Support Committee

Support Committee

As Holland grows, so does the effort to truly end the cycle of abuse in communities big and small. In the past couple years, we have tried very hard to stand by survivors, to listen with open ears and hearts, and to take action in ways we are able. We have attended workshops, trainings, and sought advice, and given both time and resources to learning, growing, and acting – striving to be solid supporters and advocates. We have learned a lot, taken some good steps, taken some missteps, and 100% recognize the need to keep learning, and to keep getting better. 

In that vein, we have built a new committee to deal with issues and allegations of sexual or physical assault within our community. The committee features 7 volunteer members – a Holland Board member, a Gallery Committee member, a Programming Committee member, a staff representative, two professional community advocates (both affiliated with Crisis Call Center’s Sexual Assault Support Services -SASS, as well as a community advocate/social worker with a focus in mental health), and a community representative/survivor. Our goal with this committee is to have these matters heard and attended to by some people with direct knowledge, expertise, and experience in navigating issues of abuse and assault. It is of utmost important to us that these sensitive matters are handled in ways that do no further harm, that have restorative justice in mind, and are attended to both with professionalism and heart. Each member also agrees to ongoing training, and research/education throughout the year to continue to better be able to serve the needs of survivors and our community. 

The committee meets in person, every 8 weeks, and also has access to a private email. If you’d like to address a situation or bring an issue to attention, you can:

  • email to set-up a phone call or private meeting with two committee members (if meeting, you can choose the location),
  • send an email outlining the issue and your needs (all emails are confidential, and further action will only be taken after having a conversation with you),
  • attend a committee meeting in-person
  • or, ask a staff member or volunteer to forward an issue on your behalf

The committee will focus on allegations relating to musicians, performers, visual artists, volunteers or other people given a platform or stage, or involved in a larger capacity within the organization. For everyone’s safety and to ensure proper accountability and attention, issues that come to staff or volunteers will be forwarded to the committee. Initial emails will go to 2 members of the committee and will not be brought to full committee or put to any action without direct consent from survivor.  To email the committee:

This committee is here to hear you and support you – however you need that to happen. We support whatever means is most comfortable for you to bring forth an issue (a private meeting, phone call, personal meeting, committee visit, email, or otherwise – please do what is most comfortable and compatible for you). Everything is confidential and action will not be taken by any member or committee until conferring with you. 

*Please note that anonymous email accounts or ones bearing false identities will not be able to be responded to. Also note that third-party accounts are harder to provide resolution, while also taking away agency from survivors/witnesses. When possible, we ask that the people directly impacted step forward if they are able. 


Additionally, we understand that since Holland is still volunteer-driven, and staff and other key members do not wear uniforms or name tags – audience members or participants might be unaware of who to seek out in real-time settings (i.e. if anyone feels unsafe at a show, if they see something that makes them uncomfortable, want to report something, needs refuge or a safe place, etc). To help with that, we have included photos below of some of our main staff and volunteers on the music, events, and arts side of things. If you would like to bring up an issue at a show, exhibition or event, please seek out one of these folks below. They will attend to your needs, file any incident reports or take any notes, and provide you a safe space if needed. You can also call or text 775.742.1858 with any issues or needs. Staff and volunteers will also forward all documentation to the Committee for further investigation.


We have also included some important resources below – a few local organizations doing great work as advocates, that can also advise with counseling, reporting, mental and physical health checks and more. In the next few weeks, we’ll be adding some articles that have been shared with us, as well as additional resources. If you have a resource or link that would be good include, please share.

Crisis Call Center

Sexual Assault Support Services

Sexual Assault Reporting & Counseling, University of Nevada Reno

Victim Services, RPD

Domestic Violence Resource Center

Casa de Vida

Eddy House

Safe Embrace

SAFE Alliance

Planned Parenthood