PARK(ing) Day and the Parkcyle!

PARK(ing) Day and the Parkcyle!

From Brendan Mcknight at Cool Hunter:

“To celebrate the 3rd annual PARK(ing) Day, San Francisco based art collective Rebar decided to take things a little further, with their pedal-powered park on wheels; the Parkcycle. This one-day global event encourages artists, activists and everyday citizens to temporarily transform parking spots into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public parks. This time around an astounding 180 parks in 47 cities were created.

“The process of rethinking the ways streets are used is an important first step in making permanent changes in our cities to improve the quality of urban human habitat,” says John Bela, cofounder of Rebar.

The Parkcycle, which can be cycled by a team of three, but enjoyed by many more on it’s 7m lawn, features a 5m tall tree and solar charged battery which run’s the cycles breaks. With a top speed of 5mph, it is hardly going to get a yellow jersey in the Tour de France, but makes for an incredibly scenic picnic.”

Hands down the coolest thing I’ve seen all week–and the good lord knows I needed some cool this week. For more info, check out