Absurd Words From Homeland Earth

Absurd Words From Homeland Earth


Let me preface my blog by saying that thoughI have been posting somewhat irregularly (and this is no exception being that is monday) but I will settle into place as a sunday regluar I assure you. I know that when routines are disrupted it can be very disconcerting, so I apologize for all of you who have been struggling with the irregularity…and now onward!

This is an exciting day as I have finally chosen a new theme for my blog! I will tell you all about my blog, but first, let me confess something to you…I…am an NPR geek. Morning, Noon, and on occasion, smooth jazz Night. I used to be an obsessive Cable News Watcher until I realized that covering Natalie Holloway for over a month and showing a car on fire on the freeway was more important and interesting for the TV demographic than something that one might actually consider news worthy.

So, this blog will be dedicated to bring you the less known news. But since this is a blog, and blogs are something you read understanding words is hugely important. Along with the news I will occasionally be bringing you exciting word info. For instance, the term “Taliban”…(A quote taken from Wikipedia)

“After several years of this fighting, a village mullah organized religious students into an armed movement, with the backing of Pakistan, who was being funded by the United States, which found the existing government to be too Russian-influenced, even following the collapse of the Soviet Union. This movement became known as the Taliban, meaning “students…”

That is all for today, but expect a worthy news story next sunday!