Top 10’s of 2022

Top 10’s of 2022

Every year, we ask our community for highlights from the year – favorite albums, songs, artists, shows, and other musical or cultural moments. This year’s collection from our volunteers, show goers, local musicians and artists is big, so we wont take up much time introducing it except to say Happy New Year to all of you! CLICK HERE to check out the 2022 playlist with selections from everyone’s Top Tens ❤️

Kyle Hutchings (Olivias, Golem)

10. The vans, although one failed, his successor is a beautiful big green phenom
9. The Life Aquatic with Captain Zissou (as watched with Adrian Brown of Golem and Lichgawd fame)
8. Mincecore
7. Everything Everywhere All At Once (as watched with Kaya and others of my heart’s fame)
6. Burning Barn – Buckshot
5. Golem/ICUP/Washing Machine Halloween show (featuring the Big Apple)
4. Golem of Gore/Lipoma split
3. Goregrind Against Nazis T-shirt
2. Love/Fluids (tie)
1. Citgo – Chief Keef

Liz Keller (Volunteer, Show Goer, Big Fan)

Top 10 Live Shows of the Year

I would like to address the fact that we are able to see live music again! After 2 years of watching live shows on Instagram and watching artists stream from their living rooms, I’m really happy to have shows back! So, as there were dozens I personally attended, these are my Top 10! 

Orville Peck – April 14th @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento: Maybe it was because I’ve been waiting to see this performance for years now, but this was a freaking doozy. The energy was insane from the band to the crowd. Sing-alongs, roses, and fringe everywhere and it was perfect. 

Angel Du$t – August 2nd @ The Holland Project: I know, I can’t believe it either, but they were really freakin fun! Like, REALLY fun!

Weird Al – June 12th @ Reno Events Center: If you know me this show had to be in my top 5. In this tour, he played originals only, definitely one for the fans.

Shame/Viagra Boys – September 28th @ Regency Ballroom: Been waiting to see both of these guys come to the US, so that was some luck! Both were amazing live.

Bikini Kill – July 3rd @ Mosswood Park: I mean, I laughed, I cried, I sang along to every word… 13-year-old me is so pumped I got the chance to see these guys live. 

Jawbreaker – March 27th @ Ace of Spades: Although I think Blake Schwarzenbach is a lackluster frontman, this band rips and this was hella fun.

Together Pangea – January 20th @ The Holland Project: Sing-alongs and stage dives, this band is always so fun and brings amazing opening acts!

Spitting Image  – October 7th @ Parking lot behind Bad Apple: What do I really need to say? My favorite local band doing a free punk show in a parking lot, amazing, duh. 

Surf Curse -November 15th @ Reno Livestock Event Center: First time seeing them live and will be seeing them again! Great show and such a fun space. 

Bauhaus – May 21st @ The Masonic: The people watching alone was worth it, but they were so fun and still sound amazing!

Fox and Buck (DJ Couple Power Team)

10 Books We (mostly Luka) Read This Year

  1. Lincoln Highway, Amor Towles
  2. Yellow Bird, Sierra Crane Murdoch
  3. Calypso, David Sedaris
  4. The Downhill Lie, Carl Hiaasen
  5. Bad Monkey, Carl Hiaasen
  6. Killing Commendatore, Haruki Murakami
  7. Noir, Christopher Moore
  8. Acid for the Children, Flea
  9. Yearbook, Seth Rogen
  10. Greenlights, Mathew McConaughey

10 Podcasts We Listened To This Year

  1. The Wind, Fil Corbitt
  2. The Dave Chang Show
  3. Morbid, Alaina Urquhart & Ash Kelley
  4. The Always Sunny Podcast
  5. Ted Radio Hour
  6. The Trojan Horse Affair, New York Times
  7. Astonishing Legends, Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess
  8. 99% Invisible, Roman Mars
  9. National Park After Dark
  10. The Weird Christmas Podcast, Craig Kringle

Luke Morse (Swivel)

Fleshwater – We’re Not Here To Be Loved: Dark, gloomy, shoegaze-influenced alt metal.  Production is lush, precise, and perfectly heavy. Not quite Deftones worship but enough for me to have it on nonstop. The Bjork cover “Enjoy” is my favorite track. 

Soul Blind – Feel It All Around: Been a huge fan of this band for a few years at this point, their pre-pandemic promo was on repeat for me – this album is as well. Moshing with them during Angel Du$t at Holland was a music highlight of the year for me. Perfectly scratches my Alice in Chains and Failure itches. My favorite of the year. 

Praise – All in a Dream: DC Hardcore but make it soaked in chorus. Lyrically one of my favorite hardcore records of recent, especially the chorus on “Return to Life”. The soundtrack of my summer. Long live positive hardcore. 

High Vis – Blending: Post-punk with a hardcore ethos. Lyrically and sonically one of the most unique and best albums you’ll hear all year. Love the shouting over intricate post-punk riffs. This band absolutely rules, put on your rain parka and check out “Talk For Hours” and “Shame”. 

Age of Apocalypse – Grim Wisdom: Heavy Riff Hardcore with the 90s Life of Agony/Only Living Witness vocal style. Some hate this style but I need it in my veins. Great lyrics, hard-as-hell riffs. Unique and familiar all at the same time. 

Candy – Heaven is Here: The last Candy album popped off but somehow this one slipped between the cracks. Insanely heavy, noisy, and industrial. Some may not like the more abrasive/Full of Hell direction, but it somehow sonically encapsulates my feelings of disdain/doom for the modern world. 

