Coronavirus & Community Health

Coronavirus & Community Health

See updated dates for postponed shows.

We, along with other venues, gathering spaces, event producers, and cultural/public spaces, are answering the call for social and personal responsibility in effort to stave off a serious health crisis and to “flatten the curve” to prevent the COVID-19 situation from becoming much, much worse. As many of you know, most shows/concerts, festivals, tours from artists at every level, and sporting events across the nation have already been cancelled and city/state governments have put a hold on events and gatherings that bring people together in close proximity. We also ask that our friends, supporters and other community members join the call for social distancing – even though it’s difficult and certainly not fun. Knowing what we all know now (especially that people can be carriers without knowing; that one can have the illness and be asymptomatic for a number of weeks; AND that our simple actions can be amplified and have grave impact on a taxed and broken system), and seeing what has transpired in Italy, we all have immense responsibility to do the right thing for most vulnerable populations, for our communities, and for each other.

Your health and safety is paramount, as is the greater health of our community. We hope to see you on the other side in April, and will post any developments or new information here.

Updates on rescheduled dates will also be posted here and in our calendar as they are solidified. If you bought a ticket, you will receive email correspondence about your options.

With lots of love.


(This update was posted 3.13.2020)

Holland is a gathering space and one that hosts multiple events per week. As you know, we are in the midst of a public health crisis and we want to take a second to address this and what we can all do to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy. 

As of today, all events are proceeding normally. If this changes, we will notify everyone with as much advance notice as possible via our website and social media outlets. 

This said, it is very important to note that if you feel sick—especially if you have flu-like symptoms—we ask that you refrain from attending our events for the sake of others participating or anyone you would come into contact with in order to get to us. We ask that you have awareness and responsibility for those who have immune deficiencies or ailments of any kind that put them at risk, and be mindful about how dangerous you can be to someone else.

Let’s make sure we do our best to look out for one another, especially those that need it most!

There is a lot about coronavirus that is still unknown, but we do know that personal hygiene is vital. We will have soap, sanitizer, disinfectant sprays and wipes at each event, and we ask EVERYONE to follow the recommendations of public health agencies, including:

WASH YOUR HANDS FOR AT LEAST 20 SECONDS using soap and water (pick your favorite song chorus to sing to time it just right – Alana has picked Bitch by Meredith Brooks, Felicia chose REM’s End of the World, Brig picked My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, and LA Times rec’s Karma Chameleon, Prince’s Raspberry Beret or Dolly’s Jolene). 

USE TOWEL/TISSUE to turn off water and to open/close door knobs

When coughing and sneezing, USE FLEXED ELBOW or TISSUE to cover mouth and nose – discard tissue immediately

AVOID touching your eyes, nose and mouth

STAY HOME if you feel sick, have a fever, or any flu-like symptoms

(Posted March 6, 2020)

This publication provides instructions and illustrations detailing the best way to wash your hands to get rid of germs.