5Q’s with Outback Arthouse

5Q’s with Outback Arthouse

We were so thrilled to see our friend Kristin Hough and her cohorts of Outback Art House in Los Angeles for Frieze Art Week in February! So we thought for this edition of 5Q’s it would be fun to dig into what Outback is all about and the scene in L.A. Keep tabs on Outback via their website and Instagram.


1. Classic first question: could you give us a little background on Outback Art House? Who are the artists involved and what’s your mission?
Outback Arthouse is an artist-run project space based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Katie Holden, Kristin Hough, and Julian Tan. Outback was created in 2018 in an effort to provide exhibition opportunities to emerging artists, and offer space for experimentation without the pressures of monetary gains. Since its inception, Outback has made an effort to connect local and out of state artists to create dynamic pairings and spark dialog between artists who might otherwise not meet. Originally hosting shows in a finished one car garage and backyard in Highland Park, Outback has now expanded its practice to include site-specific installations throughout Los Angeles and in Las Vegas. 

In Bloom by Outback Arthouse feat. Caroline Hayes Charuk and Colleen RJC Bratton

2. We’ve seen a lot of rad artist-run spaces and projects pop in Los Angeles recently, is there something about LA that makes it unique and more viable for these kinds of projects? Or is it something about the art world that demands artists adopt a DIY ethic? Problems with accessibility and visibility in the mainstream or otherwise?
Part of the reason we started Outback was a feeling of repetition in more mainstream gallery spaces and a very insular community. Once we started tapping into the artist-run space scene the art-world in LA really opened up, and there is such vibrant energy. Because the cost of living is so high, the DIY aesthetic is born out of necessity, and we see high-caliber work coming out of non-traditional spaces all the time. 

3. Congrats on being included in SPRING/BREAK Art Show a second time, it’s an exciting platform for emerging curators & artists! As a collective and artists included in the exhibition, what are some of the threads you were excited to explore under the fair’s theme “In Excess”?
While Supplies Last is an exhibition that brings together the works of artists curious about contemporary “lifestyle” and the coping mechanisms that accompany it. Each artist reflects on these themes to varying degrees – we’re ruminating on the ending of days. The title both reflects a popular tagline in consumerism to build desire and the literal translation that contemporary resources are not endless.

While Supplies Last at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Los Angeles

4. Can you reveal any upcoming projects we can expect to see from Outback & friends?
Next up, Outback will be participating in OPaf, an alternative art fair, in San Pedro, CA, featuring the work of Elizabeth Hatke and Frankie Carino. Shortly after, in April, we will be showing at Carnation Contemporary in Portland, OR as the second-half of an exchange with the gallery. In May, we’ll be hosting Josh Schaedel for a solo show in Las Vegas! 

Additionally, this summer we plan to host outdoor shows in Alhambra, CA as a part of an Outback Arthouse Sundown Series. By nature of the name, we will rely on the summer sun to light these pop-ups so all exhibitions will end at sundown. 

Out of Sun by Outback Arthouse feat. Michelle Jane Lee paintings

Fresh Air by Outback Arthouse feat. Jessie Weitzel and Jeremy Le Grand works

5. Any other artist collectives or artist-run spaces we should know about and you’d like to shout out?
There are so many! We feel so lucky to be a part of the artist-run community. Here are some of our picks: 
Carnation Contemporary
Roger’s Office
Bozo Mag
La Loma Projects
Adjunct Positions