Reno Instagrammys – THE WINNERS!

Reno Instagrammys – THE WINNERS!

The Reno Instagrammys Red Carpet Award Gala took place on Saturday, August 9 at South Side Cultural Center and it was truly an affair to remember. Photos of the Instagrammy nominees, award winners, the Red Carpet and the event are on Holland’s Flickr….go check em out!

In the meantime, check out 2014 Reno Instagrammy winners (they’re the ones in PINK with an *)!

Family Photo
1.@sweetbeeandhonies   Breanna Charmaine
2.@redbedell                    Emily Bedell*
3.@lhober                         Lauren Hober
4.@hilaryruff                      Hillary Ruff
5.@gmdebern                   Genevieve DeBernardis
Presented by Edin Carpenter & Ciara Diaz

Chasing Light
1.@__calisto__               Dylan Aguirre
2.@fstop13photo             Matt McIver
3.@gmdebern                 Genevieve DeBernardis
4.@jimi_damone             Jimi Damone*
5.@meganmatters           Megan Mathers
6.@whiskeyybusiness       Chanelle Prescott
Presented by Kaitlyn Bryson & Kelly Peyton / Trophy Made by Nate Clark

Long Exposure
1.@_iso100                    Cody Brush
2.@alexshawphoto          Alex Shaw
3.@booyakashaun          Shaun Dickerman
4.@fstop13photo             Matt McIver*
5.@jahoe_stuyve             Michael Stuyvesant
Presented by Tony Walker / Trophy Made by Warrick MacMillan

Black & White
1.@bizarreparade      Ted Varney
2.@gmdebern             Genevieve Debernardis
3.@jacqmroberts        Jacqueline Roberts*
4.@mrstabile               Erik Stabile
5.@nick.larsen            Nick Larsen
Presented by Jimi Damone & Steve Storm / Trophy Made by Omar Pierce

Photo Caption
1.@cellobeau             Charles Taggart
2.@chriswyattscott      Chris Wyatt Scott
3.@dannylemaire         Danny Lemaire*
4.@lhober                     Lauren Hober
5.@sirjasonvonniedzlesquire      Jason Niedzielski
Presented by Miss Ginger Devine / Trophy Made by Sarah Lillegard

Motel Life
1.@biggaydragon          Andrea Martinez
2.@bizarreparade          Ted Varney*
3.@gmdebern                 Genevieve Debernardis
4.@jfpo                            John O’neill
5.@louchebonvivant        Deserea Bonne Vivante
Presented by & Trophy Made by Kelci McIntosh

Action Video
1.@joe_stuyve             Michael Stuyvesant
2.@bmangioni              Brian Mandio
3.@jimi_damone         Jimi Damone
4.@bearsandrhinos    Peter Whitehead*
Presented by the Brothers Burke / Trophy Made by Carrie Lynn Smith

Album Cover
1.@allananoyes                  Allana Noyes*
2.@elcorazonsangrante     Christine Felch
3.@eylassie                        Tanya Gayer
4.@morsafjones                  Sara Sims
Presented by Brad Bynum / Trophy Made By Scotty Roller

Dance Video
1.@austinirene          Austin Wallis
2.@hayreehoff           Haleigh Hoff*
3.@meganmatters      Megan Mathers
Presented by Emily Reid / Trophy by Herb Kernecker

Home Means Nevada
1.@alexshawphoto     Alex Shaw
2.@bizarreparade       Ted Varney*
3.@jimi_damone         Jimi Damone
4.@jimi_damone          Jimi Damone
5.@michellesosnowski   Michelle Sosnowski
6.@specific_islander      Joey Parazzo
Presented by Levi Watson / Trophy Made by Cameron McCutcheon

Fight for your Right
1.@be_broccolini       Brooke Walshaw*
2.@jimi_damone         Jimi Damone
3.@someregularguy     Guy Eriksen
4.focus_in_photography    Vanessa Simpson
5.Sky Owens                      Sky Owens
Presented by Evynn Tyler / Trophy Made by Mikey Burke

