Local Music Pick: Flores

Local Music Pick: Flores

In a new series, we’ll be hearing from a different person every month, reflecting on Reno music projects, current or not so current, and what makes them special and personally important to them.

Tim Blake on Flores

“Although only active from about 2014-2016, Flores was and remains one of my favorite Reno bands of the past couple decades.

A local supergroup composed of seasoned punks Jenn Archerd (vocals/synth), Megan Kay (bass/vocals), Justin Morales (drums) and John Ludwick (guitars/vocals), Flores blew me away the first time I saw them and I made sure to drop whatever I was doing to catch them as often as possible. Their blend of heavy rock drums and layered guitars and synth topped by Jenn Archerd’s fiercely beautiful vocals was the perfect blend of punk/dark wave.

Most memorable shows for me were at Holland and Clarklane Mall… if you never caught them live, you missed out! They still have tunes available on bandcamp and I highly recommend downloading what you can find. Well worth it and I wish they hadn’t quit!”

You can listen to Flores HERE