HP & KWNK Cover the 2018 Nevada Literary Crawl

HP & KWNK Cover the 2018 Nevada Literary Crawl

The Holland Project and KWNK 97.7FM teamed up on September 15th to cover the 2018 Nevada Literary Crawl produced by Nevada Humanities. Over the course of one day, more than 100 authors from across the country presented at panels covering topics around the future of literature, community building, activism, regionalism, the creative process, identity, and so much more. Our street team put together a zine chock-full of interviews, recaps, photos, and links as well as some on-air content for you to enjoy!

Read the zine on ISSUU here: https://issuu.com/hollandproject/docs/2018-nv-lit-crawl


Interview with Gabby Rivera by Sophia Pierce

Sophia Pierce interviewed writer Gabby Rivera after her keynote speech at the 2018 Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl. Gabby is the author of “Juliet Takes a Breath” and Marvel Comics’ “AMERICA”. She believes that good dialogue and radical creativity have transformative effects on our most vulnerable communities. Listen in as Sophia and Gabby discuss “Inspiring Radical Creativity”. A partial transcript is available in our zine.


Interview with Guillermo Reyes and Yosimar Reyes by Alejandra Hernandez Chavez

Guillermo Reyes and Yosimar Reyers are writers and performance artists that write from a queer immigrant perspective. During their panel, “Playwriting and Performance: Queer LatinX Voices in Print and On Stage”, Reyes and Reyes read from new and old works and discussed their creative processes. Alejandra and KWNK caught up with them afterwards. A full transcript is available in our zine.


NAGS: The Emotional Labor Playlist

Local DJ Antonia del Campo attended Nevada author Gemma Hartley’s panel “Stop Calling Women Nags!” at this year’s Nevada Literary Crawl. The panel focused on Hartley’s new book “FED UP! Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward” and discussed the type of emotional labor women are taking on much more often than men at work, in relationships, and in the home. The panel also touched on  how we might change to make this type of labor more equal for ourselves and future generations. Inspired by the discussion, Antonia put together a killer playlist which we compiled (mostly!) on Spotify. The link is above and the full playlist is written out in our zine.


Interview with Naseem Jamnia

Naseem Jamnia is a non-binary writer, scientist, and MFA candidate at the University of Nevada Reno. Jamnia presented at multiple panels at the 2018 Nevada Literary Crawl including one “He/She/They/Me” which focused on queer perspectives in writing, especially in coming-of-age narratives and stories of major life events. Alana-lynn Bergund caught up with Jamnia later on to further explore topics presented in that panel. Details about the panel are available in the zine.