Soft Kill – Canary Yellow: This band somehow gets better with every release. Catchy post-punk with introspective lyrics. I turn on “Magic Garden” all the time when I’m jamming out. Songs like “The Line” and “Cicero” make me feel nostalgic, melancholy, and happy all at the same time. 

They Are Gutting A Body Of Water – Lucky Styles: This album hit me hard upon first listening. It sounds like being stuck in an underwater level in an N64 game and My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless is playing. Nothing quite like this is out there, and somehow all the elements fit together perfectly. 

Chat Pile – God’s Country: If you’ve listened to this album, you know why it’s here. The Jesus Lizard meets weird guy yelling at you behind a restaurant. Sonically abrasive with dissonant guitar, bouncing bass, and industrial drumming. Their older stuff is good but this is enough to make you mosh and also kinda sick.

Bug Bath – (Bug Bath): Power pop, power punk, whatever you call it – it’s good. All the influences blend together into something entirely unique. Equal parts are catchy and lyrically relatable. Feels like I’m in American Pie trying to have the summer of my life with my best friends and chasing the girl of my dreams. Riff after riff, catchy leads everywhere. My girlfriend said this was the best band I’ve ever dragged her to see so that’s all you need to really know. Love y’all. 

Honorable Mentions:

Drug Church – Millions Miles of Fun
Beach House – Once Twice Melody
Alvvays – Blue Rev
Alex G – God Save the Animals
Orville Peck – Bronco
The 1975 – Being Funny In a Foreign Language 
Vein – This World Is Going To Ruin You

Cesar Piedra (Visual Artist)

Not in any special order, just how I wrote them down. 

The Mars Volta: The Mars Volta
Natalia Lafourcade: De Todas las Flores
Run the Jewels: RTJ Cu4tro
Axel Catalán: Vespa 97
Animal Collective: Time Skiffs
Teri Gender Bender: Cuando Yo era una Niña
Twanguero: Carreretas Secondaries Vol. 2
Mercedes Nasta: Basalto
Chancha Via Circuito: La Estrella 
Niger EP Vol. 2: Mdou Moctar

Maya Tran (Tummy+, ICUP, Holland FOH Coordinator)

1.  Pissthrone-The Alphabet Mafia (album)
Absolutely vile. A genre stew, not limited to, grindcore, trap beats, breakcore, and powerviolence. This album is bound to set you off in either admiration or despite. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted.

2. I Hate Sex – Circle Thinking (album)
Serves as a reminder that all that you’ve done is worthy of unconditional love. 

3. Pissmixer- New Norm EP
This EP dropped so hard it caused an earthquake and the ground is still shakes in Reno. 

4. Struggle- One Settler, One Bullet (album)
The most influential album. Focuses on the unjust American systems built upon greed. With riffs so juicy I could drown in them.

5. Kismet- WHOKILLEDXIX (single)
This song makes my mouth foam. 10/10

6. Fievel Is Glauque- God’s Trashmen Sent to Right The Mess (album)
Romantic and clever. An album I would send to my top crush. 

7. Loving- Only She Knows (single)
Listening to this is much like receiving a hug from the one you love the most. Each time you listen is sweeter than the last.

8. Pulgas-Pulgas (album)
This hits the soft spot of my brain. This world around me becomes mush.

9. Bjork – Vespertine Live (album)
Bjork accompanied by a harpist, full orchestra, a choir from Greenland, and some computer freaks. You know its good. 

10. Powerplant- People In The Sun (album)
Not matter how many times I listen, I can’t get enough.

Scaught Bates (Elephant Rifle)

Rip Room – Alight and Resound (album)
Uppendix – Bliss is Solipsis (album)
Remembering the time Andrew Howlie and I thought we were going to join Screeching Weasel. RIP Andrew
OFF! – Free LSD (album)
Bad Breeding – Human Capital (album)
Hammered Hulls – Careening (album)
Diving deep into the various bands and projects of Alicja Trout
Algara – Vete A Suecia (single)
CLAMM – Care (album)
The Chats live @ The Melkweg

Clark Demeritt (CLARKO)

1. Brutus VIII live at Serva Pool
Brutus VII is unstoppable and the energy the crowd gave back made me cry.

2. Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra live at the Pioneer Center
This was a really special performance at the pioneer center. These dudes ripped.

3. Alvvays Blue Rev
I didn’t think I was going to like this, but the production absolutely rules! 

4. Pusha T It’s Almost Dry
I effing love Pusha T and this album is fantastic. Give Pusha T an Oscar

5. Colin Farrell
I loved both The Banshees of Inisherin and After Yang. Colin Farrell is a hunky gem that is in good movies.

6. Alex G God Save the Animals
Alex G never fully clicked for me, but it did with this one. The first track really lifts the whole record for me.

7. Big Thief Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
Might be my least favorite album name in a long time, but I stan Big Thief.

8. Mitski Laurel Hell
Great Album, post-Be the Cowboy Mitski can do no wrong.

9. The Northman
I didn’t get to see this in theaters and I regret that I half-heartedly put it on at home and wholeheartedly loved it.

10. Fake Fruit live at Corrigan’s
This is the 3rd time I’ve gotten to see Fake Fruit and they just get better every time!!!

Honorable mentions
Getting caught up in the Manga world
Avatar IMAX 3D was sick

Emily Pratt (Howls Road)

1. Maria BC – “Hyaline”
This album has been a reliable source of lovely serenity for me this year. Maria and I connected at a show I played at 924 Gilman in Berkeley. I had no idea what their music was like, so afterward I checked out this album and was stunned by its grace and beauty. It’s a perfect album for fall or winter, rainy or foggy weather, and music to watch vapor rise to. 

