Recycled Bike Parts Jewelry and Art!

Recycled Bike Parts Jewelry and Art!

Another Awesome Workshop Heading Your Way!

In partnership with the Reno Bike Project and local jewelry maker Danielle DeRosa, we are stoked to have this workshop to bring awareness to We HeART Bikes show and the importance/awesomeness/easiness of using recycled materials.

There will be a guided workshop on how to make jewelry out of recycled bike parts. As well as a chance to get creative on your own We HeART Bikes project!

Check out Danielle’s jewelry and the Bike Project in the mean time!

Sat March 26th, 12 noon $5 at HPHQ (Cheney St)

Please send an official RSVP via email to if you are serious about attending so we can make sure there are supplies for everyone!!