Homebodies no. 21 – Jessica Holden

Homebodies no. 21 – Jessica Holden

The Homebodies series explores the personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. Our 21st edition is from Jessica Holden, whose collection is filled with friends, collaborative projects, and other collected treasures and no place left untouched.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always rearranged my furniture and belongings constantly. Would this chair look better in the corner? That artwork better solo, or sharing space with another?

It has always been a fun little activity I’d partake of in the wee hours of the night. So, now as an adult, I’ve created my dwelling into a colorful explosion of art and collections. I try to live surrounded by fun patterns and prints, crafts, art, and positive vibes. Almost every nook is a collection of memories. A river rock from a trip. A roadside sign from the desert. Gifted trinkets from friends and family.

I generally collect from artists I know and respect, or whom I’ve found online and find that I connect with their beliefs. Many of my pieces have been trades for my own work, as well. And of course, I have a ton of Laura DeAngelis’ work sprinkled throughout my place since we’ve been best friends for over 25 years.

Since the pandemic, I have added to my collection and have even taken to rotating works in common areas. I guess not much has changed. Still rearranging and still trying to find the best way to showcase the things I cherish.” – Jessica Imus

1. 1) A spoon windchime created in the Kern River Valley by my father, Keith Holden, in 2011. He made a small batch of windchimes of collected silver spoons from my mother. 2) A figure wrapped in red crepe paper situated in the Red Rock Desert Playa from Hidden From Itself series by Laura DeAngelis, 2011. 3) To the right, a screen print reading: “I Am So Happy” by Pine Nut Printing (aka Sarah Paschall) for the movie Roman Holiday. 4) Down below, two female figures seated on a fur rug with a vein connecting their hearts, a print titled “Besties” by Theresa Baxter (aka Reesa Beesa).  I really enjoy her use of color and body positivity and I have collected a few of her prints, scarves, stickers, tees, and jewelry. I even have gifted some of the works to friends.

2. “Jessica”, 2007, painting by Jasmin Ghant. Gift from the artist.

3. 1) Eight images: stacks of rocks with colorful backgrounds. Partial collection from #CairnStudies by Laura DeAngelis, 2017 2) Central piece is a figure standing with back to viewer in foggy forest, from Laura DeAngelis’ 2013 series To Herself.

4. 1) Wooden sign reading, “Have you had a poop yet?”, a commissioned work from Oliva Page in 2020. 2) Framed piece of three figures in bathroom titled “Sunday”, another one purchased from Theresa Baxter.

5. 1) Skateboard painting featuring two skulls reading, “I’m gonna take all yer land” and “My casinos are gonna take all yer money”. Acquired from an art exchange with the artist Erik Rolfness in 2008. 2) Screen printed poster from a performance at Rock City Posters Gig Poster Gallery, created by Scotty Roller in 2014. 3) Collage work on a record created in collaboration between Todd Imus, Laura DeAngelis, Tony DeAngelis, and myself in 2012 called “Best Friend Collage”. 4) Two photos gifted from the artist Laura DeAngelis.

6. Starting from the top! 1) Two stickers and print by Theresa Baxter. 2) Collaborative sculpture of a flower pot made of flowers and pins. 3) Small pink mini vase featuring a delicate face, gift from a friend that purchased it from Wawe Studio. 4) Uno card game designed by Nina Chanel Abney, such a fabulous set created in collaboration with Mattel Toys. I could never afford a real Abney, so getting little trinkets from artists means so much to me. 5) Bronze butterfly by Jeanne Dana. 6) Evil pentagram ornaments by Brujas y Buhos. 7) Mini pine needle basket from a class taught by Audrey Frank. 8) Watercolor woodblock by You and Me Camp. 9) From Bird Studies, a woven C-print by Laura Deangelis. 10) Lino Block of a deer print Megan Kay. 11) Pocket Change Collective book called This is What I Know About Art by Kimberly Drew. 12) Honeycomb and bees mini painting by Ron Rash. 13) Teeeeniest photographic collage from Mosaic of the Mind by Laura Deangelis. 14) Pyrography DRANK by Sara Paschall. 15) Sticker from Casey Weldon. 16) Sticker from I Believe in You Club. 17) Mushies in jar ornament by Manfish Inc. gifted to me by the artist Sara Paschall. 18) And finally, a linocut print woodblock by Thomas Rude.