2. Yeule – “Glitch Princess”
One of those albums you put on expecting to chill out to, then find yourself tumbling down a rabbit hole into a weird wonderful new world. Yeule continues to unravel like the ancient Yokai scrolls, filled with all manner of strange creatures and magic. 

3. William Basinski – “On Reflection”
Whatever image I had of ambient avant-garde composer William Basinski was shattered the moment I heard him speak. Fil and I saw him perform “On Reflection” in Boise and after he was done, he was like “Y’all got some tasty food here in Idaho. We went down and got one of those bacon cheeseburgers – bout knocked us out!” We discovered that he was not this solemn, self-serious composer type and in fact was a hilarious effervescent queen. Just made me love him all the more. This piece has a way of forcing you to stop and reflect. I’m not sure exactly how the magic works, but it is really good at interrupting normal life and transporting you to sit by a pond next to all of your insecurities and sorrows, just dwelling in peace next to each other. 

4. Babehoven – “Light Moving Time”
I’ll forever associate this album with the fall drive Maya and I took to her home in upstate New York. As the rolling hills, autumn leaves, and farmhouses passed by under the sunset outside the window, we talked about family trauma, how to survive it, that unique ambivalence about making music about it – does that just stoke the flames, or is it an essential way to process and heal? This album is all about healing, making peace with yourself, being a friend to yourself, and supporting the people you love. It’s a kind and patient teacher. 

5. Peachy Fingernail – “Soft Cock Showcase”
Polly’s music makes me want to get up and start making music again. She has that spirit of play while also producing very intricately composed music. I’ve been inspired by her so much. She has this wonderful combination of beautiful inventive music that has a slightly appalling and unnerving aesthetic. You’ll sit back and listen to this album, and one of the tracks will just make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, then you’ll check for the title and it’s something like “I “8” my Winter Friend” or “God Watches U Masturbate.” Her back catalog is worth a listen as well – “I’m nothing if not a silly girl” in particular.

6. Sloppy Jane – “Madison” (Release Show)
I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up to this show. My friend was in the opening band and as soon as I showed up I realized it was a black tie event and I was not in black tie. All of the concerns of the material world around me melted when Haley Dahl walked out on stage and fired up the orchestra – my heart was racing. It was one of the most electrifying live performances I’ve seen in a long time. They recorded the album in a cave, with an 11-piece orchestra, moving an acoustic piano into the cave, spelunking around a lot of caves before finding the right one, and just a lot of cave shenanigans. I love the commitment to the idea and the album definitely sounds like they done it in a cave. I feel like Dahl’s songwriting has some way to go before it’s really on point, but the showmanship of “Madison” was totally flooring. 

7. FKA Twigs – “Caprisongs”
This album snuck up on me, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. The humanity of her voice contrasted with collages of angular synths and samples make for such an awesome combination. FKA Twigs is one of the rare examples where “the cream always rises” is actually true. Her rising star gives me some hope that sincere and boundary-pushing music can find home in the world of pop. 

8. Wet Leg – “Chaise Longue” 
This felt like a year-defining song in a lot of ways. I was introduced to this track by my 1 & 1/2 year old niece who loves to dance to the radio. This was one of her favorites and we had some good fun dancing together to it. Funny aside, for the longest time I heard it as “Shea’s Lounge” which made me think of Shea’s Tavern in Reno and gave the whole thing a totally different connotation in my head. 

9. SRSQ – “Ever Crashing”
The opener to this album alone (“It Always Rains”) puts this album in the top ten. What an achievement. I loved Them Are Us Too, and I’m so thrilled to hear Kennedy continuing to evolve and thrive after surviving such an awful tragedy. She’s truly one of the great singers of our time.

10. So many artists on my spring and fall tours 
This year I toured more than any other year in my life, so I saw just so many great live shows. I was really touched by the love that each promoter put into crafting the bills. With a few exceptions, every bill was 100% my vibe. Some of my favorites were – violinist / composer Robert Pycior (Formerly of O’Death & Skeletonbreath), Babehoven, Bijou Bell, Maggot, Mountain Warlock, Nightling, Dominique, March Adstrum. The Brooklyn rooftop show with Jordan Caroompas and Jules / Blood Phantoms was legendary. Portland with Half Shadow (whose new album “At Home With my Candles” is fantastic) & Cave Cricket, Tispur. Oakland with Diners, Headvoic hi e & Gumby’s Junk (also has a sick new album), @ from Baltimore, and Jesse Stout on Lopez Island. Also I’m so proud of my friends, the excellent musicians who pulled a Kate Bush set together in two days – Garrett Caulfield, Matt Kaminski, Nick Pearson, Gabe Plank. I saw – no joke – probably hundreds of amazing musicians, so I’m probably forgetting someone but wow, what a year.

Aurelio (Visual Artist, Poet)

Top 10 Lessons I Have Learned This Year: 

1. Love will not protect you. But it will inspire you. 
2. There are exits built like wounds. 
3. Standing still does not invite miracles. 
4. Ash can turn to glitter when you let in the light. 
5. You’ll always win when you choose yourself.
6. Sometimes there is sorrow in surviving 
7. Don’t silence yourself for perfection. Just create. 
8. Your kindness will be someone else’s blade. Find comfort knowing you tried. 
9. You are not a river but a sea. Remember that. 
10. You will be more than the pieces that they broke.

