Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Wisdom

Solo Exhibition by Jordyn Owens
March 13 – April 13, 2024

Ancestral Wisdom is a work beyond me. I’m in communion with those of the unseen, specifically setting an intention to work with my ancestors. I channel them using a range of photographic mediums, drawing from my personal archive, and incorporating images from both my family photo albums and those within my artistic portfolio. Other materials are sourced from old books, magazines, and newspapers. I utilize collage to exemplify the process of reclaiming narratives and identities. Collage has a way of suggesting new connections, where past, present, and future coexist in new and meaningful ways.

While creating this body of work, I couldn’t help but sense the profound energy emanating from each piece. With seven completed works, I arranged them on a wall and witnessed how they demanded presence and nourishment. They each deserve their own space and acknowledgment. Yet, the confines of this space fail to fully accommodate the profound essence of Ancestral Wisdom.

In time, these creations will find their rightful home, where each can bask in the intended homage. For now, Protecting Ours takes the forefront, serving as a tribute to the resilience and fortitude inherited from my ancestors––a prelude to many more to come.

Jordyn Owens is an artist born and raised in Reno, Nevada. Her art practice is a contemplative process where she utilizes photographic mediums to explore the past, present, and future self. By remembering and honoring the past, she can rescue aspects of her identity that have been suppressed or neglected.

More images on Flickr.