Sound and Fury: DIY Hardcore Punk, Radical Politics, and Grassroots Activism.

Sound and Fury: DIY Hardcore Punk, Radical Politics, and Grassroots Activism.

There has been some intersting tidbits in the news latley that I wanted to share with the Holland community…

Listen to this…
The Mexican Emo Wars
Groups of young people known as emos, due to their choice of music and dress, have recently become the target of harassment in Mexican cities. Pegged as “androgynous suicidial misfits” in their black eye-liner and tight jeans, members of the group face homophobic slurs as well as criticism for their supposed “lack of ideology.” Hundreds of riot police have been deployed to protect them.

And of course check this out…
National Geographic Explorer’s Inside Straight Edge
“Inside Straight Edge,” a powerful hourlong documentary airing on the National Geographic Channel, explores the two faces of this growing youth culture: positive, tight-knit communities that try to set an example through abstinence; and more militant, fanatical groups that use their intense focus on wiping out substance abuse as justification for violence.

Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore narrates the documentary. His presence may help the filmmakers attract an audience interested in a youth movement that’s becoming more prevalent – and harder to define.

The term straight edge was first used in 1981 by the punk band Minor Threat. Their 45-second song “Straight Edge,” famous for the line, “I’ve got the straight edge,” unintentionally sparked the beginning of a movement focused on self-control and protest.

Thanks for the post below about indy record shops. A very interesting video, indeed. It is sad to see these places go under especially for subcultures that rely on them to some degree or another. As technologies change and our society changes, so do the things that people buy. The bottom line is that if people want independent record stores to stay around, they need to go out and support them. More and more people are simply choosing to download music from the web and/or ordering records and CDs online. I suppose that’s just how things are going these days, for better or worse!