Drew Willis (Had To)

“Heaven in your Head” – Nuclear Daisies (Song)
Parking Lot Show w/ Spitting Image, Bug Bath, & Fitting (Live Show)
“Last of the Long Hot Days” – Allie Rowbottom (Essay) 
The Vacation – Garth Miró (Novel)
“it’s 1981 and you’re in the city getting chased by crooked cops” – dreamkid83 (TikTok Song/Clip)
“Glass” – Mareux ft. King Woman (Song) 
“Explaining Deleuze with drum machines – Jonas Čeika (YouTube Essay) 
Interview w/ Sara Lippman – Beyond the Zero (Podcast) 
God Save the Animals – Alex G (Album) 

Payton Williams (KWNK DJ, Visual Artist)

Top 10 Albums in no particular order 

– Together – Duster 
– Florist – Florist
– Humanmusic4humans EP – Swordes
– Laurel Hell – Mitski
– Glitch Princess – Yeule
– Seen/Unseen Compilation – Sweet Trip
– God Save the Animals – Alex G
– Kumoyo Island – Kikagaku Moyo
– And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow – Weyes Blood

Julien Nicolosi (Tummy+, Uncalled For, DALE)

1. Cities Aviv – Working Title For The Album Secret Waters :Sentimental lyrics and loops don’t even need a boom pap. So good for walking.
2. Coco and Clair Clair – Sexy: Blatantly self-confident girl pop
3. Crack Cloud – Tough Baby: Self-control. human doom. simultaneously pessimistic and uplifting
4. Spike Hellis – self titled: Body moving with an angry face on
5. Galen Tipton – Nymph Tones: Nothing but texture. but more than barely musical
6. They Are Gutting a Body of Water – s
7. Patti – The Toothpick 3
8. Spring Breeding – Doing The Limbo
9.  Pissmixer – New Norm EP
10. Flo Milli – You Still Here, Ho?

Erin Miller (Surly)

Top Tens – These are in no particular order, just as they come to mind 🙂

1. Nymph – Shygirl: sensual is the best way to describe this album, Shygirl’s first full-length release. Her voice barely extends past a whisper throughout the album, lending it a confessional feeling. But it’s also hella funny, like the song “coochie,” which is about its namesake. It’s a fun, well-produced album. Standout tracks: heaven (one of my favorite songs of the year), poison. 

2. New Norm EP- Pissmixer: Pissmixer is my favorite band. They just simply are a band that continues to entertain and surprise and hold my attention and adoration. This ep is no different and my 2022 best list would be incomplete without its inclusion. it’s loud, fast, energetic-lyrically resonant, musically dynamic, and also at times fucking danceable, which is one of my favorite things that a hardcore band can do. Standout tracks: orb, about a ghostly encounter in the woods, and peace talks. 

3. Life is Delicious – tummy+: Something a friend told me recently was that he’s not interested in music that isn’t fun. like, if he’s at a show and he’s not laughing, what’s the point? tummy+ exemplifies this idea. Julien likes to talk about music that has little jokes in it, and this album is filled with jokes, both within the lyrics also in the instrumentation. The unexpected starts and stops, the way that a fill on the drums can almost finish a line of lyrics, all come together to contribute to this beautiful cacophonous epic. It sounds as if the residents and the first crack cloud album had a baby and that baby was super into hardcore. (I love my friends and I’m so proud of them.) Standout tracks: on which that you dwell, respectable little gentleman  

4. February Motel- Lucy and God’s Wisdom: This year has been the year of Lucy. Every playlist my friends have made has featured a song by him. Every conversation about what we’ve been into lately is peppered with “oh and also lucy.” we all love lucy. His voice is lazy coming over every track with lyrics that are so silly, goofy, and then at times strikingly profound. February Motel is a beautifully produced album with the same sort of hazy vocals and at times grungier drums and bass. The samples are also crazy (the Spongebob sample…c’mon….). standout tracks: Walt Disney’s grave, my type of sponge 

5. Cal Neva Karaoke (shout out KJ Steve Star) – As we mourn our fallen star, the point, we must remember that not all is lost in the world when you find yourself wistful, longing, and with a song in your heart. Cal Neva karaoke is back and better than ever! with the amazing KJ Steve Star at the helm, there’s truly nothing that can go wrong. Cigarette smoke fills the air, cocktail waitresses plan their songs for when they get off their shift, and you and all your friends are about to be famous. this is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been in my life. when you’re here, you’re not you, baby, you’re a star. standout performances: tara doing honkey tonk angel by kitty wells, teddy doing no one by Alicia Keys 

6. You Still Here, Ho? – Flo Milli: Flo Milli is a rising star. Following a year after the release of her hit album, “Ho, Why is You Here?” she continues to amaze. This album speaks to the rise of early aughts nostalgia, even paying homage to y2k legend tiffany “new york” pollard by featuring her in the opening track. “You Still Here, Ho?” is reminiscent of the work of the talented Rico Nasty, who has collaborated with Flo Milli in the past and on this album. Her flow is unbeatable and has a range that I’m excited to watch develop as she continues to put forth more work. Standout tracks: Big Steppa, Payday 

7. No Dogs in Space – The Replacements EP: No Dogs in Space is a podcast that does deep dives into bands. Their series on the replacements rocked my world. It was so well researched and handled compassionately, with both first and second-hand accounts on the rise of the band. if you love the replacements this will just…idk it made me cry so maybe it’d make u cry too (but I’m also a giant baby, so, yknow).   