Urban Landscape

1.@bogdangoldin         Bogdan Goldin
2.@bogdangoldin         Bogdan Goldin*
3.@bogdangoldin         Bogdan Goldin
4.@breannadenney      Breanna Denney
5.@nick.larsen              Nick Larsen
Presented by Peter Whitehead and Rob Buldoc / Trophy Made by Anthony Arevalo

Slow Mo Video
1.@bmangioni   Brian Mandio
2.@jimi_damone   Jimi Damone
3.@kelkyroberts     Kelsey Fairchild*
4.@meganmatters   Megan Mathers
5.@sirjasonvonniedzlesquire   Jason Niedzielski
Presented by Jamie Hemingway / Trophy Made by Nick Larsen

Pet Portrait

1.@etabernathy     Emily Abernathy
2.@markofscaath   Mark McCullough*
3.@meganmatters      Megan Mathers
4.@mrstabile              Erik Stabile
5.@smugcelery          Rozena Brecke
6.I Shoot Reno           Brian Ball
Presented by Dennyse Sewell / Trophy Made by Michelle Lassaline

1.@elcorazonsangrante     Christine Felch *
2.@sirjasonvonniedzlesquire      Jason Niedzielski
3.Sky Owens                Sky Owens
Presented by Chris Wyatt Scott / Trophy Made by Megan Kay

Portrait of a Stranger
1.@_lhober       Lauren Hober
2.@austinirene  Austin Wallis
3.@ethos82       Brandan Taylor*
4.@lin_lin           Lindy Deller
5.@smugcelery   Rozena Brecke
6.I Shoot Reno    Brian Ball
Presented by Joey Parazzo / Trophy Made by Trevor Wright

Risky Business
1.@alexshawphoto    Alex Shaw
2.@cooper248           Cooper Richardson
3.@mexicanhuckleberry     Carlos Ayala
4.@nuemodene          Alison Modene*
5.I Shoot Reno             Brian Ball
Presented by Drea Ballard / Trophy Made by Erik Burke

Outdoor Adventure
1.@blkedy        Glenn Weatherson
2.@lin_lin          Lindy Deller
3.@meganmatters   Megan Mathers
4.@mexicanhuckleberry    Carlos Ayala
5.@renoshitbag              Zackary Brocher
6.@someregularguy        Guy Eriksen*
Presented by Emily Minor / Trophy Made by Kaitlyn Bryson

Selfie His
1.@bizarreparade      Ted Varney
2.@ffris                       Chris Fairchild
3.@nick.larsen            Nick Larsen
4.@zachaweee           Zach Rawlinson*
Presented by Andy Perkins & Broke Walshaw / Trophy Made by Dan & Leah Ruby

Selfie Hers
1.@aaguirre      Anna Aguirre
2.@eylassie      Tanya Gayer
3.@gmdebern    Genevieve Debernardis
4.@hayreehoff  Haleigh Hoff
5.@renodiamondnv   Teresa Squirre*
Presented by Andy Perkins & Broke Walshaw / Trophy Made by Dan & Leah Ruby

Liquid Landscape
1.@cocktail_mom        Edin Carpenter
2.@jimi_damone          Jimi Damone
3.@lindseynaima          Lindsey Hemphill
4.@someregularguy      Guy Eriksen
5.angela_deen                Angela Deen*
Presented by Britt Curtis / Trophy Made by Ben Clyne

Best in Show
1.@jimi_damone       Jimi Damone
2.@meganmatters     Megan Mathers
3.@mexicanhuckleberry    Carlso Ayala
4.I Shoot Reno          Brian Ball*
5.I Shoot Reno          Brian Ball
Presented by Chelsie Rose Anna Sophie & Natalie / Trophy Made by Jerry Snyder