Manacle’s Farewell Show

Manacle’s Farewell Show

Manacle is a band I play bass in. We’ve played a number of Holland shows. We’ve also released two EPs. Our farewell show is THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH with Silian Rail (excellent two-piece rock music from San Francisco) and Chinese Gore feat. Helen Twelvetrees (mind-altering psych-noise guaranteed to speed you through the worm hole.) The show will take place at the fabulous all-female show house THE HEN DEN on Sinclair St. in Downtown Reno. The Hen Den is a hate-free, drug and alcohol free, rad-ass show space, so be cool and we’ll all have a good time.

It’s going to be way radder than almost everything else.

Check out Silian Rail here:

And check out some Manacle stuff here:


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