8. SOS- SZA: Sza, whew. this album is spellbinding. She effortlessly flits between genres while simultaneously walking inch by inch along the tightrope of saddie and baddie. There are so many feelings and thoughts she’s put into this project that I would be too embarrassed to express in my diary, let alone a very public album, but she’s utterly guileless and without fear or hesitation. It’s an honest reflection on how she’s grown since her initial release CTRL five years ago, and with this, she retires. Thank you SZA!!! Standout tracks: kill bill, F2F

9. Endure – Special Interest: Just as angular and energetic as their previous albums, endure is an album that features not only well-directed and clearly focused rage but is also a celebration of each other and our communities. Their messaging is crystal clear, even down to the title, “endure.” this album is about withstanding it all and withstanding it together. there’s also just…genius lyricism and world-building and storytelling throughout and it’s very musically beautiful. standout tracks: concerning peace, LA blues  

10. All of my friend’s playlists – My friend group makes playlists that they share with the world and these are some of my favorite things to see pop up on my social media feed. When I’m far from home, it’s a nice way to see sort of how my friends are doing, what they’re thinking about, what they’re obsessing over these days. When I’m home, it’s like an anthropological exercise–We get in someone’s car and they’re bumping a song, and someone pipes up, “Oh Yeah, this was on one of my playlists four months ago!” and then another person adds that song to their playlist two months down the road. It’s like we’re all in conversation with each other by way of the music we listen to independently, but also the music we share with each other. Making an albums list is always hard for me because I listen to and make so many goddamn playlists, but I almost wouldn’t have it any other way. Standout playlists: mad chips on ur shoulder by Julien, not for you by Maya.

Rajen Bhatt (FRKSE)

Top Ten Favorite Brazilian hip-hop songs to run errands to

10. Formas – Thxuzz
9. Monza Drift – Denov, Naio
8. Levar a Serio – FBC, VHOOR, WRM
7. OMG! – Mussa, Zuluzao
6. Posso Mudar Meu Destino – LEALL, Tarcis
5. Cassino – Dfideliz
4. Track Suit Mafia – Fleezus, CESRV, Febem, P.L.K.
3. OMG! – Mussa, Zuluzao
2. Linha Amarelha – Big Bllakk, Tiel, Vt
1. Pitbull Do Ano – LEALL, Major RD, Baviera, KOPO

Ian Yount (Rotary Club)

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 4 (TV)
2. That Dirty Black Bag (TV)
3. Black Lips- Apocalypse Love (Music)
4. House of the Dragon (TV)
5. White Lotus, Season 2 (TV)
6. Crowbar – Zero and Below (Music)
7. UFOMAMMUT – Fenice (Music)
8. Minx (TV)
9. Czarface – Czarmageddon! (Music)
10. Taco Bell, Mexican Pizza *Rerelease (Food and Beverage)

Jake & Matt of Head Stone

Top 10s 2022 (In no particular order)

1. $uicideboy$ – Sing Me A Lullaby My Sweet Temptation (Album)
2. Cigarettes After Sex – Pistol (Single)
3. Tears For Fears concert in Concord, California 
4. Season Four Part Two of Attack on Titan
5. Leith Ross – We’ll Never Have Sex (Single)
6. $uicideboy$ concert at the Reno Events Center 
7. The Batman – (Movie)
8. Nope – (Movie)
9. Bones – Withered (Album)
10. Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5 (Single)

Donovan Williams (DJ Atey Ate, Spitting Image)

1. Hunter x hunter(chimera ant arc)
2. Country Roads-Brandi Carlile, Emmy Lou Harris 
3. Andor
4. Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry
5. oOoOO-Gone Fishin’
6. Selena Live in Houston Astrodome 1994
7. NBA YoungBoy 
8. Blowback Podcast s3 the Korean War 
9. One Piece Red
10. Houseplant Reddit

Dylan Greist (Bug Bath, Blackstallion, KWNK DJ)

Top 10 releases in no particular order:

Oblivion Banter II- Spirit Was (Must Listen to Track: Caught In a Dream)
Ants From Up There- Black Country New Road (Must Listen to Track: Good Will Hunting)
Florist- Florist (Must Listen to Track: Dandelion)
Boat Songs- MJ Lenderman (Must Listen to Track: Toontown)
Hellfire- Black Midi (Must Listen to Track: The Race Is About To Begin)
Two songs- Rob Ford Explorer (Must Listen to Track: Sup, Q) 
God Save The Animals- Alex G (Must Listen to Track: Blessing)
You’ll Have To Take My Word For It- The World Without Parking Lots (Must Listen to Track: Ethan’s New Friend)
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You- Big Thief (Must Listen to Track: Simulation Swarm) 
MTV- Mo Troper (Must Listen to Track: I’m The King of Rock ’n Roll)

Honorable Mentions:
Magic Hour- Surf Curse (Must Listen to Track: Fear City)
High School Gym- Dougie Poole (Single)

Nathaniel Benjamin (Visual Artist)

Top 10 Albums, 2022

  1. Tangerine Dream – Raum 
  2. XWaves – Peak Internet
  3. Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses
  4. Kalmankantaja – Waiennut 
  5. Gerard Zadj and Jean Pierre Decerf- Action
  6. Gap Girls – Forever Love, Forever After
  7. Lustre – A Thirst For Summer Rain
  8. Primitive Man – Insurmountable
  9. Clark – 05-10
  10. The Comet is Coming – Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam

Honorable mentions:

