Top 10s of 2023

Top 10s of 2023

Every year, we ask the community’s tastemakers for highlights from the year – favorite albums, songs, artists, shows, and other musical or cultural moments. This year’s collection from our volunteers, show goers, local musicians and artists is big, so we wont take up much time introducing it except to say Happy New Year to all of you! CLICK HERE to check out the 2023 playlist with selections from everyone’s Top Tens ❤️

Tucker Rash (Plain Oatmeal, *RIP dale)

10. Turkey – The Queen’s Diary (Essential Track: Crown of Shit) 
9. Nabihah Iqbal – Dreamer (Essential Track: This World Couldn’t See Us)
8. Oneohtrix Point Never – Again (Essential Track: Plastic Antique) 
7. JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown – SCARING THE HOES (Essential Tracks: Lean Beef Patty, Garbage Pale Kids)
6. Motorama – Sleep, and I will Sing (Essential Track: Not Really)
5. Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist – Voir Dire (Essential Track: Sentry)
4. Protomartyr – Formal Growth in the Desert (Essential Tracks: For Tomorrow, Let’s Tip the Creator)
3. bar Italia – Tracey Denim (Essential Track: changer)  
2. Death Grips Unreleased Preshow Mix (There was about 50 minutes of unreleased material played before their live shows this year and it goes HARD. Excited for it to see the light of day eventually.) 
1. King Krule – Space Heavy (Essential Tracks: Pink Shell, Seaforth, Space Heavy)

Honorable Mentions: Buerak – Ожидание/Реальность, Hackle – Haunted Nation

10. Fievel is Glauque – I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See / Dark Dancing
9. Buerak – Бармен
8. Dean Blunt and TYSON – Rinsed
7. NINA and Eterna – dream scenario
6. DJ Escrow – King David Style
5. Yung Lean and BLP Kosher – Violent Lullaby
4. contact – the escaped youth tapes
3. The Crying Nudes – angel heart
2. Penalty Kill – Crooked
1. Dean Blunt and Elias Rønnenfelt – Smile Please

10. So Pitted @ Holland – So Pitted played some of my favorite shows at Holland in 2016, but somewhat disappeared after just one album. Naturally, getting to see them again was epic. 
9. J.R.C.G. @ Pioneer Underground – I had the opportunity to create some visual projections for the band’s set. It was a really fun and fulfilling experience and seeing it all come together in such a cool venue was sweet. 
8. The Garden, Show Me The Body, Deli Girls @ Cargo – Three of my favorite bands from the last decade all on one bill. After seeing The Garden play a few shows in Reno throughout 2016/17 to about 30 people, I never thought I’d see them come to our city again. Seeing them perform for a packed Reno crowd all these years later was awesome. 
7. Jonathan Richmond @ Holland – Jonathan is one of the most charismatic and captivating performers I have ever seen. Every time he comes through town he does not disappoint. 
6. Goodbye Dale show @ Holland – Preparing for this was an extremely bittersweet and emotional experience for me and Julien. The nostalgia of sifting through all the eras of our strange band was intense. Plus having our mentor and great friend, Dingbat Superminx, come up to support the show just wrapped everything together so nicely. It was a nice testament to mine and Julien’s friendship and this strange, meandering project we cultivated together. 
5. Billy Childish @ Piper’s Opera House – Billy Childish was a staple for my family when I was a kid. I never thought I would see him perform live, let alone at a somewhat local venue. Seeing a legend of punk history perform with such intensity at 64 years old was insanely cool.
4. Protomartyr @ Holland – One of my favorite bands ever. The setlist had a nice mix of deep cuts and was a very cathartic and emotional experience. 
3. Lucas Abela @ Urgent Care – Extremely grateful for the opportunity to have booked such a legendary performer in my old living room. Quite a spectacular crowd came through that night. Also I’m not sure if I have ever seen people at a show so utterly captivated by a performance like they were that night.
2. King Krule @ Fox Theater, Oakland – Incredible and moving performance plus I managed to meet Archy and have him sign a book after the show. Made some great friends that night as well. 
1. Death Grips @ so many places – I spent two weeks following Death Grips up and down the West Coast and saw a total of 7 shows in 6 different cities (Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco x2, LA, and Santa Ana). I had been wanting to follow them on tour since the first time I saw them live in 2017. When they announced this ’23 tour I jumped at the chance. Plus the tour kickoff show coincidentally landed on my birthday, so I knew I had to do it. It was perhaps the most incredible trip I have ever gone on and connected me with a lot of great people up and down the coast. 

Gina Hoang (Frank Futility, Wormshot)

1. Brendan Eder Ensemble – #3 (Rhubarb), Masakatsu Takagi – Marginalia #48 // Companionship is the crux of my year. I have learned so much about loving and being loved. These songs have perfectly encapsulated the comfort I have found in the love that has found me. Companionship is the crux of my entire life!

2. Cindy Lee, What’s Tonight to Eternity // Such a special album. It has made me feel so much more connected to people and things around me. And on top of that, I got to play my first solo gig with Cindy Lee! So so special!

3. Sofia Coppola, Lost in Translation // Though I have so much love for her, some things distance me from Sofia Coppola, but this is truly a very beautiful and amazing piece. It was especially precious to me this year.

4. 9/16/2023 Holland Show! //  Worm Shot opened for Ha Vay, and I love playing with other women and I love womanhood. We also got to debut our newest song (is called Arden’s Garden) which I reallyyy love, and it very well encapsulates our growth as musicians, both in skill and creativity. Also got to play with Charity Kiss, and I looooove to dance to Charity Kiss. Was a very special night altogether.

5. Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own // Awesome feminist book. Very special. 5 stars. 

6. Indigo De Souza, Any Shape You Take // I spent a lot of time yelling this whole album in the car, either alone or with my best friend. 

7. Instruments, Gemini Cusp // Beautiful and gorgeous and raw and engrossing. Makes me think Reno is such a lucky place to be witnessing music being made.

8. Violet Evergarden (Anime Series) // I love media about love, that isn’t necessarily romantic. My friends were asking each other who their favorite anime characters were, and one of mine must be Violet Evergarden. 

9. Starflyer 59 – Fell in Love at 22 // I had a very eventful and emotional year. And one day, fate willing, this will be my “old times”. And… I turned 22 this year!

10. Legs McNeil – Please Kill Me/Arthur C. Danto – What Art Is/ Todd Haynes – The Velvet Underground // All of these have to do with Andy Warhol and was very fun to consume all of these in close proximity. All of these are deeply interesting. All cool.

Jack Mcgrath (Pissmixer, Bozone)

Top 11 list (in no particular order)

HAUNTED MANSION self titled 7” – What can be said, straightforward creepy hc my fav

CICADA we are going to kill you tape – Richmond band which explains it all, one of the best scenes in America rn 

SYCOPHANT subject to pain tape – THAT FIRST RIFF

ILLITERATES no experts 12” – Sounds like a sketchy more punk YOT whole album is solid

TUPPERWARE summer tape – best goofy hc in the game 

DELCO MF’s march of the mf’s 7” – Came out of nowhere, no gimmicks no bullshit

HOMINID demo tape – Perfect delusional and crude hc demo


FASHION CHANGE smoking kills 7” flexi – this band was dope to play with and the feel of the whole 7” is unlike any others from this year

ADVOIDS demo tape – Weirdo punk with vocals very seemingly influenced by my fav band of all time


Maya Tran  (thiscouldneverwork, *rip tummy+)

I listed my top ten shows of this year and tracks that allow me to relive them.

top10showz 2023 (no particular order)

1. LustSickPuppy, Johnascus, Baby Abeille
Location: Reno, Holland Project
God, what an honor it was to be at this show. I’m a lil s*** for LustSickPuppy but seeing them in flesh was like surreal. An all-queer and black line-up is gd refreshing to see. I’m so proud of baby abeille, she ate, but also fed the whole crowd.

