geek art…

geek art…

“Peculiar, perceived to be overly intellectual”.

Ol’ Wiki told me that once upon a time the term “geek” referred to carnie performers coined as “wild”, and known to bite the heads off of chickens, bats, or snakes. However, as with most words, the definition of the word “geek” has had its series of metamorphasis. Some self-proclaimed geeks of today might simply define themselves as being motivated by passion, rather than social acceptance, concentration rather than conformity.

Ha! You actually think i’d open this can of worms on a blog….uh-uhng.

Geek Art:
Let us begin with me telling you how I adore this genre of creativity, and that this blog is dedicated to Jeremy Franklin Ross and all the lovely ways in which he opened my creative world. I would also like to thank Susan Robb, of which several of her works, for me, embody a glorious geek/freak style.

The world of geek art is fairly small-ish but growing larger. Often the works involve interface, using technology and new medias. Above I have included a contemporary/industrial version of one of my all time favorite historical works of geek art — the TESLACOIL! Origonally developed in the late 1800s by Nikola Tesla (who was a pretty crazy dude), this transformer of transformers uses electric circuits and a variety of coils to create a visual and physical experience of lightening bolts! With the help of Greg Leyh, artist Eric Orr has created a giant, beautiful tower of magnificent high-voltage wonder. Leyh is actually inside the top cage in this photograph.