The Best-Worst. Monday Blog Blog. 11.16.09

The Best-Worst. Monday Blog Blog. 11.16.09

Dang, I missed it again. Bring that it’s about oh, 6 in the morning right now, let’s say I posted this Monday night. Yes? Yes. No? Whatever. I’m horrible.

In celebration of all things bad – here are some blogs that are so bad they’re good.

The folks at Sexy People have an eye for the grotesquely sad/funny. Breathtaking photos from your favorite composite backgrounds from back in the schoolyard/Ross photo days. Does anybody remember that cover shots place in Park Lane Mall – frizzy bangs and all? I think some photos ended up here. Check out the different distinctions/categories that they’ve sorted these photos into, including but not limited to: heavy perm. Ah-mazing. For a taste, here’s Stryker:

Also worth mentioning, and unique in their ow right – the wonderful, sometimes just wrong Awkward Family Photos, the equally funny rad dudes, or for vintage photo enthusiasts, My Parents Were Awesome.

These just make me laff and laff. Hope they can do that for you, too.