The 2019 4x4x48 Music Video Challenge

The 2019 4x4x48 Music Video Challenge

This year marks the 8th occasion of the 4x4x48 Music Video Challenge which brings together artists and local bands to create one-of-a-kind music videos in just 48 hours. Our 2019 teams included Vera Miller directing for Blunderbusst; Audrey Broughton + Ana McKay for Bug Bath; Drew Willis for Fall Silent; Ced Alcala for Gina Rose, and Tanner McCardle + Evan Pritts (based in LA) for Night Rooms. In addition to the time constraint, we tasked filmmakers to incorporate five required elements as determined by last year’s participants. Those requirements were not revealed until the 8AM challenge kickoff on July 20th and they were: visual ASMR, eggs, nail(s), handmade/exaggerated prop, and a choreographed/dance sequence. Filmmakers were able to interpret each element as creatively as they wish as long as each element was represented.

The screening for 2019 music videos was held on July 25 at the Nevada Museum of Art and for all of you who couldn’t make it – the wait is finally over! Here are all the videos in one place…

Local filmmakers meeting up at 8AM on date of the challenge

Blunderbusst – “Wicked”

Bug Bath – “Closer 2 U”

Fall Silent – “Playing House”

Gina Rose – “Reckless”

Night Rooms – “Automatic”