Homebodies No. 3 – Alberto Garcia

Homebodies No. 3 – Alberto Garcia

For the series Homebodies, we will explore the more personal spaces of community members, the artworks and interesting objects they’ve collected through the years, and how those pieces live with them every day. Alberto has chosen to highlight the work within the walls of their bedroom. Living with family means that mother’s choice of design is front and center, but this hierarchy does not spill into the bedroom.   

1. Not an original work, but I received this vintage Westermann-map of South America when I was a sophomore in college. I made a pact with a good friend to travel through most of Latin America before we turn 30 years old. We got the idea after from the biopic, The Motorcycle Diaries inspired by the journals of the 23-year-old Ernesto Guevera (Che Guevera). Still have a few more years until I reach 30 so stay tuned for this trip. 

2. Print by Hank Wills Thomas (not an original) – This was also a gift from a friend who worked at Aperture, which co-published “Hank Wills Thomas: All Things Being Equal.” There are notes from the editor about the image needing to be color corrected but are not visible after I framed it. 

3. A collection of ceramic vessels: The four sculptures at the front were made by my sister, Matilde Garcia in high school. I don’t really know what they are, but I’m obsessed with them. Behind those are two artisan gifts from my motherland Mexico, a monkey head from Oaxaca, and an orange container from Sinaloa. 

4. Probably my favorite thing I own which was also gifted to me, a limited edition scarf from New York-based artist Tamara Santibanez. These were made on a limited run and for a fundraiser benefiting nonprofit Printed Matter, Inc in New York.

5. Purchased this large scale painting from Austin Pratt before he headed out of Reno to pursue his MFA. I believe it was one of his paintings from his BFA show Common Fate at UNR in 2015. I remember transporting was an issue because it didn’t fit in my car and I had to borrow a friend’s truck.

6. Just as a gag I also have a framed photo of Kim Kardashian that I took in 2015 at FYF fest in LA. 

7. I love collecting artist’s books and zines and my library is filled with independent publishing. Some of my absolute favorites are the publications that HT MacDiarmid produces.

8. The best time to buy work, Holland’s biannual gallery fundraiser, ALL IN, where I bought this piece from Omar Pierce and Ashley Westwood. The beluga whale in the middle always triggers the baby beluga nursery rhyme <3

9-10. I acquired “Horn Worm” from Montana sculptor Cait Finley who had an exhibition at Holland in 2012, 80 Million Gallon Summer. I did an artist trade with Cait and traded an artist book I created with Megan Mathers for the Third Annual Stranger Show. Below “Horn Worm” is  “Let The Right One In” a photograph by Reno-based artist Denali Lowder, I purchased this work from the Safe Space exhibition at Serva Pool Gallery in 2017. 

There is a lot more work I wish I could show off, but maybe a part II will follow when I ever decide to move out of my parent’s home. 🙂   –Alberto