Interview with SCREAM CLUB!!!

Interview with SCREAM CLUB!!!

Sarah Adorable and Cindy Wonderful of SCREAM CLUB!!!

Kicking off their nationwide tour at Olympia’s Queerfest 2008!!

Scream club encourages Double Dutch during their set!!!

Scream Club is an Electro Dance Punk Glam Rap Duo. They like to have a lot of fun, they like to rap, they like to be surrounded by creative people all of the time. They are positive, they make positive jams. They’ve been a band for 5 years and have two full Length Albums. Penny Darger is sitting here with Scream Club’s Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable in the basement of the Red House. On Sunday night they kicked off their three month nation-wide tour at Olympia, WA’s very own ‘Queerfest 2008’. Penny highly recommends these guys to anybody who wants to witness the true brilliance in cutting edge dance choreography, amazing and intelligent lyrics, and fun, infectious beats. Unfortunately, Reno isn’t slated for this year’s U.S. Scream Club tour but you can always travel to San Francisco on March 29, 2008 and go see them at ‘Thee Parkside’ with Jenna Riot!! In fact, follow these steps: 1. Go see them in San Francisco!! 2. Become a believer!! 3. Then tell them that you want them to consider Reno, NV on their next tour!! For as amazing as these two women are and for all of the incredible artists that they have collaborated with and can easily call their friends, they couldn’t be more unpretentious, chill, down to earth and easy to talk to.

Penny: How did you two meet?
Sarah Adorable: Well we met here in Olympia, I was working at the porn store and Cindy came in looking for a job. We met over the counter and exchanged buttons and found out that we were going to the same show that night.
Cindy Wonderful: Oh, a ‘Romanteek’ show actually, I lived with Greta and she asked me if I was going to that show and I was like as a matter of fact that’s my roommate. Which that made me feel cool…she thinks this band is cool and I live with the singer. Then we went to that show at the backstage Capitol Theater. There was one song where they encouraged everybody to slow dance and switch partners and then like we kind of were aware of each other but we were kind of like uh oh. Then it got to be like we were the last two people that each other slow danced with. I remember she was all dressed in denim; she was a little denim queen back then. One long bang in the front like a surfer chick. So then we were both kind of a little bit nervous, we had obviously felt sparks at the store. Then it was our turn to dance together and naturally you know my hands went to her hips and she was like “I have to be the Girl.” And I was all, “or I have to be the girl…oh this is never going to work.” So she put her arms around me and we danced. But then afterwards she was like “do you have a cigarette?”
Sarah Adorable: well yeah because I was so nervous…I didn’t even smoke. I didn’t even want a cigarette. I just like didn’t know what else to say, you know?
Cindy Wonderful: I was like no, but I’ll get you one and then I bummed a cigarette just to give it to her. And then you know like a couple of days later we started dating and we were together.
Sarah Adorable: So yeah and like 6 months after we met and started dating we started Scream Club and we played our very first show at a roller rink. We stood in the middle of the rink while everyone skated.

Penny: Do you guys remember the first song that you ever heard when you were younger that made you want to make music?
Cindy Wonderful: I pretty much always wanted to make music. My first instrument was a guitar, and then I had a bass. The first instrument I learned to play was the drums…from the time I was 11 until I was 22 but then I got sick of carrying them around and I got really sick of lead singers. Which now I’m in a group that is only lead singers. Lead singers are really annoying. Two songs that I remember singing when I was really young…well, I had a really thick accent and I remember my school was only a block away and I was walking back singing, “you’re so vain. I bet you think this song is about you. You’re so vain” and it was talking about clouds in my coffee and I didn’t know what any of it was about. I also remember when I was young I used to sing “Dr. Peppers lonely high school band” cuz that’s what I thought the words were. My first tape was Quiet Riot Metal Health, (both sing) ”come on feel the noise, girls rock your boys”
Sarah Adorable: the first song that I remember from my childhood was the George Michael song the monkey song (she sings) “why can’t you do it, why can’t you set your monkey free.” I had to take piano lessons as a child and I had a piano in my bedroom. The ceilings were really tall in my room and I would flip the cover over the keys and then dance on top of the piano to that song. The first album that I had on vinyl was Madonna’s like a virgin and the first cassette tape that I had was Thriller.

Penny: What’s your favorite playground game?
Sarah Adorable: I used to play Ewoks quite a lot. I hate kickball.
Cindy Wonderful: You hate kickball? What about that song bout kickball?
Sarah Adorable: I like summer queer adult kickball but gym class kickball is brutal. Oh but I love Badminton.
Cindy Wonderful: I like tetherball

Penny: would you guys consider your music political?
Sarah Adorable: sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. We definitely have specific songs that are political in nature. SO then in my head I am like well those songs are political and the other ones aren’t. We are two queer women in a band making music and that in itself is pretty political.

Penny: What does the word political mean to you?
Sarah Adorable: to me, political means organizing for change or speaking your mind about the current state of the world, even just being an original person with your own thoughts is being political.
Cindy Wonderful: Political to me means a bunch of uninteresting people on television talking about things I don’t care about and doing things that I think are really fucked up. Politics to me means people making noise about things they care about.

Penny: What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were 15?
Sarah Adorable: I have thought about this question over the past few days, and in the end, I really don’t wish I knew anything more than I did. I think the unknowing and questioning and confusion of growing up shaped the person I am today and I wouldn’t change that. All of my experiences lead to the culmination of the Sarah Adorable that I am.
Cindy Wonderful: I wish I would’ve known how cool I was and how powerful I was and how nothings gonna happen for yourself if you don’t make it happen. I also wish I would’ve known the power of positive thinking.

Penny: If you could do anything in your life without any risk of failure, what would that be?
Sarah Adorable: Um, anything without the risk of failure, I guess I would write a bunch of songs and make up dance moves and instrumental parts for each one to do simultaneously, and then book a world wide tour for scream club and all the crunks not dead artists and also buy an all-ages venue attached to a bar to support independent artists and then call timberland to ask him if he would collaborate with me, and then buy a bunch of property in the US Europe……
Cindy Wonderful: With out the risk of failure I would try being a roller skate champion, a real estate tycoon, a scientist with a knack for curing horrible diseases. I would be a big rock star that could play stadiums and come down from the ceiling in a space ship and abduct our friends l and LP, I would make clothes, build computers, all kinds of shit I would do. I would learn all about music and personal power. I’d be like the female boy George / Anthony Robbins / biggie smalls / Frieda Kahlo/ Evaita/ that chick from the Philippines with all the shoes (but just the good stuff)

Some of Penny’s favorite Scream Club lyrics:

“Now people must wonder who do we think we are? if they knew we stayed up late to talk about how great we are. As a couple we must be the perfect blend cuz we go together like multi vitamins or oppression to frustration, microwavable burritos to gastation, a whole list of ‘will work for food’ signs or a lack of education to a welfare line or unprotected sex to STDs. I relate to you can you relate to me in this crazy world we’ve got each other but if nothing else you’ve got yourself…”
-“And You Belong” (Album: Don’t Bite Your Sister, 2003)

You can go to Scream Club’s myspace page to check them out and listen to their music: