Dissecting a Loop with Wednesday Kim

Dissecting a Loop with Wednesday Kim

Visual artist Wednesday Kim’s video works combine the bizarre, grotesque images of her dreams and subconcious into mesmerizing loops and montages. On Tuesday, November 5th, Wednesday has curated a program for The Holland Project that features her own works alongside various video material that informs her practice. We wanted a deeper dive into the mind of the artist, so we asked Wednesday if she could dissect her looping short “Depaysement Dreams” for us. This video among others will be part of the program on 11/05 starting at 7PM. You can follow Wednesday’s work on her Instagram.

Still from Depaysement Dreams


1. Wicked Tree – It was shown in one of my dreams (more like a nightmare than a dream). I was walking through these human/man like trees, but I never made an escape from that forest. It was very slippery and I could smell individual hairs, head skins, and skins of it. Some of them had Dandrops flying around…

2. Clocktower – Also saw this in a dream, but this image is a simplified.

3. No name – In my dream, I felt super heavy while I was walking. I realized my body was looking like this.

4. No name – I was peeing under a dead swan’s left wing and I felt her feathers around my body. I then realized I was peeing on a seed underneath her. The seed tried to become a flower, but it never blooms.

5. Hair Shop Girls – I was trying to get rid of full mouth of chewing gum, but the chewing gum slowly became my gums. I went to a hair salon and three barbers without mouths were naked. They were having a hard time standing on the ground and decided to stay on edges they found.

6. Man Fountain (middle) – The show space was underground, very deep, and we all needed to wear waterproof suits to go inside. And there was a man fountain, making milk by themselves. We were all welcome to go swimming and to drink the milk.

7. Angry Lady – The angry lady said that she hates flowers and is allergic. She said she can even lose hairs from just smelling the flowers, but that she could not stop eating them.

8. Spa – As a child in Korea, I used to go to a public spa. The spa has been in my dreams many times in many different stories (and usually nightmares). So, I just put some of them together and made a sort of hell-ish spa scene.

9. No name – Experiences of sexual trauma in my childhood and traumatic memories. These memories get punished sometimes in my dreams, they get punished and suffer.

10. The Holes – Holes, let you go inside and outside, but you’ve never been inside or outside.