Venue Update

Venue Update

We’ve been working endlessly and tirelessy for the past 6 months on getting Holland up and running, in its own home, as soon as possible. We thought it was time for an update for you all.

The City Council voted to try to allocate funding for fixing the sprinkler system at the current Holland location housed at 265 Keystone Avenue–the fix is quoted at roughly $40,000, the City trying to take on $35,000. In getting the sprinklers, we’d also need a heating system to protect the pipes. the building currently has no heat, and no way of holding heat without a major construction effort. Additionally, Holland would need to further update the building to meet strict fire and building codes, in addition to securing the building. A lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of money for maybe another 2-3 years. And then there’s the noise issue–something that’s no further along now as it was in May, and something that looks to be unfixable from everything the Reno PD and various attorneys tell us. We can’t be Holland if we can’t have music, and so it seems we’ll have to close the door on the Keystone location for good (unless we can get an army of people to help donate heating, drywall, contractor services, etc…and someone to figure out the noise issue once and for all).

The other option presented to us by the City and the County was a temporary location on Edison and Mill, but was denied today by the Flood Project Coordinating Committee in a decision lead by Jessica Sferrazza and Robert Larkin who deemed both Holland and the Children’s Cabinet (who hoped to house its Drop-In Teen Center–which had been phased out some time ago–next to Holland) as not fitting “the highest economic purpose” for the location.

We’re plunging ahead on other potential spaces and would love any suggestions/ideas any of you have. We refuse to accept that Reno’s not ready for this kind of project and we’ll continue to work hard until we can say we’ve found a place.

Thanks of course for all your patience and love.