Ana McKay: Low Tide

Ana McKay: Low Tide

Ana McKay

Low Tide

Dec 19, 2019 – Jan 03, 2020

Low Tide is a collection of large-scale acrylic paintings utilizing Ana’s signature bright colors and bold lines exploring an imagined landscape that is the setting for struggling with isolation and sadness. The world within the paintings is inspired by the landscape of the artist’s childhood where the tide rises and sinks and the subject is unable to leave the liminal space of a harbor, neither drifting out to sea or coming home to shore. The artist explores this concept of isolation through quiet fictionalized moments conceived and created in regards her own experiences with chronic depression.

Ana is a self-taught artist and illustrator living and working in their hometown of Reno, Nevada, and studying at the University of Nevada, Reno. While Ana’s go-to medium is ink on paper, she is always experimenting with different mediums, most recently exploring printmaking, textiles, and painting. Ana loves making and collecting zines, creating flyers for music shows, and when not making art, Ana can be found DJing and program directing at UNR’s Wolf Pack Radio, volunteering at The Holland Project, and spending time with beloved friends. You can find Ana’s work and get in touch at, and keep up with her on Instagram at @fizzaster.