Homebodies no. 23 – Greg Allen

Homebodies no. 23 – Greg Allen

Homebodies explores the personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. We’re very excited for edition number 23 with a home/studio tour by Reno-based artist Greg Allen. Greg is a longtime Holland bud and a painter known for their incredible, hyperrealistic work depicting iconic Reno landmarks and personalities. Great artists often have great and unusual collections, so we love to see the variety of works by local artists, historic relics, and friendly specimens.

I rented my one-bedroom, 550/600 sq. ft. Wells Avenue palace almost six years ago after being literally hounded out of my last home. Eleven dogs spread across seven units had transformed apartment living into kennel dwelling. None of my conscientious fellow apartment residents picked up after their mutts, and subsequently, there was dogshit pimpling the fenced-in front yard like a case of rampant acne. My ground-floor unit faced the yard and every morning the timer-set sprinklers came on melting the poop into the grass, and every afternoon the sun hit it sending the steaming aromatherapeutic effect wafting into my place of residence. So I moved into the place seen here. Because I keep it nice and never, ever trouble my landlady she hasn’t Tesla-ed me even though she could make twice what I’m paying. I imagine owning 27 rental homes has something to do with that.

When I rented this place I had a little extra scratch and was able to upgrade from the mattress-on-the-floor, bare-bones stylings of my previous digs to a melange of nicer things. I like my place which although small feels extravagant and serves my needs of production. As a Virgo/Leo true to my astrology I’m retentively orderly. Kris Vagner said I had the neatest-as in cleanest-and most organized workspace she’d ever seen and she’s seen a lot of them. Anyway, on to the show… – Greg Allen

My living room/museum (which I almost never visit unless I have formal company,) has a mid-century theme gone awry familiar to me from my childhood.

1. The Javalina is from Natural Selection, Painting of child’s skull by the extremely talented Bart McCoy, gift from Jared Eisenberg. 1940’s era radio gift of Joseph Castello. Civil Defense Survival Supplies 17.5 gallon drinking water/toilets that came with instructions (“Do not remove plastic liner once full” they’re talking about full of human waste solids and liquids) ten rolls of toilet paper, tampons, a water pump, plastic liner, and a toilet seat courtesy of the Cold War 1000 person capacity bomb shelter that was below Park Lane Mall. On the floor is my prized Afghan War Rug dating to the Soviet occupation. On it are depicted MiG 21 fighters, Backfire Bombers, hand grenades, tanks, trucks, explosions, and Hind Helicopters, Expanding coffee table from now closed D’sart. Couch straight out of George Jetson’s house and black-ocean globe from my friends Aaron and Aaryn Walker at Red Chair/Mid-Century Modern. Sunset poster, portrait of the late Ana Bender, and painting of Louella Flanagan all my production. Wall-mounted carousel horse from D’sart.

2. Clockwise from left to right. Portrait of Joseph Castello by the artist. The mid-century landscape from A Place in Time, artist unknown. Sconced light fixture Mid-Century Modern. Painting by Joseph Corgile “Bound” spray paint and acrylic on wood, 2011. Tarantula from Stone Age Quarry, anomalous and satanic Jacob’s sheep from Natural selection (note: I’ve been meaning to paint “HOME SWEET HOME on the gold surround for four years.) Joseph Corgile mixed media assemblage “Beat Down.” Partially obscured mixed media assemblage Clay Stille. What can I say about my porcine girlfriend except straight offa fourth street, fur coat notwithstanding. Meat Parade lunch pail from Happy Happy, Joy Joy. State of the art 1961 Grundig Majestic reel-to-reel/record player/short-band radio with quadraphonic sound from Mid-Century Modern. And finally in the metal case one RELAX-A-CIZOR electronic effortless weight loss system from Joseph Castello.

3. Trail cam capture of the artist in its natural environment.

4. From the top clockwise: Photograph of Monument Valley’s Mittens at sunset courtesy of the artist. World’s largest Gypsy Moth from Stone Age Quarry. Richmond Fontaine’s final CD release cover artwork by the artist. I00 year-old Raven from Natural Selection. Painting of fish head in wine glass courtesy of the talented and creative Kat Atomik. Painting “Venezuela: The Battle for Peace” courtesy of one of my favorite people Artie Richmond. Painting, title unknown Bart McCoy, gift from Jared Eisenberg. Taxidermy mouse gift from Jared Eisenberg. Sheep buggering courtesy of the artist.

5. From the top. Painting “Birdcatcher” Joseph C Corgile. Next is “Portrait of artist Greg Allen” (that’s me!) by Jaxon Northon. Oil on wood panel. Jaxon and I swapped portraits. “Brrr” Joseph Corgile, and “Vincente Skullo” collaboration between Hernan and Joseph Corgile. Painting of Vulture “Reno” by Ron Rash, gift of the artist.

6. Clockwise from top left. Painting “Chief Firewater’s Lost Battle.” While the title contains a pejorative descriptor that’s due to the framing of the context which is a booking photo. I personally stand opposed to the ongoing oppression of Native Americans who are America’s most intentionally oppressed minority. Courtesy of the artist. Painting “Cherry on Top” by Joseph Corgile. It was explained to me that the different segments all depict someone named “Wendy.” Working Model “Hawaiian Fun.” I’ve attempted to research the UK manufacturer to little avail except they were still extant in the 70s. The scene is extremely racist and from the font and British sailors uniforms I’d date this to the 1920s. It depicts two shipwrecked sailors and putting in an old English Penny caused the scene to light up and three pitch black “Hawaiians” with gold hoop earrings and bones through their noses menace the sailors who are getting drunk. It’s non-operational and I’d like to restore it but I don’t know who could do the work. Masks online. Diptych “Rebel” Jake Graves. Obscured in-between is “LIFETIME SPACEDEATH” by Caedron Burchfield painted for my friend Zach “LAMER” Del Ray’s benefit to cover expenses after his premature death. He was getting to be a very, very good draughtsman and his death is a loss to Reno’s art scene. Yarn art piece featuring fertility symbols by an unknown artist.

8. Where the magic happens. Note to self: It’s not “magic,” it’s hard work. Photo is a little out of date. I’ve got a new easel, for one thing. From left. “Chaos in Tejas” featuring George Walker Bush with a mohawk. Screenprint, circa 2005. Bookcase from Red Chair. Mid-century kitchen table from Tera Franchini. Paintings courtesy of the artist. Om the far-right, Black American “Last Supper” print, gift from Tera Franchini.