listen2thistrack!: might b – lustsickpuppy 

2. Speedfest Day 1: Tension, Bruce Campbell, Sordo, Bummer, Disease, Esoteria, Bohemian, Wretched Self, x8gatesx, Lumber, etc.
Location: Sactown, CA – like an arcade or sumthing
PBBBBHHT. Like come on. There’s so much to say about this night, but I just keep thinking about how much Reno love was in the room during the Wretched/Bohemian set. So much good, fast, ass shaking music. I feel so inspired by the scene and ppl every time I make it out there. *insert the hand shaking emoji but like one them reno and the othr sac. i<3grindviolence

listen2thistrack!: the homie jam – bummer (bandcamp)

3. Tunkio, Tolerance, Mephitic Corpse, Necropsy Odor, Wretched Self
Location: Reno, Serva Pool
This line-up is legendary, not just for Reno but for all shows ever. I was starstruck. the shorties busted. Ty Jordan Rice for makin this happen.

listen2thistrack!: illusions of enlightenment – tolerance (yt:last days of capitalism full album)

4. Shitmat, xxHardbit3s, Govlink, DJ Chainwallet, Emme, gl00m
Location: Portland, OR – unknown 
Best electronic sets I’ve seen all year in one night. Remember when the MC came spitting on shitmat’s set and it was :O and I then I was like :DD . Also Emme is the best performer I think I’ve ever seen.

Shoutout Rey, Blair, and Lav glad we got to share that. Also to Kyran for shaking ass.

listen2thesetracks!: shut up – shitmat , bite me – emme

5. Luge, Pet Fossil, Tummy+
Location: Sac, CA – Golden Bear
God this one was so special WTH. Backstory… Tummy+’s original inspiration was the no-wave band from Canada, Luge. Not only have I listened to all or their releases extensively, but they were the reason Tummy+ existed the way it did. We learned Julien would be leaving in December so we had to announce our last show. Around the same time I’d seen that Luge was going on tour. I did my research and shot my shot with the booking agent in Sac (I didn’t tell Nor or Julien). He was like nah, the bill was already secured. No big deal some friends and I were already gonna go see them.

Day of show I got a message from the agent saying that one of the locals got COVID and they wanted us to come play. I told Julien and Nor and we made that shit happen.

It just felt so fulfilling and a full circle moment. Really glad I got to share that as Tummy+. We got to talk with Luge, I hope they make their way back to Reno. 

listen2thesetracks!: i love it here, i live here – luge , head boy – luge

6. Bohemian, Pissmixer, Wretched Self, Lumber, Uncalled For
Location: Reno, Urgent Care
Having Bohemian play at Urgent Care is the sickest thing a guy could ask for. If you know then you knew and you were there. If you didn’t I feel bad for you. So proud of Corey bringing shows back to Urgent Care.

7. Heavenly Blue, Venus Twins, thiscouldneverwork, Foilsick
Location: Reno, UrgentCare
Heavenly Blue and Venus Twins are the sweetest group of ppl I’ve gotten to know this year. We rolled into Cal Neva Karaoke 20 homies deep that night. G0ated.

listen2thistrack!: return to dust – venus twins

8. Sorcerer’s Sword 
Location: Reno, West Dumpling
My word. I normally use “epic” lightly but my god. This was theee most EPIC set of the year. Sorcerer’s Sword’s reign in Reno was short-lived but none can come close. The sun set behind them as we were all head banging. what a lucky group that lived that moment.

listen2thistrack!: demonlatry – sorcerer’s sword

9. King Krule
Location: Oakland, CA- Fox Theater
For those who don’t know King Krule has been my #1 Top Artist for 4 years in a row now. I’ve always felt that his music has connected me to who I am. Went down to the Bay out on my own to see him. It was the same weekend before my birthday, and it was shown to me how much I needed it. Overwhelming self loving experience. Seeing King Krule was great, but the circumstance that I was there was even better. Shoutout Tucker and Eva for letting me cut up front, and to Lucky and Sienna for your couch. 

listen2thesetracks!: alone, omen 3 – king krule , crushing – eartheather

10. Fertilizer Fest
Location: Reno, Holland Project
Dis was me and M’s baby. Really just wanted an event to bring Reno’s music scene together. Celebrate it’s ppl and our community………..  and to get the normies to listen to Pissmixer.

listen2thistrack!: power – pissmixer

Make music, make art, and support each other’s. I love my friends.

Jesse Lopez (Photographer, Artist, Volunteer)

This year I spent the first half mostly taking photos at shows and events, and during the last half I began a radio show on KWNK called BLVD Heat. Here’s Top 10 artists, albums, songs (no specific order) from the year.

  • Dog Whistle – Show Me the Body – USA Lullaby
  • Ex Military – Death Grips – Spread Eagle Cross the Block
  • I Want You – Marvin Gaye – Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again
  • Split EP – Gulch – Bolt Swallower
  • Street Songs – Rick James – Make Love to Me
  • To Pimp a Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar – Institutionalized
  • Don’t Let Go – George Duke – Movin On
  • Soulife – Anthony Hamiliton
  • Awaken My Love – Childish Gambino – Baby Boy
  • Bad Bonez – Michael Seyer – Motions

Noah Linker (Noah Linker, Bonergirl)

I’ve split this list between music that was released this year and older music that I’ve been into this year. Other than that, there is no particular order. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy 🙂

1. Alien Touch – Clarko (Song, 2023)
I had the privilege of playing with Clarko in concert this year, and I was blown away by the rabid punk energy, primitive synth sounds, and catchy song structures. With their impenetrable image and post-punk sound, I have not felt the same since that show. The track ‘Alien Touch’ from Clark’s 2023 album, ‘Welcome to Clarko’ has stuck in my mind this year and still gives me a rush to hear the quick intro, segueing into a groovy, free, new-wave jam.

In an era of increasing perfection in production, the rawness and honesty of Clarko’s music stands out as special in today’s market. For a guy like me, anyway. Welcome to Clarko!

2. Hark! – Elleanor Burke (Album ,2023)
Spotlight Track: Hose, Hark!
Similarly to my experience with Clarko, I had seen Tummy+ perform some time ago and was amazed by the energy exploding from behind the drum set, among other things, thanks to Elleanor. It’s no surprise that the flailing but extremely skilled performance by Burke, translated into her album, Hark!, released earlier this year. I found the release to be an exciting mix of, at times, heavy and experimental sounds coming together with extremely driving and beautiful base. I was consistently hyped up by the perfectly crafted guitar licks that flow seamlessly over the incredibly rich and, often, complex rhythms coming from the drums.

3. False Spring – Faint Shape (EP, 2023)
Spotlight Track: False Spring
While a lot of music today can be overwhelming, with too many moving parts to be able to appreciate space and locks between musicians (guilty as charged), I found the EP ‘False Spring’ very relieving to hear this year. Faint Shape has a simple, but extremely effective, lineup that allows focus on the songs and lyrics written by the great J Vineyard. I was amazed by the beautiful guitar parts weaved together over intuitive and euphoric song structures. The rhythm section glue together for a loose, but cohesive experience that can only make the listener want to dance and chant along.

4. Full Sun – Spitting Image (Album, 2023)
Spotlight Track: Turn Person, Still Thing
Though this album was released quite early in the year, it has stayed on my mind since I’ve heard it. Becoming a sort of touchstone for all modern punk and hard rock sounds for me, I was extremely elated upon my first listen as I still remember. The tone of the bass mixed with the relentless guitar and drums, are so full that Austin Pratt’s gritty, yet gooey voice comes through like a strobe light in the dark of night. With surprisingly beautiful and calming instrumentals sprinkled through the album, this becomes more of an immersive sonic experience than most pieces can achieve. 

5. An honorable mention now, would have to be this year’s Halloween Show, which saw both Spitting Image and Clarko members together, for an electric and thrashing rendition of Hives’ songs.

6. Tame – Pixies (Song, 1989)
I had always been aware of the Pixies and their significant hits, I had yet to delve into their seminal album ‘Doolittle’ until this year. The praise surrounding them had been so built up in my mind and once I finally submerged myself in their music, I understood where it all came from. I found myself coming back to the song, ‘Tame’, the most and definitely remains my top track, as of now, from the album. The chorus refrain, a mere scream of ‘TAAAAAAAAAMEEE’, shocked me as an intensely heavy push in Pixies’ pop-adjacent songwriting.

