Bye Clark! An interview with outgoing Music Director.

Bye Clark! An interview with outgoing Music Director.

Current Showprint Intern, Danica, interviewed outgoing Music Director Clark Demeritt. The interview appears in the August 2015 Showprint, with an extended version below. We <3 you Clark, thanks for all you’ve done!

Tell us about yourself and why you decided to be the Music Director for the Holland Project?
Well, my name’s Clark, I’m a Reno native, and I was the previous Music Director for five whole years. I decided to be the music director for Holland because Britt asked me, I love Holland, and it seemed just too good to pass up!

What was your favorite part about being the Music Director?
I loved giving young (especially high school aged) people a place to play. It feels really great to have someone’s first show and see how excited they get. I also love meeting and hosting people from out of town. It’s terrific to show someone around Reno, they always love it by the time they leave.

Do you have any advice for the new music director, Jonny?
I would say to have as much fun as you can and don’t let yourself get stressed out.

Has music always been a large part of your life?
From about middle school on I’ve been absolutely fascinated with music, but from more of a spectator standpoint. It wasn’t until high school, when I started going to Holland and house shows, that I got really inspired by music. Live punk shows and the small community surrounding them felt like the place I wanted to be. I think it was around the Holland Grand Opening all the way back in 2007 that I decided I wanted to actively participate in music. This later translated into booking shows and playing them too!

What kind of jobs did you do as the Music Director?
Any aspect of booking a show. Emailing bands, getting locals, having a flier made, putting them around town, getting the space ready, doing sound, maintaining the space during a show, checking on the bands, and hosting them! I’d also do tons of odd jobs.

What are you going to miss most about your position?
Meeting new people through Holland, both local and from out of town. I’ve met so many fantastic people!

What was your favorite memory at the Holland Project?
Professionally there are just too many good ones to pick, but personally playing in the Halloween Cover Show for the first time! I’ve been going to them for eight to nine years now and it felt great to finally do it. Also we played as Devo, which is my favorite band. It was magical getting to play some of my favorite songs of all time in front of an audience.

Why are you leaving this position?
Five years feels like a long time to do anything, even something you love. I have a strong desire to travel and play music. Also the programming positions at Holland need new life breathed into them every so often. It will keep Holland fresh and vital!

What are your plans after you are done being the Music Director?
I’m going wherever the wind takes me. Right now that looks like the northwest and hopefully down south for a little bit of time. I’ve never been to the south and am really interested in starting new in a place I’ve never been to.