Sigh – Shiki
Kikagaku Moyo – Kumoyo Island
Bethlehem – The Gospel According to Alexander
Minami Deutsch – Fortune Goodies
Depresion Sonora – El Arte De Morir Muy Despacio 
Blood Incantation – Timewave Zero
Mournful Congregation – The Exuviae of Gods – Part 1

Jackie Dilworth (Doktor Dilworth, 13th Hour DJ, Resident Goth)

Top Ten ShortDurPerSav of 2022 (in no ranked order)

10. Pixie and the ride we are about to take
9. Reading books under the best light in a comfy chair
8. Drinking coffee or tea with friends
7. Doing The 13th Hour each month!
6. Creating a new Jackalope Hour for each week
5. Seeing John Waters and being told I look like a devil by him!
4. Finishing my second edition of my Nostradamus translation and publishing it!
3. The Clarko/SRSQ/Choirboy show at Holland!
2. Writing poems, and prophecies and reading tarot cards at The Punk Rock Flea Market.
1. Getting ready for Gothy New Year’s Eve and being so excited for the show!

Guadalupe Bogarin (dj qtcore, 3unnywings)


1. Un Verano Sin TI -Bad Bunny: This album completed my summer!!! It had everything I needed. I love that the music was focused around a dembow drum beat for most of the album 

2. ODDINARY -Stray Kids: I stepped back into K-pop this summer and this album easily grabbed hold of me. A mix of experimental hip-hop and emotional ballads with catchy melodies that are stuck in my head every day. All 8 members of this group deliver the song with a strong impact.

3. NEW WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT -ATEEZ:  This is a masterpiece of an album! It was something fresh and new within K-pop that I had never heard before. It had harsh electronic synths and rock-influenced moments! Each song has lyrics that are sung, rapped, and choreographed uniquely by all 8 members. Each song has a story that adds new details to ATEEZ’s universe.    

4. Renaissance -Beyonce: My favorite dance album to come out this year!! It’s the kind of music that makes me feel powerful if I hear it in the club!!  Beyonce always knows how to empower black and brown women with a strong house track!

5. Unlimited XD -God Boat: Crazy out of this world how amazing this album is!! They’re a two (sometimes 3) piece band that composes I guess what you call punk hyper pop?  The trashy out of breath vocals and drums are so tight they blow my mind away!!! They manage to make you dance until you have a migraine. SHOUT OUT TO GOD BOAT <3

6. YOU DIED -99jakes: Insanity is how I can describe this album!! Jade always manages every time to make their songs 10x better than the last! The 909 drums and heavy synths mixed with nostalgic video game references. It’s a must to dance to.

7. Amor Hardcore -Isabella Lovestory: Definition of BAD BITCH ALBUM!!!  This album defines where reggaeton is heading in the future with its harsh provocative drums and synth beats!

8. Instincts, Pt. 2 -OnlyOneOf: With a clash of R&B and hyper pop, OOO brings new and exciting things to Kpop! They are the first boy group to bring queer storytelling within their lyrics and music videos.

9. Life is Delicious – Tummy +: This band is for the intellectual hotties.


1. El Alma Que Te Trajo – ARCA
2. DITTO – New Jeans
3. Angel Coma -Me and My KIdney
4. Opening Sequence -TOMORROW X TOGETHER
7. Sour -The Rose
8. Un Noche en Medellin – Chris Mj
9. Lokera – Ruarw Alejandro, Lynno, Brray
10. Tears in the club – FKA Twigs Feat. The Weekend


1. TWICE III Uncore – LA Concert May 14th
2. Machine Girl Show – Holland Project January 24th
3. God Boat Underpass Show – Reno March 27th
4. Magic Hour Rave – Reno July 23rd
5. BLFC GOJI Rave  – GSR June 6th
6. DigiRave – Reno August 20th
7. MSPAINT, The Mall, Elleanor Burke – Holland Project November 26th
8. Dani Rev, AKAFAE, #ff85f7 – Holland Project September 12th
9. Perreo De Naruto – Holland Project July 14thTerminator Tummy+ and Moniker – Holland Project November 5th

Heather Kelly (Visual Artist, Poster Volunteer <3)

Top Ten Releases

Meat Wave – Malign Hex
The Flatliners – New Ruin
Crisis Man – Asleep in America
Viagra Boys – Cave World
M.U.T.T. – Bad to the Bone
Discreet – This is Mine
White Stains – Blood on the Beach
Brain Tourniquet – Brain Tourniquet II
Why Bother? – Lovers and Addicts
Vaguess – Nothing’s Secret

Jared Stanley (Visual Artist, Poet)

Top 8 poetry books, 2 nonfiction books, and some old music. In no particular order:

Weirding, Lindsey Boldt
The Maybe-Bird, Jennifer Elise Foerster
Punks, John Keene
Pee Poems, Lao Yang (translated by Lynn Xu & Joshua Edwards)
Or, on being the other woman, Simone White
Blood Snow, dg nanouk okpik

Brown Neon, Raquel Gutiérrez
Super-Infinite, Katherine Rundell

Old Music:
Ptah the El-Daoud, Alice Coltrane. The greatest album ever made, now back in print on vinyl.
Cathal Coughlan, a very great singer, died this year. In his first band Microdisney, he wrote this amazing opening quatrain

Art student all dressed in chains
Yankee pawn Weimar fashion self-hate Berlin
Disapproval pushes out your chin
I am your brother though I’m living in sin.  

He was a big influence, and I really miss his voice.

