To Seattle and back…

To Seattle and back…

I had to sneak away to Seattle for a bit of time, but am back–finally, it’s warm here!–and wanted to do a little sharing if that’s cool with you guys. Apparently, I didn’t “miss anything earth shattering” (according to Troy)–except, ironically, all those crazy earthquakes. On to the sharing..

Heavy Metal in Baghdad
A killer, killer film that taught me more about Iraq than anything I’ve read or seen since the war began. Chronicalling the ONE heavy metal band in all of Iraq–Acrassicauda–and their trials and tribulations, it’s both an incredible story, and an incredibly sad story. The band has otherworldy patience and passion–playing only 5 shows in six years (yes, you read that right), and facing obsticles that put our complaining to deep, deep shame–like for instance, oh, when their practice space gets blown up by a MISSLE, or the fact that even though the men live blocks away from each other, they can’t call or visit one another regularly or at all–without facing serious danger. It a Vice film, and it just got a DVD deal, which means it’s coming to Netflix or your local video shop soon. Get it when it hits.

The Wrecking Crew
Another music doc, night and day from Heavy Metal in Baghdad, but equally as scrumptous. The film details the story of a bunch of young, renegade, musicians that became the backing band for almost every album you’d recognize from the 60s and 70s. These dudes–and one radical woman bass player (who wrote more familar and classic bass licks that we can count on our two hands)–got no recognition, made an album or two a week (almost all of them were number ones) and were almost completely unknown outside the studio, despite the fact that it was THEIR music that was being played across the world. They’d record the music, the bands would play in onstage–if they could. More often than not, the band musicians couldn’t hold a candle to the studio guys, and would play only the easiest stuff on tour. Fascinating stuff.

The Fleet Foxes
This band is magic. Part Brian Wilson, part Fleetwood Mac, part Pecknold brilliance, and part reverby harmonies that will make your head spin–their debut album is gorgeous stuff. Get it and then help me will them to Reno to play for us.

And really funny story here: