On Prince….

On Prince….

The Mourning Papers: A Quick Guide to Some of the Best Writing About Prince’s Death and Life

-Sean Nelson, The Stranger

“If there is comfort, beyond songs and memories, it comes from the depth and breadth of the writing that has followed the dreadful news of Prince’s death.

Not surprisingly, Prince consumed a great deal of the shared critical consciousness of the past four decades. The mark he left is handsomely (how else?) revealed in several obituary appreciations remarkable not for having been turned around so fast, but for containing so many years of expansive thoughts and conflicting feelings in such cogent forms.

I know not everybody likes to read smart writing about musicians who appreciably changed the world. But for those who do, let the pieces listed here serve as a rejoinder to the familiar social media refrain, “no words.” The writers below, who have spent so much of their lives investigating their love for Prince (as a means of affirming and consecrating it), beg to differ…”

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