Measures vid!

A few months back, we gave 6 choreographers the task of creating original pieces using music we selected for them. Shot by the excellent Charlie Hayes, and featuring:
Surf Curse — Forever Dumb
Choreographer: Adreana Polimeni
Dancers: Shelby Wilburn and Gabbie Kott

Slothy Mane — Wednesday
Choreographer: Christina Carter
Dancer: Christina Carter

Synthesize Her — Summer so Sweet
Choreographer: Rubina Dann
Dancers: Rubina Dann and Melissa Ennis
Title: Air’s Touch

Franc Friday/Tea Haze — Aqva-Jam
Choreographer: Amrit Goraya
Dancer: Sarah Johnson

Alphabet Cult — The Knife
Choreographer: Katie Jean Dahlaw
Dancer: Katie Jean Dahlaw

My Flag is On Fire — Art is All Around
Choreographer: Stephanie Duffy
Dancers: Stephanie and Ellen Duffy