer Space, Booking, or Venue policies so appropriate action can be taken

If you’d like to address a situation or bring an issue to the Support Committee’s attention, you can send an email directly to the committee outlining the issue and your needs. The committee’s email address is  All emails are confidential, and further action will only be taken after having a conversation with you. You can also ask a staff member or volunteer to forward an issue on your behalf. Initial emails will go to a single member of the committee and will not be brought to full committee or put to any action without direct consent from you.

This Committee is here to hear you and support you – however you need that to happen. We support whatever means is most comfortable for you to be heard. Everything is confidential and action will not be taken until conferring with you. We also strongly encourage people needing or seeking support, resources, or immediate assistance to reach out to Crisis Call Center Sexual Assault Support Services as soon as possible. Crisis Call’s SASS is also for survivors/victims seeking aid from advocates in understanding, navigating and having direct support through the reporting process.

*Please note that anonymous email accounts or ones bearing false identities will not be responded to. Holland absolutely respects your privacy, but we cannot act on or evaluate anonymous reports.


We have also included some important resources below – a few local organizations doing great work as advocates, that can also advise with counseling, reporting, mental and physical health checks and more. 

Crisis Call Center

Sexual Assault Support Services

Sexual Assault Reporting & Counseling, University of Nevada Reno

Victim Services, RPD

Domestic Violence Resource Center

Casa de Vida

Eddy House

Safe Embrace

SAFE Alliance

Planned Parenthood