geek art…

geek art…

Susan Robb =
Mad Scientist.Activist.Instructor.
Performance Guru.Friend.Genius.ArtGeek.

This installment of Geek Art explores a hybrid of “flesh, nature, and technology” through the spectacular geek wonders of chocolate, Play-Doh, piss, hair, spit, dust bunnies, Monkey-Antoinette, and polar bear life rafts.

Ladies and Gents, Goys and Birls, allow me to introduce to you a Professional Human Being, winner of The Stranger’s 2003 Genius Award, the delightfully playful, unflinching, sucka-free Susan Robb. From her Golden Tower in 2000 using urine samples from strangers, to her 2006 Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment where Susan electronically mimicked the means in which plants communicate, to the spontaneous performance in downtown Seattle where Susan and a friend spent the night interacting with public space as Monkey Antoinettes, Susan Robb consistently demands from us imagination and a unique kind of attention to real issues.

Robb’s latest work examines the environmental effects of global warming. She has described Project Sea-Ice Lifeboat as a “poetic and far-fetched but calculated and potentially far-reaching attempt to rescue polar bears while simultaneously forming a complex expression about personal and corporate involvement in climate crisis.” Susan plans to create life boats of recycled oil drums formed in the shape of SUVs. Her intention, her hope, is that with the improvement of environmental conditions, the rafts will accumulate real ice and snow and act as polar bear habitats. “If the conditions don’t improve [if ice and snow do not accumulate on the SUV rafts] “ the faux sea-ice will truly be a life raft, an arctic sponsor ship for climate catastrophe.”

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