7. Music For the Masses – Depeche Mode (Album, 1987)
Spotlight Track: Strangelove, Never Let Me Down Again
Of all the music I came across this year, none had nearly as large of an effect that Depeche Mode did for me. While it was tough to narrow down which of their music had the biggest impact, I found myself most often returning to their 1987 LP. Their album Music for the Masses, seemed to have the most memorable and creative songs that I came back to the most. They continue to demonstrate what can be done with pop music, the more I listen…

8. Slave to the Rhythm – Grace Jones (Album, 1985)
Spotlight Track: Slave to the Rhythm, Don’t Cry – It’s Only the Rhythm
While I was forever stuck on the extremely infectious fun and mystery of Nightclubbing before, that joy was taken to another place when I heard Slave to the Rhythm. A sort of concept album that sees Jones, herself, speaking about personal experiences that evoked the songs, or simply having conversations, and then immediately blasting into powerful, trancelike compositions. The production was ahead of its time, to say the least. This album begins to become more than a piece of music, into something that feels like a place or event. Listening along, I wouldn’t mind being reduced to a character in these stories, as I wouldn’t mind living inside this album for eternity.

9. “Heroes” – David Bowie (Album, 1977)
Spotlight Track: Joe the Lion, Blackout, Beauty and the Beast
The one David Bowie album that seemed to stand out the most for me this year was “Heroes”. Which may be known of by many, but I think the true depth of the LP is often overlooked with the title track being the main appeal to the album, for most. However, the rest of the album sees Bowie at possibly his most experimental point of the 70s, if not his entire career. I still strive to make music that brings me the same excitement I get from ‘Joe the Lion’ or ‘Blackout’. The experimental bits may go too far for the average consumer (it influenced the Walker Brothers’ 1978 Nite Flights, which is another story in itself), I think an open listener would be satisfied at what they found hiding behind the classic title track.

10. Scott Walker (Singer, 1960s-2010s)
Spotlight Tracks: The Seventh Seal, It’s Raining Today, Nite Flights
I could write endlessly about Scott Walker so I’ll just say he’s continued to have a tremendous impact on my music, singing, and life and I highly suggest anyone to try his music. It’s not for everyone, but hopefully, there’s one more person who can discover his genius.

Edith Caufield (Sorcerer’s Sword, Kneipegeist, Wolf Lichen, Eleusis)

Alright, here are my top ten HEAVY releases of the year that inspired me and kept my passion for loud guitar music burning, in no particular order!! All should of course be listened to loud, or with headphones, if listened to at all!

1. Mälheür – Nocturnal Forces 
Even though it’s “just” a demo, this debut release from France’s Mälheür is undoubtedly the best heavy/black/thrash metal offering of the whole year. Absolutely no nonsense, just the purest distillation of maniacal dungeon metal for devils and rockers!!!

2. Exulansis – Overtures Of Uprising
Incredible, beautiful, stunning music that combines all of the best aspects of the heavy, underground scene on the West Coast, with gorgeous fiddle playing throughout! Amazing ragers about rising up and throwing off these chains… bang your head and have a nice cry.

3. Malokarpatan – Vertumnus Caesar
An album of unique and formally interesting blackened heavy metal from the Slovakian heavy weights – just what we’ve come to expect! Their blending of rocking songwriting and esoteric European mysteries is always a treat – listen to ALL their albums.

4. Returning – Severance
The Cascadian bioregion has produced many extreme metal artists who are at the forefront of screaming about how our modern technological-industrial-capitalist is a poison for the human spirit, and Returning is the latest band in this illustrious tradition. An ancient tale of anguish set to music, and beautiful to boot! 

5. Conjureth – The Parasitic Chambers
If you want your death metal to sound like having your brain, and incorporeal mind itself, intricately dissected, catalogued, and then pounded into mush by an eldritch alien intelligence, then this album is for you. Truly incomprehensibly sick riffs throughout.

6. Wreathe – The Land Is Not An Idle God
I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy music this year that expresses anger about the mistreatment of our Mother Earth and her vital ecosystems, and this is some more of that! Call it d-beat, call it emocrust, whatever it is, it goes very hard and abounds with wonderful riffs. Featuring Alex CF of universal nature-crust fame!

7. Odz Manouk – Bosoragazan
The Armenian-American master of utter darkness and unique black metal has returned, and words can hardly do this justice. Unmatched for sheer power, mythological in scope, crushing in effect, this album is wonderful. Check out the other album they released this year too, Tzurr… and everything else released by their label Blood Coloured Beast, too. This is definitely the COOLEST album on this list.

8. Undulation – An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering
More death metal that feels like eldritch creatures crawling about and penetrating your flesh, but with distinctive flourishes of black metal attitude and spectacular vocals. Come for the evil, stay for the really, really good songwriting. More morbid purple death metal, please!

9. Vespéral  – Nuits Blanches
This is a release that reminded me that sometimes straight-up cold, simple black metal is truly the best, especially when accompanied by vocals as sincerely alienating and anguished as this. For long winter evenings spent contemplating sins, meditating on infirmity, letting the spirits take you away… thank you, Quebec.

10. Vosbúð – Heklugjá
Entrancing and truly special black metal from Iceland, land of the icy volcanoes and lots of other incredible black metal. This album was my introduction to this band, and since then they’ve become one of my favorites – very inspiring riffs!! Listen to it in the snow.

Alyssa Lazaro (Doolittle Ladybug)

top 10 songs

  1. Call Me by Deee-Lite
  2. Last Time Lover by Spice Girls
  3. Superboy & Supergirl by Tullycraft
  4. When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees
  5. Muzzle by Destroy Boys
  6. Northern Sky by Nick Drake
  7. Hello it’s Me by Todd Rundgren
  8. dance song by Dijon
  9. Nervous Driver by Lomelda
  10. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls by Talking Heads

top 10 albums

  1. Something Wild by Radiator Hospital
  2. Sometimes, Forever by Soccer Mommy
  3. Sling by Clairo
  4. Con Cuerpo by People with Bodies
  5. L.A. Woman by The Doors
  6. Apollo XXI by Steve Lacy
  7. Perfecting Loneliness by Jets To Brazil
  9. Inner World Peace by Frankie Cosmos
  10. Horizon by Carpenters

Jordan Rice (Wretched Self, Uncalled For, local legend)

2023 was an amazing year for music and art in and around the Reno area and beyond! Here’s a bunch of stuff that inspired me….

  1. Defenders of the Faith..a super fun book about metal “battle vests.”
  2. Greg Allen’s art show at Holland. Greg is an old friend/ bandmate of mine and I was stoked to finally get a painting.
  3. Bohemian… Demo, my daughter Jacki’s band!!
  4. The Bummer/Wretched Self Tour
  5. Dale/Tummy+ last show… missing Julien
  6. The Fake Dust/ Shitbrains show.
  7. The Bohemian show at Urgent Care… crazy times…living room crowd surfing madness!
  8. The Tunkio/Tolerance/Necropsy Odor/ Mephitic Corpse show… new friends from Finland and old ones from SLO.
  9. On a bittersweet note… Playing with Illicit Trade for Rays memorial show…

Rest in Peace Ray….

  1. Also just want to give notice to all the new young people getting into and coming out to shows, especially for fast music. It’s really nice to see a new generation of people keeping things fresh and progressive! Huge shout out to the whole Holland Project crew.

Clark Demeritt (Clarko)

Ten Things I loved in 2023

When it comes to music, I take cues from Professional Wrestlers and Basketball Players. I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there will ever be BAY BAY! It was a thrill to finally be able to put this bad boy out. Thanks to everyone that listened, loved, and hated it! (nobody hated it)

2. Mary Jane Dunphe – Stage of Love
Mary Jane is good in every band and this is no exception!

3. Powerplant – Grass EP
I liked everything Powerplant put out this year. Beautiful Boy!

4. Yves Tumor – Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)
Felt more rock and I appreciated that. I love Heaven to a Tortured Mind and this is an enriching expansion!

