Monday Blog Blog. 10.26.09

Monday Blog Blog. 10.26.09

I’m going to try this, and hopefully this occurs with some regularity?

I spend a lot of my time here at the Holland office waiting for reply e-mails, and in that downtime, I’m usually reading blogs/perusing the interwebs for neat ideas/images/art/funnies/puppies/etc…

My Google Reader is large and fat with different musings from the blogosphere, and perhaps it might be fun to share some of them on this blog, as a way to introduce friends and folks to some rad, silly, or interesting blogs that are worth pouring over for a minute or five.

So for starters, I offer up WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

I have been in love love love with college internet radio since my days at the good ol’ Wolf Pack Radio – many of them have their fingers in the pulse of what’s going on, with a good (and sometimes not so good) mix of eclectic music, talk and other random audio interests. They’re a wonderful way to get a introduction to bands you’ve (maybe) never heard of, old and new – which is what radio should be doing for the most part – introducing, not reiterating.

WFMU in particular is a great freeform station out of New Jersey. Their blog is full of features on some of their shows, download recommendations, and a smattering of their favorite things on the internet, too. Mosey onto their overall site to stream the radio – or listen to their show archive (select the pop-up player – it shows the playlist and what you’re currently listening to!). Particular favorite DJs are Liz Berg, Trouble (This is the Modern World), Dan Bodah, Brian Turner.