Homebodies no. 20 – Ron Rash

Homebodies no. 20 – Ron Rash

The Homebodies series explores the personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. This edition is brought to us by local visual and tattoo artist Ron Rash. Ron is a tried and true friend of Holland, you probably recognize their work from having presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions in our galleries as well as at several Rogue and High Desert Art+Craft holiday markets. In fact, the whole Rash fam has contributed for a long time to Reno’s art scene through art, music, and film. Ron’s home collection is full of life and artists we love.

Sometime in the early 90’s I stood in a gallery on Geary st. in San Francisco staring at several small paintings by Margaret Kilgallen. I wanted to have one so badly, I looked up and down the price sheet looking for the lowest possible price hoping that somehow I could buy it. I had no money and no means to buy a piece of art for several hundred dollars. Needless to say I walked out of that gallery without that beautiful painting by Margaret. As the years have gone by, I think about that moment every single time I go into a gallery or art show. Especially shows that represent up-and-coming artists. I still don’t have much money, but over the years I have been able to purchase or trade for some wonderful pieces of art. Following is a sample of some of the pieces I have collected over the years. I am honored to say that many of these artists I know personally and some of them I consider my closest friends. I hope you enjoy. – Ron Rash

1. 1) Denali Lowder (Reno). 2) Rose Catron (Reno). 3) Stewart Easton (England). 4) early Ahren Hertel painting (Reno). 5) Nathaniel Benjamin (Reno). 6) Joy Less Posh (East Coast). 7) Artist whose name I have forgotten (Berkeley). 8) Myrah Oh (Florida). 9) Zema (Montreal). 10) Jeff Rogers (Reno). 11) Sarah Lillegard (Doyle). 12) Myrah Oh (Florida). 13) Nick Larsen (Ohio). 14) Sheryl Glass (Walnut Creek). 15) Annie Hooker (Auburn). 16) Ana McKay (Reno).

2. 1 – 2) Michelle Lassaline. 3) Christian Bennet

3. 1) Emma Rash. 2) and 3) 2006 Collaboration – Tucker and Ron Rash

4. Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of collecting many pieces by Casey Clark. Here are a few of the first pieces I got.

5. 1) Kate O’hara. 2) Heather Mckay(Ireland). 3) Erica Greif. 4) Megan Kay, 5) Ally Messer. 6) Gordon Magnin. 7) Ron Rash. 8) Tucker Rash. 9) Kelsey Paige

6. 1 – 2) Scott La Rock. 4) Rob Hiestand. 5 and 6) Sierra Kelley (SLC).

7. 1) 1987 photo of Rob Hiestand. 2) Chris Carnel has been a friend of mine for over 30 years, here is a 1991 photo of me. 3) Dane Hamon. 4) Ron Rash – Plan B skateboard

8. 1) Ana McKay. 2) Erik Burke. 3) Chris Carnel.

9. 1) Jen Graham. 2) Stewart Easton. 3) Hannah Huntley

10. 1) Zoe. 2) Elijah Cole. 3) Jonah Yoelin. 4) Ryan Breceda

11. 1) Daryll Pierce (San Francisco). 2) Mike Curatello