Chaz Costello Playlist Companion

Chaz Costello Playlist Companion

New Order – I’ll Stay With You: I remember the hearing this song for the first time. Alone in the car looking around like “ are you kidding me? do you even here this”. Its amazing that this song isn’t more popular. It feel almost like if it wasn’t a New Order song, If it was an Electronic single instead, it would have been way bigger. It feels like a song that New Order had hidden away. A little gift just for us.

Friends – Day by Night: Im not sure how often this happens to other people but every so often when I hear a song I get so jealous and angry that I didn’t write it. This was one of those songs.  I don’t know much about this band at all. Melody had sent me this song, along with many others, while I was on tour and I fell in love with it.

‘Till Tuesday – Winning the War: ‘Till Tuesday doesn’t get the credit they deserve. I think the are written off as a one hit wonder a lot of times. I challenge that. I think this song can hold it own against any rival of its time. You have Aimee Mann’s amazing voice and lyrics, her unstoppable bass line and, if we are all honest with each other, we all wish our guitars sounded like this.

Ian McCulloch – The Cape: It might surprise people to know that I only recently started listening to Echo & The Bunnymen. Just in the last few years. Needless to say once it clicked for me I fell deep. Which lead me hear to Candleland. I  think Ian McCulloch is a very clever song writer. He writes these kind of simple almost nursery rhyme style songs that are able to build tension then break into a swirling release. It really sucks you into the song. I think this is the perfect example of it.

General Public – Cry On Your Own Shoulder: I fucking love this band. They create these airy, beautiful pop songs that carry you around. They always seem to put me into this euphoric spring weather head space that makes me want to listen again and again. And on those 3rd,4th, 10th listens I come to realize that the songs are pretty emotional, more than the music suggests. 

Big Country – The Teacher: The first time I heard Big Country I was driving home from work and I just remember being so happy. They get pigeon holed a lot of times and that fair. They do have a pretty specific sound but those guitars are amazing. True shredders. If you have free time (I know you do) check out some of their live videos from the 80’s. People are going buck wild at those shows.

Voice of the Beehive – I Say Nothing: This is one of the bands I owe thanks to 103.1 the wave for. This song really exemplifies the “Happy sad” mentality that I love. It has a lot of the best things we want from the 80’s. Light hearted, breezy chorus soaked guitars incredibly easy to dance to and an amazing music video. Plus this band has great fashion. I would say is right up their with strawberry switchblade.

Pixies – Alec Eiffel: My love for the pixies runs deep and has recently moved back to the forefront of my musical taste. And for a Pixies song this one has it all loud, pretty, quiet, gross, shrill, catchy. Im still trying to figure out how they puzzle piece these songs together.

Cactus World News – Years Later: This is another band that Melody had sent me while on tour. I fell in love right away. I don’t know much about them other than they are from Ireland and they rock. Think Echo & the Bunnymen and a young U2 had a baby. A combo worthy of a listen

Icicle Works – Seven Horses: I am as guilty as everyone for writing these guys off as a one hit wonder. Every few years I would give them another try and this time they didn’t disappoint. They theater style vocals my be a polarizing factor for people  (thats what always got me) but just give it an open minded try. You could come to find what I did. A triumphant song that you will want to sing loud with your windows rolled down.

The Cry – Truth: This is yet another band I know very little about. I would bet they are another band that Melody showed me. I will let the song speak for itself but I do want to add that I think Duckie would’ve been into this band.

Gangway – Violence, Easter and Christmas: If you are like me and you find yourself longing for more Smiths music then give this one a shot. Its a very bouncy, catchy yet somber song. They do lean more in to the twee arena but thats nothing Im mad about.

Fiction Factory – Time is Right: This song has always felt like a conversation to me. Someone talking to them self aloud and replying in their mind. The whole thing feels to me like someone trying to work out a problem. And those synths! beautiful.

The Cure – 2 Late: I don’t know what more can be written on the cure so I wont try. I will say that this song needs its day in the sun.

The Cranberries – Sunday: What a beautiful song. It kind of occupies this dreamy space. It captures, for me, the time in-between asleep and awake in a very effortless way.

Aimee Mann – 4th of July:  Aimee Mann, as a solo artist, is a new found love for me. I started listening to her while I was incredibly sick on tour. I think she is an amazing lyricist. She has a way of putting down in words Ideas and feelings that you just couldn’t quite put your finger on. Its all very striking. A lot of her solo stuff reminds me of Morrissey. Maybe not this one so much, but in general. This song was one of the first of hers I heard and I kept it on repeat for days.