Homebodies no. 25 – Arleen Nebeker

Homebodies no. 25 – Arleen Nebeker

Homebodies explores the personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. Edition number 25 comes to us from our very own Workshop Coordinator and Marketing Associate, Arleen Nebeker. Arleen is a graphic designer and visual artist based in Reno. She’s collaborated on numerous projects with Holland Project including showing with the HP Billboard Gallery and at the HP Satellite Gallery, she has exhibited at the Lilley Museum of Art, and has designed materials for various touring bands and nonprofits. Here, she shows us around some of her favorite pieces in her collection – many by local artists!

1. An embroidered jackalope made by Onya Lee Roy which she gave to me as a birthday present some years back
2. World of Grief, a print by Summer Orr that I believe I picked up at Holland’s Hi-Dez Holiday Market
3. Paint by Numbers – a lil barbed wire paint brush I made in college for my sculpture class which I had to go out in the desert and find abandoned barbed wire for.
4. Burning Witch, a print by Ron Rash. A friend gave this to me before I moved to Reno and she had picked it up at the SLC Tattoo convention.

5. Pa Went Out For. A Pack of Smokes, made by Kara Savant and to which I was OBSESSED with at the All In exhibition at Holland Project. I literally ran to it to purchase.
6. Fuck Fuck Fuck ornament created by Hayley Jane
7. Little devil cup made by Denali Lowder

8. Grim Drive to the End, a friend who moved away gave me a framed photograph of theirs and asked if I would collage over it, this was the final result.
9. I Just Want To Feel Wanted illustration by Rachel

10. Collage Wall in my room that highlights some of my favorite art collected over the years. With pieces from Summer Orr, Adam Benedict, Maeve Rose, Denali Lowder, Brek Anthony, and many many more :’)
11. Maybe It Was Just What it Seemed, created by yours truly for my No Bone Bout It exhibition two years ago.

12. Roy’s Route 66 by Greg Allen

13. Star Boots candle holders by my roommate Mackenzie that she gifted to me on my birthday last year.
14. This is Magic <3