SHOW ARCHIVE: Dale, Murder Dream, and Dancing Plague of 1518

SHOW ARCHIVE: Dale, Murder Dream, and Dancing Plague of 1518

In this new series, we’ll be highlighting a favorite show of ours, once every two weeks or so!

Garrett Caufield reflects on The Dancing Plague of 1518, Murder Dream, and Dale 10/5/2017

When asked to write about my favorite show I’ve ever seen at the Holland, my mind starts to spin a little bit, overwhelmed by the years of attending and raging and getting sonically blasted by stellar acts. As a hub of incredible talent and touring virtuosos, the venue has been host to more than a few acts I could call my “favorites.” If I can be a bit self-indulgent and nominate a show I played in, however, I think I can name one in particular that always sticks in my mind above the others: Dale, Murder Dream, and Dancing Plague of 1518, October 5th, 2017.

Over four years ago now, don’t ask me how! That night lives in gothic beauty and infamy for eternity… were you there?! This show occurred right in the midst of freak-lectro-punk-noise mavericks Dale’s first hurricane-esque wave of live performances, and they were in top form. Dressed like what I could only describe as the ghosts of Russian partisans or French Resistance fighters from the Second World War, complete with custom camouflage Dale-branded armbands, they treated attendees to churning, blasting waves of weirdo sound and wry vocals, carried by the deadpan delivery of true avantgardism. For Murder Dream’s part, I’d like to believe we brought our finest strain of power-goth dream-doom, reverb-and-cobweb soaked deathpunk and atmosphere unmatched. As this was right before the release of our sole EP, we gave our all to the songs, our deathly spirits aided by the addition of some pumpkins to the stage (Happy Halloween!).

To cap off and truly drag the night into a current melancholic bliss, Dancing Plague of 1518 cast the venue into darkness, illuminated solely by a projector playing Dr. Caligari’s gruesome scenes and assorted grim imagery. I remember everyone joyously dancing to the darkwave-meets-Joy Division-meets-Batcave pummeling of drum machines, heavy synths, and dire guitar leads. At the risk of sounding cliche or kitschy, I gotta say: the vibes were impeccable. A marvelous time! I ask again… were you there?!?

You can listen to their latest album released this last year HERE