Dig It Disco Biscuit!

Dig It Disco Biscuit!

Get on your to feet!

…slowly though, slowly. I don’t want anyone getting a cramp from their hurried revival from computer stupor. It is a very viable threat.

Alright, now that everyone is up, you need to get to a place where you have a little bit of room. You don’t need all that much, but enough to feel that if you were struck by giddy lightning you wouldn’t knock out you’re co-worker or spill glue on your cat (…for those of you who do indeed craft at the computer with fluffles).

And now think of how your arms feel…your legs…are you cold? do feel like standing up has made you realize you have to go to the bathroom?


*feels the thunder of dancin’ queens all across reno*

Wow. Hopefully A) that made you feel a little more alive and active, and B) I’ll bet you did the classic finger point to the sky…

Now let me share an interesting fact with you about that very thing.


That move was created on the set of Saturday Night Fever when the photographer for the film told John Travolta to just do something, and BAM! Dancing history. From photograph to dance move, just like that.

…or so at least a seemingly knowledgable little birdie told me the other day…

Hope your fingers are all ok and ready to get back to clicking after that little bit of fingersize.

See you next week!