Get Involved


Holland utilizes volunteers for almost everything we do–from serving on committees, running and booking shows, promoting and producing events, creating fliers and posters, documenting shows and events, set-up and clean-up, gallery sitting, install and deinstall crew, venue maintenance, manning the door or Snack Shack, garden help, library coordination, KWNK support, research projects, workshop planning and execution, as well as other programming, operational, administrative, and fundraising assistance!

If you’d like to volunteer, please fill out a VOLUNTEER FORM or email us at: for questions or additional information.


From time to time (almost always, actually), there are specific items we’re on the hunt for or are in desperate need of. If, for any reason, these things are easy for you to get, or you’re feeling generous, we’d be forever grateful for your procurement!

Here’s our current list:

-Adobe Suite CS6
-Gallery track lighting
-Canvas tote bags for silk-screening
-XLR Cables and Instrument Cables
-Digital video camera to better document shows
-Large bulletin board
-Industrial or garage-style shelving
-Gently used/not-too-old Macbook


Of course, one of the easiest and most important ways to get involved and support Holland is to become a member or donate! Every little bit helps, and we are so grateful for every penny. Hop on over to the DONATE PAGE to learn more about your giving options and the difference you can make in supporting all-ages arts and music.


Please check out the respective department pages for the best info on how to book a show, propose an exhibition or program, or rent the space – ARTMUSIC, or RENTALS. You can also visit the CONTACT PAGE for additional information, program proposals, or shoot any questions, ideas, and dreams to: