Back! Back I Say!

Back! Back I Say!

Another sunday, another extra hour on the planet…wait, what?

As you all surely know by now, we have gone back in time!!

While some of you were probably out waiting an hour for your class to start, or whether you were able to do some extra reading while waiting for shift at work to start, I was pondering why it was exactly that we get this so called “Daylight Saving”

I’ve always thought it was for the farmers so that they could start work earlier, and while that does make sense, it seemed strange that in modernity that would be enough of a reason.

So I decided to do some research…

Here is a brief outline of what I found out.

Daylight Savings Time is actually called Daylight Saving Time (no s at the end of saving)
It is also called Daylight Summer Time

Daylight Savings is the brainchild of Benjamin Franklin though he did not propose changing the clocks. His idea was economic so as to save money on candles which was very much in spirit of his proverb “Early to be and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

William Willett is credited with being the true father of DST because he advocated for changing the clocks as well as lobbied heavily for its inception. He was unsucessful in his attempts and died before DST came to fruition

Germany and it’s allies were the first countries to use DST during the first World War, on April 30, 1916

The US didn’t start using DST until 1918