5. Shana Cleveland – Manzanita
Shana’s solo records are always haunting, bizarre (kind of in a Roky Erickson way), and Beautiful.

6. Cyberplasm and X-Harlow Live at Holland
They brought it y’all. Cyberplasm makes cyber-d-beat that is new and exciting, but doesn’t sound forced. X Harlow was captivating! Great show.

7. 100 Gecs – 10,000 Gecs
I started the year not understanding 100 Gecs and I still don’t. I sat down for an hour listening to this album and watching YouTube videos; and went through the full stages of grief, before I realized I’m a 100% a gecshead. They ooze fun.

8. One Piece
I lightly paid attention to One Piece prior to 2023, but now I am a full-on nerd. My thrice weekly One Piece hits (manga scan, anime, and official manga release) keep me going. IN ODA WE TRUST. PEAK.

9. Watching AEW every week with my friend Josh Patton
Professional Wrestling is the most punk sport. And AEW is the Minor Threat to WWE’s Green Day (I like brain stew). And getting to watch wrastling while hearing Dr. Dankenstein’s wrong opinions about the best breakfast burrito in town is my favorite way to do it. Match Highlights off the top of my head: Bryan Danielson v. MJF, both Kenny Omega and Will Osprey matches, and Kenny Omega v. Jon Moxley steel cage match.

10. Playing with bands on the West Coast
It was really nice to see some bands in our extended community. Psychic Death, Shannon and the Clams, Nutt, Xacto, Advoids, Pyrex, Nick Normal, and many more! These bands ruled!

Manning Gray (wisecrack, foilsick, impact)

In no particular order… Top 10 albums of 2023

  1. “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us!” Split by letsmakenothinghappen & idiedlastnovember
  2. “Self-Titled” by onewaymirror
  3. “Demo – EP” by Done Deal
  4. “Birth Piece” EP by Crochet
  5. Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios & Burial Etiquette Split
  6. Widowdusk/ihuntmonsters split
  7. Ivy – EP by SO CONCERNED 
  8. “someone has his fingers broken” EP by ispentsixhourswatchingshockvideosyesterday 
  9. “Waste Of A Man” by Outta Pocket 
  10. “A Reflection Of…” EP by Clay Birds 

Nathan Lachner (Blackstallion)

Yo, I don’t listen to much new stuff: 

2023 albums in no particular order

  1. Westside Gunn – And Then You Pray for Me
  2. Kurt Vile – Back to Moon Beach 
  3. Earl Sweatshirt – Voir Dire
  4. Horse Jumper of Love – Heartbreak Rules
  6. Spitting Image – Full Sun 
  7. Dougie Poole – The Rainbow Wheel of Death
  8. Babytooth – Babytooth
  9. Drake – For All the Dogs Scary Hour Edition (controversial opinion) 
  10. Grove Street – The Path to Righteousness 

Michael Moberly (Holland Project BOD Chair)

Here are my top ten reasons to eat a hot dog of 2023:

10 – Its Wednesday: It’s the middle of the week and you need a lil pick me up, why not have a hot dog?

9 -Second Dates: After your first date it’s best to show your potential new love interest what it looks like when you eat unflattering foods. 

8 – It’s hot outside: When it’s hot out nothing quenches your thirst like a salty hot dog. It’s just science. 

7 – The Movies: You are at the movies and you need what could be considered more of a meal than a dump truck of popcorn. Why not eat a hot dog in the dark?

6 – You are at a sporting event: don’t give a shit about sports but you are at a sporting event? Why not kill some time by waiting in a big line for a hot dog?

5 – Pools: Nothing pairs with a hot dog like pool water. Hands still wet from friggin splashing like a wild man in the pool? Smash a hot dog cuz it wont taste any different with pool on it. 

4 – Winter Madness: winter weather got you down? Eat a hot dog and remember when it was nice outside and you felt sexy & tan. 

3 – Mac & Cheese: When a box of pasta and powdered cheese feels like it’s not quite a full meal, friggin cut up some dawgs and pop ’em in there. 

2 – It’s wrapped in batter: No one is legally allowed to say no to a corn dog under Federal Law CD-69-420. If you have in the past please said no to a corn dog, know that you are technically a fugitive from the law and you must eat the next corn dog you see. 

1 – Its friggin Hot Dogs & Highballs: you gotta eat a hot dog at Reno’s Premier Tubed Meat & Soda Event. Duh. 

Nate Strange (The Human Condition, showgoer)

Top 10 Albums/Projects of 2023

  1. No Love Lost by Year of the Knige
  2. Birth Piece by Crochet
  3. a reflection of…… by Clay Birds
  4. Scaring the Hoes by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
  5. Javelin by Sufjan Stevens
  6. The Gray in Between by Jerome’s Drea,
  7. Heaven Knows by Pink Panthress
  8. Departmefrombearisland/ ispentsixhourswatchingshockvideosyesterday by Departmefrombearisland and ispentsixhourswatchingshockvideosyesterday
  9. When No Birds Sand by Full of Hell & Nothing
  10. Not Through Blood by Pain of Truth

Alek Henrickson (ClownClubVIp, Kibble)

Top 6 2023 (in no order)


  • No Beginning, No End – Cross
  • Crooked – Penalty Kill
  • FTEV – Nuxx Vomica
  • Bohemian S/T – Bohemian
  • Super Snooper – Snooper 


  • SMOG Party – Cities Aviv, Rhamier, Brandon T Nguyen, M0n1k3r @thehollandproject 
  • J.R.C.G. @ the Pioneer
  • The Mall, Nuxx Vomica, Elleanor Burke, @Large @ the Holland Project
  • Fashion Change, Rotary Club, Bozone, Uncalled For @ Urgent Care
  • Sorcerer’s Sword @ West Dumpling

Wyatt Ziegler (Dog Dog)

Top 10 songs of 2023 I’ve been inspired by:

  1. New York City Cops by the Strokes
  2. Pale by Modern Color
  3. Waiting Room by Fugazi
  4. Sentai Quarry by Nouns
  5. Get Away by Yuck
  6. It’s Permanent by Ultra Q
  7. Kiss the Ladder by Fleshwater
  8. Dramamine by Modest Mouse
  9. AM 180 by Grandaddy
  10. Hybrid Moments by Misfits

Alberto Garcia Rodriguez (former HP Gallery Director, Artist)

Top 10 albums of 2023

  1. Red Moon In Venus – Kali Uchis
  2. Hood Hottest Princess – Sexyy Red
  3. NewJeans 2nd EP ‘Get Up’- NewJeans 
  4. KISS THE RING – Rome Streetz
  5. Javelin – Sufjan Stevens
  6. Like…? – Ice Spice
  7. Something To Give Each Other – Troye Sivan
  8. Kittyponeo – Bellakath
  9. Ahora Más Que Nunca – Pelada
  10. GÉNESIS – Peso Pluma 

Honorable Mentions (No particular order)

  1. Heaven Knows – PinkPantheress
  2. Pink Friday 2 – Nicki Minaj
  3. Gold – Cleo Sol
  4. KAYTRAMINÉ – Kaytranada & Aminé
  5. Raven – Kelala
  6. Mid Air – Romy
  7. DATA -Tainy

Top 10 Shows of 2023

  1. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  2. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  3. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  4. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  5. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  6. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  7. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  8. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  9. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé
  10. RENAISSANCE – Beyoncé


Andrew McCullough (DJ Andrew on KWNK)

In order of preference:

  1. Anna B Savage – in|FLUX – album 
  2. The Drums – Jonny – album 
  3. The Arcs – Electrophonic Chronic – album 
  4. Jeroboam – Turn Down The Lights – 12″ single 
  5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – The Future Is Your Past – Album 
  6. Nation Of Language – Strange Disciple – Album 
  7. Oracle Sisters – Hydranism – Album 
  8. Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy – Album 
  9. Shame – Food For Worms – Album 
  10. Belle & Sebastian – Late Developers – Album

