Homebodies no. 24 – Paige Gomez

Homebodies no. 24 – Paige Gomez

Homebodies explores the personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. We’re very excited to reboot this blog series for edition number 24 with local artist Paige Gomez of Gomez Signs. Gomez is a second-generation traditional sign painter out of Sparks, Nevada and her focus is creating truly “from scratch” signs the way it’s been done for hundreds of years. Additionally, Gomez is an enthusiastic thrifter, collector, and lover of vintage. In this post, she shows us the handpainted signs that live in her home, many made by artists she knows, admires, or works with, and others found or passed down.

Having signs and alphabets by other sign painters is such an inspiration to me. Whether it’s seeing their method of laying out copy or how a letter is constructed. I love working alongside other works of sign painting. Pictured:

  1. ‘No Fonts No Masters’ a print by Ken Davis @spellbound_signs
  2. Flower alphabet by Heather Hill @heatherhillyall
  3. Sign Painters Roman by Jon Lloyd @vintagesignpainterstl
  4. “Is There Life After Death?” by @jenna_paints

5. Public Water Supply sign: I’m not sure who painted this, but I found it at Tanner’s Antique Market. I love the wear on it. You can tell this was used until it was passed its expiration date. 

6. “Never Quit On A Bad Day” by Alex Kurakake  @smart_alex_signs. This one is super special and such a good reminder to have in my studio. 

7. “KISS” by Alex Kurakake @smart_alex_signs. A saying loved by the late teacher of LA Trader Tech, the last school that teaches traditional sign painting in the US. 

8. “Life’s Short” by @jenna_paints

9. Numbers by @goldenwestsignarts. I have so many paper signs from my friend and mentor, Derek. But these numbers have such flavor to them. You don’t see numbers like these all the time. 

10. “Peace” by Sarah Apple @luckysigns

11. Paint by numbers horses that my stepdad painted when he was around 10. This was in my parents’ garage for as long as I can remember. Covered in cobwebs and dust. I recently asked for it because I’ve always loved it. Now it’s safe in our home. It’s my favorite handpainted piece I own.