Local Music Pick: Werewolf Club

Local Music Pick: Werewolf Club

In this ongoing series, we’ll be hearing from a different person every month, reflecting on Reno music projects, current or not so current, and what makes them special and personally important to them.

Makenzie Jones reflects on Werewolf Club

Werewolf Club are a 4-piece Reno local stylin synth slingers and reverb riders. Werewolf Club made their first debut in 2017 and released their first album titled EP in 2018. Thus sense they have released five more hit singles, and have performed time and time again, everytime better than the last, at venues such as The Loving Cup, Revision Brewing Company, and The Holland Project Fusing keys, vocals, drums, and strings seamlessly with an impeccable attire they are absolutely hailed as ‘Reno’s favorite synth-pop heartthrobs’.

“I first heard of Werewolf Club I came across a link to their bandcamp in the early months of 2018. Despite it being slushy and frigid outside, the tracks on their EP album immediately transported me to an August evening spent riding bikes and barbequing with friends.

Obviously, I had to see them on a hot summer night ASAP. Fast forward to June when I was able to catch them at The Holland Project. The synth was vibrant. The beat was grooving’. That paired with the layered, distant sounding vocals made it feel like you were dancing with a ghost in the room.”

You can listen to Werewolf Club HERE