Matt Grimm (Former HP Booking Associate)

  1. Sharp Pins – Turtle Rock
  2. Mystic 100s – On A Micro Diet
  3. Institute – Ragdoll Dance
  4. Spitting Image – Full Sun
  5. Wednesday – Rat Saw God
  6. World Peace – It Is Written
  7. Mandy, Indiana – i’ve seen a way
  8. 80HD – Destablilize
  9. Skourge – Torrential Torment
  10. Lifeguard – Dressed in Trenches

Trevor Castillo (Photographer, Volunteer)

Trevor’s Top 10 Holland Show Photos of 2023 (no particular order)

Lauren Hober (Holland Project BOD Member)

1. According to my Spotify Wrapped, I listened to Drama more than any other artist, so I’m going to keep the trend going and list Drama’s Till We Die EP at the top. “Walk Away as the Door Slams,” from Current Joys’ new album Love + Pop was on repeat quite a bit too. Got to see that bad boy played live in NYC too!(Album + Song) 

2. Crossword Puzzles. I shouldn’t need to say more. The detail, the trickery —what art! (Entertainment) 

3. Finally took myself and a group of pals to Cowboy Poetry in Elko, NV. And while there were quite a few poems actually about horses, this line from poet M.L. Smoker stuck with me: The way the horizon bends itself around our lives here might make us think we’re exceptional. (Poem + Experience)

4. The Madonna Inn is, hands down, my favorite place I visited this year. Give me pink and maximalism any day. (Place) 

5. This will probably make this list every year, but Tim Kreider’s essay, “I Know What You Think of Me.” Give it a read every few months to remind yourself —being loved requires us to be known. And if you’re lazy, here’s my favorite part: 

We don’t give other people credit for the same interior complexity we take for granted in ourselves, the same capacity for holding contradictory feelings in balance, for complexly alloyed affections, for bottomless generosity of heart and petty, capricious malice. We can’t believe that anyone could be unkind to us and still be genuinely fond of us, although we do it all the time. […] If we want the rewards of being loved we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known. (Essay) 

6. Bottoms and Past Lives make the list for the best films this year. Both entirely different, Bottoms brings an insanity I want more of and Past Lives could break my heart over and over. (Movie)

7. I don’t want to get political, but George Santos is the most iconic conman this year. I have been living for the drama. (Con Artist) 

8. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow takes my vote for the best book I read this year. (Book) 

9. The Holland Hotel took sweat, blood, and some tears, but thankful for a project that allowed me a creative outlet. If you’re a band or an artist, book a stay! (Project) 

10. And, lastly, a lesson for the year by Mary Oliver.

“and put your lips to the world. And live your life.” 

Corey Gyll (Lumber, Kibble)

  1. Bohemian s/t ep
  2. Gel only constant ep
  3. Caveman s/t ep
  4. Presser Presser III ep
  5. Wretched Self s/t ep
  6. Jesus Piece so unknown lp
  7. World Peace it is written lp
  8. Bozone enter the bozone ep
  9. Uncalled For demo
  10. Sorcerer’s Sword mighty pact of evil lp

Emily Pratt (Howl’s Road)

1. Lankum- “False Lankum”
There are some artists that, even though they’re putting out good music now, you know their truly great album is still ahead of them. Lankum finally delivered with “False Lankum” It’s a haunting and gorgeous trip through traditional Irish folklore. The video for “Go Dig My Grave” was my favorite of the year.

2. Maria BC – “Spike Field”
One of the most chilling, ethereal, and beautiful singing voices I’ve ever heard, and they sound just as powerful live. This album is even tighter and lovelier than last year’s top ten pick “Hyaline” but that album is also definitely worth checking out.

3. Jim E. Brown – “Rot”
Just discovered this dude recently and became obsessed. His music does that thing where it’s so sad it becomes funny. Then it goes back to being sad again. It’s hard to tell if his persona is sincere or an elaborate character – he’s a supposedly 19-year old Englishman with a slew of degenerative diseases that make him look older. Respect to Mitski and Sufjan, but for my money this is the most emotionally devastating album of the year. The video for “I Know I’m Going to Die of a Stroke” is a good starter.

4. Arthur Verocai – Live Orchestral performance of S/T
Arthur Verocai’s self-titled is probably the one album I’d bring with me on a desert island. I feel so lucky to have seen him perform it live with an orchestra this year.

5. Sorcerer’s Sword – “Mighty Pact of Evil”
If aliens asked me what heavy metal is, I’d send them this album. “Mighty Pact of Evil” blends everything about metal that I love – the fantasy, the raw power, the evil, the doom. When I saw them play at midnight in Long Beach, I got giddy when, at the soundcheck, Edith checked the vocal mic by doing a growl then switching into a Halford-esque squeal. BANG YOUR HEAD.

6. Diners – “Domino”
This is another case of, “the album I’ve been waiting for.” I have been a fan of Diners for a while, but something about Domino just feels right. So heartfelt and fun. I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s a true gem of a power-pop record, perfect for manifesting a good day.

7. Ryuichi Sakamoto – “12”
Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away in March of this year. I don’t usually feel the loss of public figures on a personal level, but listening to his labored breath over the piano tracks of his final album, 12, made me cry and feel the loss of this person whose music has made such an impact on my life. I stepped outside the woodshop where I work and watched the sunset with Forest Lawn Cemetery in the background. The world just felt so still, I felt that the gift he left me with was a gentle reminder to feel present in the imperfect moment.

8. Daniel Rossen and Christopher Bear – “Past Lives OST
Such and intimate and tender soundtrack to an equally moving film. This is a perfect companion for looking out a window while it’s snowing / raining. 

9. Yeule – “Softscars”
Another two-year streak for my end-of-year list (the other being Maria BC). “Softscars” is a rainy day in a big city. It’s the feeling of spending your entire spring break playing Final Fantasy and everyone telling you you’re wasting your time but not giving a fuck. Yeule can’t miss.

10. Reverend Kristen Hayter – “Saved!”
Christianity is like tinnitus or mono, they’ll always be a part of me whether I like it or not. One of the things I maintain is a net positive for the experience of a child raised in the church is that you develop a love of singing songs with big groups of people. This album feels like encountering the story of your life as a christian child on an old VHS tape in an attic, all of the horrific moments blended with all the wholesome ones. All of the singing with all the panic attacks, all of the shame, all of the intrusive thoughts, all of the prayers, crudely spliced together onto a rotting tape. Probably the most authentic musical representation of growing up Christian that I can think of. 

RIP to Shane MacGowan, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sinead O’Connor

Mike Malone (Holland Sound Volunteer, DJ)

  1. Dirty Heads – Rage
  3. El-P – The Full Retard
  4. Iron Chic – My Best Friend Is a Nihilist
  5. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – If You’re Blue
  6. Samiam- Lights Out Little Hustler
  7. THE MOVEMENT – Habit

From the Holland Shows:

  1. ULTRA Q – Teether

Dylon Hinchey (Holland Volunteer)

Top 11 songs of 2023:

  1. Carpool Tunnel – Driving to The Moon
  2. Sun Spots – Gutterball
  3. Slow Pulp – Broadview
  4. Doolittle Ladybug – coyote song
  5. Bug Bath – Last Time I Dreamt of You
  6. Teenage Wrist w/ Softcult – Still Love
  7. Alvvays – Easy on Your Own
  8. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
  9. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again
  10. Launder – Fade
  11. Softcult – Haunt You Still

Brigdon Markward (Former HP Music Director, Bug Bath)

I had a big guitar music year. As far as new releases go, I kinda stuck to what I liked. I didn’t try very hard to get out of my bubble and you know what, it felt kinda good. These are the albums/EPs I spun nonstop because they’re sick and I liked them

1. Ex Pilots – Self-Titled: my favorite release of the year. This project is incredible. The day it came out I texted all my friends begging them to listen. Messy wild heartfelt pop gems in the vein of Guided By Voices or Cleaners from Venus. blown out 4track home production, endless riffs, 1-2 minute songs, perfection 

