Sleepytime Projects’ Exhibition and Performance Fundraiser

Sleepytime Projects’ Exhibition and Performance Fundraiser

There’s an Art Event on Thursday that benefits a few Holland Core
Members (Toni, Tony, Omar, Nick) and their artist collective,
Sleepytime Projects. It also features the artwork of other Holland
Core and Gallery members (Meg and Mel Berner, Megan Kay, Ahren, Rossi)
and Holland supporters (Chris, Erik, Rob, Caedron,..)

So, since it’s gonna be such an awesome night and involves lots of
people involved with Holland who’ve supported us–we think we should
rally to support them. And it’s going to be a lot of fun.

It’s Thursday at the Studio on 4th @ 7pm.

About Sleepytime:

Initiated in late 2008, Sleepytime Projects is a book and media publishing company based in Reno, Nevada. While open to all reproducible possibilities, Sleepytime Projects’ focus will be on editioned publications conceived as artworks, including books, dvds, audio recordings, and print portfolios. In the simplest terms, Sleepytime’s aim is to collaborate with artists in realizing their ideas using the most democratic and immersive means possible.

All of the artwork in the exhibition was donated for this event, and all of the proceeds from artwork sales will go towards the production of the first release by Sleepytime Projects—a book of Omar Pierce’s 126-format photographs. To see a preview of some of the work in the exhibition, please visit the event site here. More images of the work will be uploaded throughout the week.