Event Dates: July 13–July 31, 2015

Entry Deadline: July 6, 2015


ABOUT: The Holland Project Micro Gallery is searching for photography submissions to be included in a group exhibition that showcases local bands and shows at alternative venues and DIY music spaces in Reno. The exhibition will run July 13–July 31, 2015, with an opening reception on Saturday, July 18 from 6-8PM.

THE CONCEPT: Moments captured on film live on as not only because of the vision of the photos themselves, but because they poignantly document the emotions and experiences of the viewers. The music scene is a vital part of the art community in Reno, and we would like to express that in our next exhibition. We would like to have any and all photographers show us their perspective of the local music scene through their camera lens.

THE VENUE: The Holland Project Micro Gallery is located inside Bibo Coffee Company at 945 Record St., Reno. This unique art space allows the Gallery Associate to curate shows by local and out-of-town artists, creating an exhibition space for those emerging and developing within the arts.

REQUIREMENTS: Submit no more than 5 photos, which depict the local music scene here in Reno. We are trying to support all DIY and alternative music spaces in Reno, we would like to ask that photography be only taken in those places. (i.e. Holland Project, Fort Ryland, a friend’s basement, any small venues.)  All photos must be framed and ready to hang, and all photographers are responsible for printing and framing their own work. If you have any questions regarding the requirements email us at

SALES: For all artwork sales, the Holland Project will retain a 20% commission from the retail price provided by the artist. If you do not wish to sell your art, it will be listed as NFS.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Submissions will only be accepted via e-mail. Send image submissions to by July 6th. Artists are asked to submit no more than 5 original photos from local shows. Be sure to include the following information:

Your Name

Telephone #

E-mail Address

For each piece: Title/Band/Show, Year/Date, Medium, Size, Price

ACCEPTED PIECES: Artists will be notified about selected pieces by July 7th. All accepted pieces should be framed and ready to install and delivered to the Holland Project (140 Vesta Street, Reno) July 3rdJuly 10th during gallery hours, 3-6PM. Pieces received outside of this timeframe may not be exhibited. All works must remain on display for the entire exhibition from July 13–July 31,2015.

For more information, email Summer or Lupe at