2. Hotline TNT – Cartwheel: Hotline TNT have been one of my favorite bands for a long time, and this album is their best work yet. This shit rules. I love Hotline’s production, I love how much weird shit they do. Consistently sounds like nothing else out there 

3. Golden Apples – Bananasugarfire: I don’t know much about Golden Apples but I really liked this record, and think this band writes sick ass tracks 

4. Pardoner – Peace Loving People: I love Pardoner and this album rules. 

5. 12 Rods – If We Stayed Alive: One of my favorite bands releasing a brand new album that somehow sounds just like they did in the 90’s, which is insane to me. Sometimes legacy bands drop a reunion album and pretend it’s just as good (or better) than the old stuff, but it literally never is. This one is 

6. Mitski – The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We: So Sick

7. Feeble Little Horse – Girl With Fish: So Sick

8. Graham Hunt – Try Not to Laugh: So Sick

9. Outwest – 2023 Demo: So Sick

10. Dusk – Glass Pastures: So Sick

11. Star 99-bitch unlimited 

12. Poison Ruïn – Harvest 

David Delfin (Holland Gallery Associate, Artist)

Fave Albums of 2023 (no particular order)

  • Agriculture – Agriculture
  • Girl With Fish – Feeble Little Horse
  • Lahai – Sampha
  • The Albatross – Foxing
  • Space Heavy – King Krule
  • After the Magic – Parannoul
  • Life Under the Gun – Militarie Gun
  • The Brightest Days – Origami Angel
  • 12th House – Dianna Lopez
  • Only Constant – GEL

Peyton Eaton (DJ Luxy)

Luxy top 10 in no particular order

Maison Margiela 2023 ready to wear (runway)
one of my favorite runways of the year. Head pieces made from trash & tulle, backward trench coats, fishnets, latex, and tartan.  Flannel meet silk. This whole collection alludes to Vivienne Westwood punk. The  juxtaposition of dainty flower accented cream cardigans paired with sheer lace dresses fishnets and uneven skirts. Haute couture meet RTW. thought about this runway all year long!!! majjjjjjjjor inspo (i can look but i cannot touch) 

Stank you Galliano!!!!

The Narcissist II Dean Blunt (album) 
Distant, half-heard clips; novel, obscure, and impossible. From sampled Rick Ross growls to arguing lovers. The whole album flows like one long song it’s impossible to only throw one on and not the whole thing. My favorite project of Blunts and one of my favorites of all time. The mixing and the foley in this album feels like your life is a #movie (kidding) rediscovered this project about half way through the year and listened to it about 5 million times:D Incredible sample work Dean Blunt you are a #jeanyussssss 

Egosystem Veins of Wire (EP)
One of my favorite eps of the year!!!! Fuzzy hardcore electronica produced all in a bedroom on a korg emx1:3 Listening to this makes me drool uncontrollably and want to punch all my roommates in the face:D  *heart eye emoji

Couldn’t choose 1 Shygirl project because she had so many baller ones this year so here is a list;

Playboy/Positions 2 for 1 that….Switch oh i’m #seated 

Wildfire (Eartheater remix) 2 mothers 1 song #seatedagain 

Coochie (a bedtime story) vip mix – all night everyyyyydayyyyy!!!!

ovule sega bodega remix(technically a bjork song but shy features on it) 3 of my #faves

woe (i see it from your side) björk remix 

epic music video:33 bjork and shygirl on one song… i love to get 2 on!!!!!

Lucky Club Eat (song)  
Second song off her self titled ep and moiiii second top song of the year. Listened to this over 100 times (yuhp iphone told me so) I love this song SO MUCH you better believe i snuck it into 5 different mixes this year:3 (2:07)  I will replay this part of the song 3 times before i even finish the song *100 emoji 

Trinity Eartheater (album)
Her signature oblique vocals over wet, reverby, trap dance beats. This album ran my whole year.  If you’ve never felt like a hot girl listen to this and you’ll turn into one animorph style. every song on this album RIPPPPPP$$$$$$

Bjork live at royal opera house (movie)
This is one of my favorite bjork performances evrrrrr! Opening in all white margiela playing a music box in fake snow, contact mics, harpist, foley, and closing barefoot  in an alexander mcqueen voss gown… what more can a lady ask for!?!?! Some of my favorite versions of her songs blossom from this show alone; possibly maybe, cocoon, undo, joga!!!!! 

Damaged Plummet Johnny Cage remix (song)
Best trance song of all time. Momma put me on 4 everrrr ago!! Fine uh lee found it on vinyl this year (yuhp mixing that) ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊ I listen to this #nonstop

Dj Keoki Disco Death Race 2000 (album)
One of my fave “rave albums” and the first I ever heard. Momma put me on (again:3)

Track 2 is one of the most epic songs ever made and I got to mix it my very first show of the year HEHE:3 Dj’s just don’t make mixes like this anymore… May 2024 bring me a physical copy of this album.

Hardcore Will Never Die, and Neither Will You. (album) 
909 worldwide compilation album. All the hardcore electronica I could ever dream of in one place. This album makes my mouth foam >:p tracks 5, 10, 13, 14, 27, 34, and, 35 go extra hard but the whole comp is perfect:3 

99jakes at Holland was one of my fave gigs of the year #turnup

Onyx Fernandez (Holland Volunteer)

Top 5 Songs Ive Been Blasting

1. My Congressman – Fifteen
Best song about harm reduction, needle exchange, and overall addict safety ive heard, highlighting the political state of Berkeley at the time.

2. Safely Wasting Away – Crimpshrine
Another band from the Berkeley/Gilman scene, Crimpshrine featured members of the infamous Operation Ivy, Pinhead Gunpowder and Fifteen. This songs loose and almost unpracticed vibe just flows so naturally.

3. Hostile – Complacent
Complacent are the epitome of protest music and their anthem “Hostile” is the prime example of it, bashing anti-homeless-architecture and the political agenda behind it.

4. Nine on the Bortle – Days N Daze
Folk-punk legends DND never miss and this songs no exception, it discusses the effects of overmodernizing our world and fighting to keep the pre-industrial methods of life alive.

“The moon holds no purpose except pulling the tides on a planet encrusted in florescent lights”

5. Bacon on the Bayou – Decathect
A side project of Days N Daze, Decathect only released one album of raw Ska-crust “No Respawn”, another amazing track from it is Books of Blood, about the use of religion to fuel war.

Aden Oster (Photographer, Volunteer)

Top 10 Holland Show Photos from 2023

Draven Carter (Wisecrack, Bug Bath)

Some records:

  • Hotline TNT – Cartwheel
  • Billy Woods – Maps
  • Self Defense Family – Law of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight
  • MSPAINT – Post-American
  • Spitting Image – Full Sun
  • Lil Yachty – Let’s Start Here
  • Pardoner – Peace Loving People
  • Spiritual Cramp – Spiritual Cramp
  • Militarie Gun – Life Under The Gun
  • Aly and Aj – With Love From
  • Worlds Worst – Worlds Worst
  • Slowdive – everything is alive

Some hc stuff:

  • Mil-Spec – Marathon
  • Gumm – Slogan Machine
  • Initiate – Cerebral Circus
  • Gel – Only Constant
  • Bozone – Enter the Bozone
  • Restraining Order – Locked In Time
  • Poison Ruïn – Härvest
  • Skourge – Torrential Torment

Some songs:

  • Caroline Polachek – Fly To You (feat. Grimes and Dido)
  • Illusion – Unreachable Stars
  • Island of Love – I’ve Got the Secret
  • Hannah Diamond – Affirmations
  • Taking Meds – Memory Lane
  • Drug Church – Myopic
  • Outwest – Holy Oceans
  • Blu – All Praise Due
  • Earl Sweatshirt – Mancala (ft. Vince Staples)
  • Guided by Voices – Cruisers’ Cross
  • Too Close For Comfort – Cold Youth


