Clint Neuerburg on Sunland

Clint Neuerburg on Sunland

“Earlier this week The Holland Project won a Nevada Humanities award for it’s outstanding collaboration with Sundance, the Sunland Discussion Series. It was a particularly surreal ceremony for me because it was held at the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City, a few miles away from where I grew up. As a poor kid growing up in Carson, the idea that punk rock and an outsider community I found through punk rock would land me square in the center of a f**&^%ing gala event at the Governor’s Mansion seemed about as likely as growing up to be king of Mars of something.

But the Holland Project is just that remarkable. I’m particularly proud of the Sunland series. It’s the sort of “real” event that happens in “real” cities and is so much more ambitious and rewarding than anything I thought the Holland Project was capable of when the organization first started. The fact that it has now been recognized by the state of Nevada for being a great series is rad, but that Holland is even on the state’s radar is proof that this idea of being the change you want to see is real and amazingly powerful.”  — CLINT


To see more, check out the Nevada Humanities site HERE, or learn more about Sunland HERE. And a very special thanks to our BFFs at Sundance Books & Music–especially Katie Louvat, Christine, and Troy–we heart you BIG TIME.

And also to speakers, moderators and volunteers who made the first series such a special one: Megan Jasper, Eric Johnson, Clint Neuerburg, Kyle Bladow, Omar Pierce, Matt Sullivan, Jon  Kortland, Troy Ayala, Erica Wirthlin, Aja Pecknold, Sylvie Simmons, Megan Kay, Denali Lowder, Amber Scala, Sean Bohrman, Steve Stevenson, Richard Jackson, Troy Falk, Jacob Rubek, and Clark Demeritt.