7. 1) A portrait of AJ DeAngelis blowing balloons, a birthday gift from Laura DeAngelis in 2013 2) Painting of love potion/poison, a gift from artist Tawnie Frakes. 3) Cassette art and music by the band Manorlady for Barely Not Dead in 2016. 4) Small collection of novelty lighters collected from vintage stores as well as a small collection of gifted cameras.

8. 1) Starting from the top and center, another paper and pin flowers sculpture created in collaboration for the Our Color Project by Laura DeAngelis, Miranda Powell, and myself in 2017. 2) On the shelf, record art and music by Nick Ramerez in 2020 for This Might be the End, a gift from the artist. 3) A cat head pillow from Coral and Tusk that was a gift for a 4 year anniversary. 4) To the right of the pillow, record art and music by Priscilla Ford in 2015. This band was named after the infamous mass murderer who was sentenced to death after driving her car down a sidewalk downtown Reno killing 6 people and injuring 23. 5) Black and white image of male figure smoking and fishing on a boat. This is a photo of my father around the time when he was practicing sand art in his 20’s. 7) Collage art by Laura DeAngelis. 

9. 1) Starting from the top left, screenprint reading “Orale Black Lives Matter”, printed at The Holland Project’s Community Print Day in May 2020. 2) To the right, wood mounted print titled “Our Lady Ferguson” by Mark Doox featuring, “The Mother of God and Christ are black. Christ is a silhouette in her womb area and is targeted and threatened with death as many African-Americans are by the police, the justice system, and even casual citizens like in the Ahmaud Arbery case.” Purchased from markdoox.com, please visit the artist’s website to see and read more. He has very powerful work. 3) Cactus plant featuring mini coffin, purchased from friend and plant artist working under the name Haunted Horticulture. 4) Series of photographs from Laura Deangelis. 5) Next to the book, a watercolor mini-block painting of a trailer at You and Me Camp in 2019. 6) Framed portrait of a female which reads “I’m an animal/You’re an animal too”. 7) Series of mini portraits by Laura Deangelis. 8) Artwork created of tile and concrete reading: “Esa puta basura”, by Alberto Garcia and purchased from Holland Project’s ALL IN fundraiser. 9) Small yellow flower collage created in collaboration with Miranda Powell and Laura DeAngelis for Our Color Project in 2017 10) Mr. Peanut butterknife purchased in Virginia City.

10. 1) Starting in the lower left, a very small woodblock print featuring a pistol and type titled “Flower Power”, a gift from a friend Thomas Rude. 2) Framed kitten card print reads: “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”, from the Lovecat Valentine series by Casey Weldon. 3) Framed print of (a favorite) music artist, Neko Case. 4) Small oval wood burned piece that reads: “Pool full of liquor, then you dive in”. Pyrography (or wood-burning) created by Sara Paschall with lyrics from Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar, a gift from the artist. 5) Watercolor prints on a fuschia background which reads “Our Color Project Exhibition” and “Fuck Indigo” by artist Miranda Powell created for an art exhibition in the Santa Cruz mountains. The second image is a whale and vines artist business card. 6) At the top middle, a series of three framed watercolors from You and Me Camp. 7) Top right, an award featuring an eagle. It read: “National Tattoo Association for Artist’s Choice for Colored Back Piece Award 25 Year Anniversary”. I am very proud to own an original and award-winning piece of art from Indio Reyes.  8) Middle right a framed invitation from a friend, entrepreneur, and all-around badass Chelsi Rose who created a wedding invitation for my special day in 2014. 9) On the bottom off-center right, framed authentic reproduction of Jonathan Fisher’s Animal Woodcuts. First edition “Cock J.F.” (1768-1847) 10) Framed card from friends featuring work from Ron Rash. 11) Bottom right, a painting of Edith Piaf from the Playlist series by me! in 2009. 12) A few copies of The Meadow on the coffee table. These are books of poetry curated by former (2018) Poet Laureate, and close family friend, Lindsay Wilson.