  • 1/13 – Blind Fortune EP release w/ Roman Candle, Ice Grillz, Charity Kiss, and Bug Bath at Cypress. Haven’t seen Blind Fortune since this one and I miss em
  • 2/1 – Bug Bath + Absinthe Father tour kickoff w/ Had To and Swivel at Holland. This one kicked off the tour that started the most music focused year of my life so far. Truly one to remember
  • 3/30 – Denial of Life, Earth Exit, Pissmixer, Wisecrack, and Lichgawd at Serva Pool. First WC gig. Lichgawd kicked it off right and it was a fun hc show all the way through
  • 5/8 – Woolworm, Sun Spots, Had To, and Bug Bath at Holland. Most of these are just gigs with sick bands that I was stoked to play with lol
  • 5/26 – Initiate, In Time, Wisecrack, and Impact at Holland. Lots of homies and it was fun to have a stop at home in the middle of a 3 week tour
  • 6/24 – Lake Tahoe is for Lovers Fest. Hardly a gig, but this was just a wild experience through and through. Definitely a huge highlight of the year for me. Finally got to see Jimmy Eat World, one of my all-time favorites
  • 6/30 – Freedom Fuckoff w/ Tony Molina, Pissmixer, Rotary Club, and Bug Bath at Holland.  Got to play guitar a couple times for BB this year. This one was stacked with sick bands and had lots of homies
  • 8/25 – White Reaper and Toner at Cypress. It was sick to go out and be reunited with friends at a show that we weren’t playing, and this was a perfect combination of bands for the occasion
  • 9/1 – Spy, Pissmixer, Uncalled For, and Wisecrack at Holland. Best hc show of the year. Rain tried to ruin it and we made the most of it by packing out Holland
  • 10/27 – Holland Halloween at Ferrari Farms. This show is a highlight for me every year, but this was the first time I got to play it! Learning and playing a whole cover set for the first time was actually ridiculously fun, and all of the other bands killed it. Love this event


  • Regrettably didn’t watch a lot of movies this year, but Saw X and Godzilla Minus One were sick

Tara Tran (Maggot, Artist)

Usually, an album brings me comfort and I listen to it religiously and almost exclusively for 1-3 months until the effects start to wane. These are this year’s albums, in somewhat chronological order.

  1. S/T – Kaho Matsui
  2. Debut – Bjork
  3. No Sleep Till N.Y. – NEW YORK
  4. The Dawg Years (1975-1978) – Blaze Foley
  5. Either/Or – Elliot Smith (this was a multiple times a day thing, unfortunately)
  6. Mount Eerie – The Microphones (this had a hold on me for 4 months straight)
  7. Frank Fairfield – Frank Fairflield
  8. 1975-1977-1998 – 90 Day Men
  9. Nevermind – Nirvana (halloween show research that got out of hand)
  10. Pod – The Breeders (I have done this to this album every year since 2018)
  11. Women As Lovers – Xiu Xiu
  12. Lost Wisdom – Mount Eerie (I am one month in to listening to this 20 times a week, it is finally waning)

Justin Gallego (JRCG, Dreamdecay)

Here’s 9. 

  • Mary Jane Dunphe – Stage of Love 
  • Pelada – Ahora Mas Que Nunca
  • Physique – Again / live in Seattle WA, 11/19
  • Westside Gunn – And Then You Pray for Me
  • Elrond Live in Portland OR, 10/07
  • Cindy Lee & Freak Heat Waves live in Olympia, 11/03
  • Caroline Polachek – Desire, I Want to Turn Into You
  • U SCO – Catchin Heat
  • Fever Ray – Radical Romantic 

Scott Bates (Elephant Rifle, Eddie & the Subtitles)
Top 10 – 2023

  • Wailin’ Storms set @ Mortimer’s – Caterwaul Fest
  • Acid Mothers Temple set @ TLC
  • Local love – slabs of wax by Spitting Image, Elephant Rifle, Clarko, Rotary Club, probably some others im missing…
  • Djunah – Femina Furens album
  • Touring with our stepsons, Facet
  • PJ Harvey’s tiny desk concert
  • Loud at the Lair 23’ – brewing lair’s outdoor fest in Blairsden, CA
  • The KIDS set @ debauchareno fest – Wingfield Park
  • Anticipating the GG Allin biopic that’s currently in production – woof
  • Mutiny In Heaven – The Birthday Party documentary film


Top 10 Albums Released in 2023

1. PinkPantheress – Heaven Knows
Inspired by 2000s British pop, PinkPantheress’ long awaited debut album was nothing short of perfection. Jungle, DnB, and UK garage have existed long before PinkPantheress was even born; however, I believe she is largely responsible for introducing these genres to people outside of the UK. There is no else in mainstream pop like PinkPantheress, and although this album does have a bit of a more commercial sound and focuses less on the breakbeats and 2-step drums used in her mixtape, To Hell With It, she still delivers an amazing album that is uniquely her.

2. Neggy Gemmy – CBD Reiki Moonbeam
This album was on repeat this entire year, and I think CBD Reiki Moonbeam is what really made me fall in love with pop this year. It feels very reminiscent of early 2000s dance pop, like Kylie Minogue.

3. 8485 – Personal Protocol
One of my favorite releases this year. I’m very thankful that DnB and garage are trending right now because I loved these genres as a child, and it’s fun to hear them being used in hyperpop.

4. NewJeans – Get Up
I’m in awe of NewJeans. I’ve never seen pop music executed this well. Everything about NewJeans, like their production, writing, branding, and marketing is done extremely well, and everyone likes NewJeans, even people who don’t care much for K-Pop, such as myself. Get Up incorporates current music trends, such as the jersey kick pattern, 2-step / garage drum pattern, and breakbeats, as well as simple yet catchy and effective lyrics written by Erika De Casier among others to create a sound that is new to K-Pop but very much a Gen Z take on pop that appeals to a wider and more global audience.

5. Rauw Alejandro – Saturno
This is a very solid pop album, and conceptually, one of my favorite albums ever. I love the fusion of reggaeton and new wave. I wish more male pop stars tried as hard as Rauw Alejandro does. They lack the “it boy” factor he has.

6. Frost Children – Speed Run
Indie sleaze revival is definitely on the rise, and I think mid to late 2000s and early 2010s are going to make a huge comeback in the coming years in fashion and music. This is a very energetic and well thought out / well paced dance pop, electropop, and alt pop album. The production is unbelievably stunning with amazing transitions between the first few tracks.

7. 2hollis – 2
Another great indie sleaze revival release of 2023 with amazing production, strong melodies, and catchy lyrics. 2hollis’ show at The Echo in LA was also one of my most favorite shows this year. I’ve never seen that much energy from the crowd or the performer at a show for a smaller artist.

8. Kelela – Raven
Raven is Kelela’s first album release in 6 years since Take Me Apart. This album features gorgeous production from Kelela herself, Kaytranada, LSDXOXO, Badsista, and many other producers who I love, and it also uses 2-step and breakbeats. Production aside, Kelela is one of the most talented vocalists and lyricists of our time, and every song on this album feels like a dream.

9. Sexyy Red – Hood Hottest Princess
Sexyy Red has had a very successful run this year, releasing single after single, earning millions of streams, landing a feature on Drake’s newest album, and concluding with the release of Hood Hottest Princess and a 20 city arena tour. This album is just stupid fun and makes me feel like a bad bitch.

10. Snow Strippers – April Mixtape 3
Once again, another indie sleaze revival release of 2023. This album makes me feel like I am on Tumblr in 2011. Although Crystal Castles laid out the framework for what Snow Strippers is currently doing, they still have their own unique take on witch house and dance pop and have created a sound that feels modern yet reminiscent of the Tumblr era.

Jack Lucian (Musician, regular at Bloom)

Here are my favorite 10 records of 2023, in loose order.

10. Space Heavy by King Krule – Just a super dreamy, moody, jazzy collection of tracks. Soothing, but pretty dark. My favorite album from him since his 2013 debut. Very likable and easy to listen to a bunch.

