Local Music Pick: SKIN. / Skinwalker

Local Music Pick: SKIN. / Skinwalker

In a new series, we’ll be hearing from a different person every month, reflecting on Reno music projects, current or not so current, and what makes them special and personally important to them.

Brigdon Markward reflects on SKIN. or Skinwalkers

“Like many great local bands, Skinwalkers, or SKIN. (as they were known towards the end there), existed in a very brief but influential moment of time in Reno music. When I say it was influential, I don’t mean that SKIN. were in the right place at the right time; I think it’s safe to say they helped create the moment they existed in. Emerging from a hardcore project together, SKIN. became the vessel for Nathan Lachner’s more personal songwriting. The songs were lush and cathartic, and just as heavy live as they were heartbreaking. They helped carve a path between Reno’s indie world and hardcore world, and other bands followed suit. My first introduction to them was a bill we shared together, a summer house show in a backyard up behind the university for the release of their EP “Invisible Twin”. It showed me the world they built with their music, a world all the kids screaming the lyrics were already familiar with.” – Brigdon Markward

“I can almost hear it
your invisible twin,
and it’s making me sick”

You can listen to SKIN. HERE