Monday Blog Blog 11.9.2009

Monday Blog Blog 11.9.2009

Okay, so I already missed last week, skipped town.

To make up for it, I’m not just blogging about one blog today – but a hundred! Over a hundred!

Today’s blog blog points to the very dizzying, very ambitious in scope, Vegan MoFo – the Vegan Month of Food. This is not to push an agenda, but rather, celebrate the possibilities of creative foodmakings in what is otherwise considered a restrictive (to some, constrictive) diet.

Also, a foray into the dangerous land of food porn – this will not be the only one. Cover your eyes with your (oven) mitts if you don’t want to get any fancy ideas!

The aim of Vegan MoFo is to get everyone in the vegan blogosphere super active for the month, blogging as frequently as possible (some every day!), and flood their blogs with creative and delicious ideas for vegan eats and treats – conveniently in time for Thanksgiving.

Vegan MoFo is in its third year and going -very- strong. There is a central blog here ( The blog highlighted a different blogger, or a few, every day and also links to the blog roll feed of ALL of the tens of delightful home cooks willing to invite us into their kitchens via mouth-watering photos and step-by-step recipes. Check out the almost-cruel Flickr pool to make that Cup-O-Noodles you brought to work look a little more dismal.

The whole world of food blogging, vegan or not, has become a really wonderful way for people to exchange ideas and create a equal plane forum for home cooks and professional chefs alike to inspire and challenge each other to create dishes that both push the culinary envelope and carry you through that next comforting food coma.

Are there any that you like to peruse from time to time? Always looking for recommendations!