9. Girl With Fish by Feeble Little Horse – A pretty chaotic and unpredictable one, super fun to listen to. Feels very much like old school 90s indie slacker rock type stuff, but so incredibly modern. It’s like a Gen Z post-irony meme version of Sonic Youth and/or Guided by Voices. Great mix of fuzzy heavy-hitters and more stripped back sentimental moments. “Pocket” is a must-listen.

8.  Orange Cream Soda by November Suite – This is a niche local pick, the latest release from the enigmatic November Suite. It’s pretty short, technically an EP, but it’s just chock-full of these adorable and familiar homespun electro-folky love songs. Very lo-fi and lowkey, but so endearing and full of personality. Probably my favorite Reno/Sparks area release from 2023, it’s always the DIY ones like this that inspire me the most.

7. Accept by Dead Calm – One of the many pseudonyms of Liam AKA Sign Crushes Motorist. This is by far my favorite of his projects. Brutal, gut-wrenchingly melancholy lyrics over warm and charming acoustic riffs, with some other treats here and there. Very lo-fi and DIY in nature, very inspiring personally. If you’re in a depressive state, I don’t quite know if this record will be comforting or make it 10x worse…

6. LOVE + POP by Current Joys – I wasn’t initially too thrilled about this latest release from Reno native Nick Rattigan AKA Current Joys based on the singles, but once the full record came out, I was captivated by the startling creative left-turn. This is a super diverse and entertaining project that pays homage to the Lil Peep-esque emo soundcloud rap era in a unique and passionate way. Rattigan maintains the lovesick moodiness of previous Current Joys releases but replaces droney acoustic passages with glitchy and hyper experiments. There’s even a Lil Yachty feature and an 8+ minute trance/EDM-style cut to wrap things up.

5. Let’s Start Here by Lil Yachty – Speaking of Lil Boat, his latest album is truly something to behold. This is probably the most out-of-the-blue modern rap-rock genre switch-up ever, and in my opinion one of the most successful. I love Yachty’s debut album for its ridiculous, sloppy experimental quirks, but have been disappointed by pretty much his entire direction since then. On this record he throws away the trap/autocrooner aesthetics of his other releases and aims for a psychedelic-pop-rock odyssey, which he pulls off with the help of a rockstar collection of additional vocalists, performers, and producers. Of course it isn’t the first time a “rap” artist has nailed the transition into a different genre, but NOBODY expected it to be Lil Yachty.

4. Today I Laid Down by Bl4ck M4rket C4rt – This is an amazing homespun shoegaze and slowcore project from a young bay area artist that gathered some internet attention over the second half of the year. Kai Wesener creates some dense, enveloping, truly beautiful soundscapes in this short project, with production that impressively exceeds the DIY lo-fi standards for this genre and budget. Unfortunately, a piece of this album’s attention is due to the tragic and untimely passing of the young mastermind, but that shouldn’t take away from how remarkable the composition of the music itself is. The tragic background contextualizes the pained lyrics in a gripping and unforgettable way. RIP Kai and thank you for this indie masterpiece.

3. Closet Botanist by Rudy De Anda – Rudy has been one of my favorite new artists of the past few years. I heard his debut album in a Santa Cruz record store and I have been obsessed ever since. He’s got an underrated and iconic style with an intriguing pool of cross-cultural influences. While I’m still partial to his debut “Tender Epoch,” Closet Botanist is similarly comforting and irresistible. Good songs for sunsets, relaxing drives, walks on the beach, etc. with fun, engaging guitar tone choices and lush keys. Thrilled I got to see him play in Reno, rumor has it he might make it over to The Holland Project someday…

2. Javelin by Sufjan Stevens – Sufjan Stevens is one of my favorite solo artists of all time and he rarely misses, so I guess this one is pretty obvious. On Javelin, Stevens actually manages to deliver one of his most beautiful and serene album experiences yet, fueled with gripping personal lyrics relating to the recent death of a partner. This record does a terrific job of blending Stevens’ quiet, moody, orchestral and acoustic work with his larger-than-life grandiose electronic productions. It’s some of the best of both worlds, you can’t miss it.

1. HELLMODE by Jeff Rosenstock – My overall pick for the best album release of 2023 has got to be Jeff Rosenstock’s latest opus. Hellmode has a maturity that shines brilliantly as a culmination of all of Jeff’s progress and experience throughout his career. Rosenstock is a legend in the modern punk/pop-punk landscape, and this just might be his most thorough album start-to-finish thus far. Hellmode is full of raw, bold, unrelenting emotions regarding the social, economic, and political state of the world, and the personal day-to-day perceptions of Jeff in how he views himself and his life and relationships. It’s a total panic attack, but it’s infinitely thrilling and comforting, just like punk rock should be at its best. Every track is impressively catchy despite being lyrically dense. On top of all this, Jeff loves Reno. Getting to see him do his routine at Holland on 12/14/23 was a visceral and unforgettable experience. He is just one of those celebrity artists that is so loveable that you can’t help but fall into a corny and delusional parasocial relationship with him.

J Vineyard (Faint Shape)

Top 4/10 of 2023, I thought 4 is better than none and in no particular order.

Howls Road – Eradication Age.  Every day, it feels like there are more attacks on the LGBTQ+ community and it can be really difficult to live through, especially for a visibly queer person like me.  I’m not sure if Howls Road’s single came in direct response to the CPAC call for “the eradication of trans people ” or if it was in response to the general sentiment in some conservative communities, but the song is musically interesting and unwavering in its message.  The style is reminiscent of a lot of great music from 2009, I’m talkin’ Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, and Nurses—only better because it isn’t as abrasive as some of that music can be.  It is gentle and catchy, it is deeply layered and complex.  In a way, it’s the embodiment of trans existence, nuanced, un-imposing, yet un-arguably present.

Fine Motor’s Release Show – December:
The line-up was packed with great musicians which was a plus to the already wonderful and highly anticipated album release show for Fine Motor’s Phantom Power album.  Selfishly, I was stoked to see them perform “Watch the Spider Eat the Fly” and “All Together,” two very powerful songs that build in a satisfying way—and two stand-outs from the album, in my opinion.  It was an all around great show with Gina Rose and Silly Little also knocking it out of the park, per usual.  Some proceeds from the show went to GRR which is very sweet.  The show was filled with selfless, skilled musicians, and it was a good time.

Tummy+ – last show (for now?) – December:
Sometimes, I don’t prepare for shows, as in, I go to a show hearing a band’s music for the first time while there.  It’s a practice that I picked up from a friend; that is to say, I didn’t listen to much of Tummy+ before going to the show and I was pleasantly surprised.  Every aspect of the music was both interesting and entertaining.  Though the music was pulsing and fast, the crowd was respectfully wild, which is my favorite type of energy.  I ended up wishing that I’d listened to the band before the show because I was bummed that I couldn’t anticipate the line “life is delicious, and I’m hungry,” in their song “Shoutout 2 God,” from their 2022 release Life is Delicious.  Additionally, something that I’ve always appreciated about the band members is that they’re very supportive of local music.  It was a nice send-off, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do great things.

Debt Rag, Tofu02, The Not Working Group – June:
Debt Rag was touring on their 2023 Lost to the Fantasy album release.  Debt Rag was colorful and musically noisy.  Their song “Too Sick” was a highlight in their set.  Tofu02 closed out the show with a faux wrestling performance that was very entertaining.  I went to the show to see The Not Working Group.  There is something novel about only being able to hear a band’s music live—and that’s the case with The Not Working Group.  With every performance, I feel like I’m collecting their music as a scavenger.  I’m forced to really be in the moment in order to gather what I can from the fleeting words and notes that I know I’ll only hear a few times a year.  In that way, this whole show was packed with performance art; whether it was from the notable yet undocumented music from The Not Working Group, the interesting self described “Adult Punk” sound of Debt Rag, or the actual performance piece from Tofu02, this night was filled with performances to remember.

—Update, I just found The Not Working Group’s Bandcamp and they have music from a 2021 release.  Honestly, it was easy to find, it was a simple search.  Still, I’ll leave the review to encapsulate a moment in time, it’s too dramatic to rewrite.