Homebodies no. 5 – Noah Silverman

Homebodies no. 5 – Noah Silverman

For the series Homebodies, we will explore the more personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. Today we bring you a tour by Noah Silverman (you know ’em from Reno Bike Project!) with a look at rad works and Nevada gems hanging around the house.

1. Bathroom Collection – Most of this little set came from our travels. The pig on top came from Africa next to the little diorama came from Mexico, and the guy taking a dump came from a store in Italy that only sold figurines for nativity scenes. This one was so out of place he had to come home with us. The painting I got at Holland (from the 2019 ALL IN) and is by Seth McCorkle, and fits in that spot perfectly. 

2. This is a picture of a protestor at the 2000 WTO demonstrations in Seattle that shut most of the city down for a couple of days; it was world news at the time. I don’t remember where I got this poster, but I was living in Seattle where Mervin Mfg. was based at the time. Mervin Mfg. makes snowboards, and isn’t a political organization, but I always admired them taking a stand on the issue. The bottom of the poster says “have some dignity.” 

3. This painting is by Omar Pierce. There is a lot going on here, and after 10 years is still brings me joy. 

4. This is actually a Geologic Map of Nevada put out by the Nevada Bureau of Mines. No known artistic intent, but I think its visual appeal combined with its purpose makes a great piece. Note: you can find them online for about $10.

5. I picked this thing up at a garage sale on Marsh St. years ago. I love how uniform and tight the lettering and layout of the piece is, combined with the patterns that the letters make. It also has a great texture, though I try not to touch it. 

6. This little piece by Rob Brown came from the A and B Gallery on Liberty that has since been torn down. People were putting up pieces for a year or so and then during a Contemporary Gallery everyone decided to take one home. That’s a good way to put that.

7. This is a Nick Larsen fabric piece that I don’t remember where I picked up.  The detail up close is incredibly fine and busy. Because all the tones are so similar the eye cannot find a place to land. After years of looking at it, I still haven’t formed an opinion of it. 

8. I pulled this thing of a bike that got donated from Burning Man and its been hanging in my garage for over 10 years. I think its actually sitting in a donkey’s pelvis. I’m not quite sure why I’ve kept this thing for so long, I think it’s due to the shock that many people have when they first see it.