Corey Gyll (Visual Artist, ICUP)

10. Brain Tourniquet – Brain Tourniquet II
9. Noose Sweat – Death Denial 
8. Total Loss – Demo 
7. Fake Dust – Demo
6. Pissmixer – New Norm 
5. Presser – EP II
4. Candy – Heaven is Here 
3. Candy Apple – World for Sale 
2. Gel / Cold Brats – Shock Therapy
1. Firewalker – Demo 

Kai Morikawa (Visual Artist)

The Front Bottoms – Theresa 
My favorite band so don’t be mean to me about it! I love the grandma EPs, getting to hear new versions of my favorite songs from I Hate My Friends and My Grandma vs Pneumonia will always be a treat to me! 

Chat Pile – Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack
Haunting, definitely the most brutal album they have made and it’s a SOUNDTRACK?! p.s I did enjoy the movie as well. 

Your Arms Are My Cocoon – Our Little Trains
A super emo skramz single featuring That Same Street and Basuraastillada. BUT! Your Arms Are My Cocoon’s addition makes me feel like this- ((((;゚Д゚))))))), does that make sense? Also dreaming of the day they come play at Holland…

Asian Glow – walls / cobble stone
So much new stuff from them this year, but this lil two-song single was my fav. They also did I Hate Sex cover this year 😉

Filmmaker – Latent Alters
You can never be disappointed by Filmmaker, fun sounds make my brain feel good! 

Soul Glo –  Diaspora Problems
Their Untitled LP is one of my favorite albums of all time and they just keep continuing to get better in better! 

cottonwood firing squad – you missed the best part 
Definitely one of their saddest records, very soothing and comforting. 

Boys Age – Music for Micro Fishing
Think LoFi study beats 24-hour stream mix with a splash of 80s new wave (especially with his older stuff)!

And lastly, my pre-2022 find this year: Strawberry Machine – Zero Zero Five 
I had to mention this absolute gem of an album, I cannot get enough of it. Here’s my best description- picopop, shibuya-kei, and perfect electro j-pop. but that isn’t doing it justice so just listen to it NOW. 

Do you wanna suggest some cool music to me? Shoot me a message on Instagram to give me cool recs :3 ! @doggie.heart 

Alberto Garcia Rodriguez (Visual Artist, Curator, Show Goer)

Top 10 albums of 2022

1. Un Verano Sin Ti – Bad Bunny 
2. Crash – Charli XCX
3. God Save The Animals – Alex G
4. Fossora – Björk
5. MOTOMAMI – Rosalía
7. Slut Pop – Kim Petras
8. SOS – SZA
9. RENAISSANCE – Beyonce 
10. No Reino Dos Afetos – Bruno Berle

Top 10 Shows of 2022

1. The Chromatica Ball – Lady Gaga
2. Cornucopia – Björk
3. El Último Tour Del Mundo – Bad Bunny
4. Surf Curse Rodeo – Surf Curse 
5. Crash – Charli XCX
6. Choir Boy & SRSQ
7. Juan Wauters
8. Lose
9. Man on Man
10. Bijou Bell <3

Top 5 singles of 2022

1. Gatita – Bellakath
2. mwah :3 – rusowsky & Dinamarca
3. Cherub – Coco & Clair Clair
4. Evergreen – Omar Apollo
5. Car Therapy – Faye Webster 


Alana Berglund (Associate Director, The Holland Project)

BIG SORRY to those that like to keep things current, but my most listened-to album of the year was Young Thug’s JEFFERY (2016), most listened-to song was Madonna’s “Hung Up” (2005), and my favorite music video hands down was Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (1991). My favorite film (for the first time ever actually) was Donnie Darko (2001) and my most anticipated watch for 2023 is Southland Tales (2006). I don’t really have opinions on much music or film that came out in 2022 except that I don’t think X was as bad as y’all claim and I absolutely love Tummy+. I really wish I got to see more exhibitions this year, but for the first and maybe only time in my life I do have a few favorite bands and shows to talk about. I’ve added those plus some other moments below, in no particular order <3

Ex-Gold (at the Purtill-Tanner Wedding in Knoxville) – don’t underestimate how cool it is to watch your friend play bass in her wedding dress. Also, Ex-Gold may be the best band?

Angel Du$t (8/2/2022 at HP) – I don’t listen to a lot of records from the formerly hardcore, now softer rockers camp and I was completely blown away by AD. Definition of “vibes on point”. I am still talking about this one and might talk about it forever. Great performance and beautiful people.

Man on Man (2/25/2022 at HP) – If you’re going to listen to a band simply because the members are actual angels, this is the one! They had some interesting Reno connects/history which I always love to hear about and they also rebooted my love of Imperial Teen/Jawbreaker.

Machine Girl (1/24/2022 at HP) – Another one where I didn’t listen to the records regularly prior to the show, but I’m a total believer now. The crowd has never been sweeter.

Chris Duncan performance for Holding Pattern in the HP Gallery (3/12/2022) – Big love and gratitude for Chris for coming to Holland Project. Sorry, we couldn’t figure out how to hide the menu on the video player, whoops! I hope we all meet again.

Brutus VIII for FOJFFO (7/3/2022 at HP) – Mostly reveled in watching everyone lose their minds to a band I already loved a lot.

JRCG (5/5/2022 at Bottom of the Hill SF) –  just glad I learned about earplugs in 2021, I love this band LIVE.

Surf Curse Rodeo (11/15/2022 at Livestock Event Center) – did we actually do that?!

