3 Minute Film Competition 2019

3 Minute Film Competition 2019

On October 24, 2019, in collaboration with the Nevada Museum of Art, Holland presented the finalists for the 11th Annual 3 Minute Film Competition. Out of over 60 excellent applications, 26 films advanced to the final round to vie for the coveted Jury and Audience Choice titles! After much deliberation and vote counting, we were proud to present the following awards –

2019 Audience Award 1st Place – “Sleepwalker” by John L’Etoile + Marjorie Williams

Audience 2nd Place – “Elko Mural Fest” by Luka Starmer

Audience 3rd Place – “HOUSECAR” by Em Jiang

2019 Jury Award – “HOUSECAR” by Em Jiang

Jury Mention – “Elemental Correspondence” by Dani Smith

We’d like to congratulate our finalists and thank each of our applicants for submitting their films. We cannot wait to see your great work in 2020! Below is a compilation of the top 9 films of 2019 as determined by our jury and audience. But first, we’d like to recognize our finalists –

Megha Malik, Emma Ashley, Cristobal Gonzalez, Meg Draper, Marion Joson, Aurora Boles, Mya Dunlap, Quessi McBunkski, Zion Doucettperry, Fiona McElhany, Luka Starmer, Mahedi Anjuman, Hannah Mills, Em Jiang, Emma Spiecher, Gabriela Cortes Canchola, Seph Casani, Emily MacDiarmid, Marjorie Williams, Tyler Calkin, Soudabeh Kamrani, Seth Callahan, Dani Smith, Wyatt Hansen, Md Shakhawat Hossain (Razib), and Jeremy Guevin.

Film Credits –

  1. “Sleepwalker” by John L’Etoile + Marjorie Williams
  2. “HOUSECAR” by Em Jiang
  3. “Elko Mural Fest” by Luka Starmer
  4. “Elemental Correspondence” by Dani Smith
  5. “Hannah’s Corner (Intro)” by Hannah Mills
  6. “Kind” by Seph Casani
  7. “Fleeing Flint” by Emily McDiarmid
  8. “Seen Everything Conceptually” by Mahedi Anjuman
  9. “KNOWLEDGE DUST” by Md Shakhawat Hossain (Razib)