This just in! Friday’s entertainment!

This just in! Friday’s entertainment!

Check it out, straight from Tony on what he’s been cooking up for Friday!

5:00pm Live Painting!
Artist involved are as follows: Alicia Karan, Lacy Redhead, Marvin Gonzales, John Becker, Cassie T., Artie Richmond, Chantel Schaible, and Tony Walker

Intro to Spoken Views presented by Iain Watson a.k.a. Emic.

Performance Poetry from Spoken Views Collective Core Poets to include: Trevor Crowe, Emic, Secret, Talik, Lacy Redhead

6:05pm-6:25pm Live Musical performance by local group Washday.
“Their sound embodies soulful, island roots music about revoulution and heartfelt songs about leaving a family member behind in another country.”

6:30pm-7:00pm Live Musical performance by the local group BlueBerry Love Machines.
“Soulful, simi-rock with strong touches of hip hop and a few ballads thrown in for good measure. The songs derive from confusing relationships and street observations about the youth.”

7:00pm-7:30pm “Special Guest speaker Ryan Stark will amaze the crowd with witty and sometimes comedic conversational material…there will more than likely be no sugar coating available.”

7:30pm-8:30pm Slam Poetry Contest.
This contest will have up to 8 contestants to include: Micheal Mob, Pan Pantoja, Marvin Gonzales, Artie Richmond, Solomon Salomon, Griffin, and Richie Panelli

8:30pm-9:00pm Verbal Kint (Jamal Tarkington and Ryan Hall)
“Spanning the musical spectrum touching on rock, raggae, soul, and hip hop.”

Yeah, can’t wait!