I was going to add more shows, but I get both exhausted and happy thinking about all the rad shows + people that came through in 2022. Too hard to choose and go on with this list. Great conversations and lots of musicians that surprised me, grateful for that! Even more appreciative of all the locals (from the bands to the photogs to the moshers) that keep the scene together, it wouldn’t happen without ‘em.

Brandon T. Nguyen (BTNPhoto, Elleanor Burke, mlw ylw, Sorcerer’s Sword)

Top 10 albums released in 2022

– DD-Death by Nick Pants: A hard-hitting experimental digital hardcore album from a vocalist/producer from Sacramento I was introduced to at a rave under the bridge put together by djqtcore. Many of the tracks are a convergence of heaviness and attitude found with in-your-face scream rap, abrasive industrial noise, drum n bass, gabber, and hardcore punk.

– I’m in Your Walls by Death Insurance: A rather strange yet unique experience with lyrical allusions to being depressed, filled with paranoia and introversion, spending entire days online on your computer all while being locked inside your room with walls enclosing around you expressed with numerous electronic influences from breakcore, chiptune, industrial, and punk combined in an abrasive and maximalist cascade of electronic sounds right in the forefront.

– The Fantasy Effect by Reflections: Does this one really count if it’s technically a re-recording of their first release which is a decade old? I mean it *was* released in 2022 haha. An ludicrously heavy djenty metalcore album toggling between an aggressively groovy slamming breakdown assault to soothing almost trance-like atmospheres with lush guitar melodies; a tactic heavily used throughout the album. This record can be appreciated by anyone who could not get by the rough production.

– Life is Delicious by Tummy+: SHOUTOUT 2 GOD

– Doing The Limbo by Spring Breeding: This transient avant-garde skronk no-wave album is somehow is so groovy and danceable with fun basslines and drum beats amidst the dissonant atonality and sections of noise commonly carried by the synths and guitars. This Spring Breeding record manages all that without taking itself too seriously or becoming too pretentious

– Krüller by Author & Punisher: A crazy industrial doom metal album performed with DIY heavy (literally in weight) machines and MIDI controllers that plays a direct influence on the sludginess and the drag within many of the album’s track. Compared to former albums, Krüller transitions the industrial doom sound to a more vulnerable retro gothic side with a lot of 80s influence and speaks abstractions such as transcendence through struggle.

– Immutable by Meshuggah: The album delivers ultimately the very essence that is Meshuggah with grandiose displays of rhythmic technicality but compared to their many magnum opus releases takes a more minimalistic and openly atmospheric approach with a journey through an intense beginning transitioning to a melancholic yet beautiful end displaying stark artistic contrasts between the start and finish. For how different of a release this album is for Meshuggah, there are still callbacks to much of their former discography with that unmistakable Meshuggah signature.

– Bug Bath by Bug Bath: A powerful and forward-moving power pop emo release with infectiously catchy melodic hooks and choruses drawing from many traditions from styles such as punk, new wave, and indie. Every track in this album captures an emotional sense of yearning and longing but is supported with cheerful arrangement giving a contrasting push-pull of emotions.

– A MESSAGE FROM MY DIGITAL TWIN by blksmiith: One of my favorite breakcore albums that carefully combines the spacy blissful atmospheres with fast and choppy breakbeats. This album is no exception encapsulating the best and worst parts of breakcore which is this tendency to be stationary with drum sample overuse, the same build-ups, and the same drops but this particular album is captivating with the evoking feelings redolent of nostalgic internet culture that leaves me reaching and reliving a rose-colored past long gone.

– En Fuego by Pink Awful: A fantastic high-energy alternative noise rock album with big dense catchy choruses contrasted with very spacious verses leaving a lot of room for walls of soundscapes with bold powerful vocals that manage to be well balanced without conflict.

Top 10 Drum Rudiments I play in 2022

– Book Reports: Under all the rudiments it’s really just a highly decorated paradiddle. Haven’t found a way to use this on the drumset but it gets my hands warmed up almost instantly to play a show.

– Accent taps: Put the accent on any cymbal and the rest on the snare and it sounds like a very ridiculous blast beat. Also just feels good to play.

– Pugidas: Or is it spelled Pudida? Either way it’s the easist way to play blisteringly fast triplets. Way overused as ghost notes in every Elleanor Burke song I drum in. And I mean literally every single song.

– Paradiddlediddles: The easiest way to play sextuplets at breakneck speeds. Also overused in my drum fills in Elleanor Burke songs. Also significantly easier to play faster than paradiddes.

– Paradiddles: It’s basic, but ever do a choppy fill with weird sticking and end up with left hand lead? Yeah just do a quick paradiddle to put your right hand back on the down beat. What an easy breakbeat? Right hand on hats, lefthand on snare, accent on each paraddidle grouping and you got a pretty cool breakbeat too.

– Swiss Triplet: I just like to keep my left hand on the snare and my right hand moving down the toms for this one. It sounds ridiculous and people think you’re crazy at drums when you’re really only doing two on a hand, just staggered.

– 5-stoke roll inversion: I can’t for the life of me find the name for the inversion of the 5-stoke but it just feels good to play. Almost like a pugida with an extra diddle. I like to play these in groups of 6s

– Hertas: I mean come on, they’re just way cool to play around the drumset. Play it on the feet and you got Bleed by Meshuggah too.

– Inverted Flam Drag: A flam drag that doesn’t alternate sticking. Play the flam as a double stop and put the right hand on a cymbal and you got a pretty choppy fill.

– Double Stroke Roll: RRLL never ceases to feel good.