Music for Film!

Music for Film!


A bunch of local bands and musicians have offered their services to help YOU have original music for your 3-Minute Films (or other film projects, too!). This is a BIG DEAL, you can’t win if you use music you don’t have permission to use……so, peek at this rad list below and make some contact! These artists can give you a song and/or work with you to score something new. SO COOL!

Elspeth Summersgill
Franc Friday
The Halve Two
Chad Flores
Last to Leave
In a Dream I Saw a City Invincible
Alphabet Cult
Plastic Caves
Bionic Gorilla
Low La La
Alex Korostinsky or this one
Black Rock City All Stars
Oh, Gnosis
The Scattering
Small Drawings
Limbo State
Na Na Nonchalant
Chari Boom Bap
Vague Choir
Asphalt Socialites
The Tides
Joshua Estes
Broken Lungs
The Liver Scars
Sonny Smith
Wax Models
Quinton Bunk
Up is the Down is the
Frankly Fictitious

PS. If you’re a band/musician and want to be added to the list, let us know and we’ll get you on there.

PPS. Filmmakers, remember the deadline for 3-Minute Film is 5/15/2015!